Hidden soldier no move 按兵不动

This seems to be the strategy of the Workers party lately. Though there are many hot issues in the media and social media, in the Natcon, the WP apparently is no where to be seen or heard. I was getting a bit worried about the party and why they were not engaging the people in any way. I thought something untoward could have happened. The only thing I can think of is a deliberate strategy of not wanting to be in the news, play safe or play whatever you like, not to be in any controversy, just look after their constituencies, attend Parliament, and wait for the next GE while consolidating the party administration and position.

This ‘hidden soldier no move’ strategy is a strategy, but by not participating in any issue or conversation, it is kind of like a default to allow other parties to gain ground and presence, and some may even comment negatively that the Party is inactive.

In my view this is not necessarily a good strategy. A political party cannot be cut off from the people by disengaging, by not being involved in public issues, and by being silent. Maybe I am wrong and they have been talking and talking, except not being reported in the media. Whichever or whatever the reasons for this inactivity and reticent, it is not going to be good for the party. The SDP is apparently taking the initiative to champion the causes of the people which is something that the WP should be doing. SDP’s involvement is giving it a very high profile of being in the politics.

With its resources and the number of MPs elected and in Parliament, whatever its strategy, WP cannot afford not to engage and not to be seen and heard. They can’t be adopting this ‘Hidden soldier no move’ strategy for the next 4 years and to lose the ground and the goodwill it has gained since the last GE and by election. It may even become a negative point for the WP as an issue in the GE.

Let’s hope the WP is not facing any problem and thus unable to engage the people more actively and participate in national affairs in a more conspicuous way.


Anonymous said...

Well, I am a bit disappointed with their inertia which, as an opposition ,should bring up issues that affect the sinkies. I agree with Red Beans on this.As they can see from the past few months when they bring up relevant issues and if they were attacked by the PAP ministers, the netizens were behind them critising those who attack them instead of answering their queries.Don't forget ,their performance now will affect their chances of getting more seats in the next election. So ,wake up, and be more proactive in engaging them.

oldhorse42 said...

I think you got the first chinese character wrong in the proverb.The original proverb means do not move the troop to serve a greater strategic purpose. In another words, it is purposeful inaction.I do not know whether it is the WP's strategy or not. Or they are doing house cleaning and no time for any thing else/

Anonymous said...

Why does Silvia Lim & Co need to do anything at all, when PAP is doing such great job of shooting their own feet?

Timing is everything in war. Only a fool will strike all the time and at every opportunity. A wise man will only need to strike once to get the desired result. And usually it will be fatal with no possibility of recovery.

Darkness 2012

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks oldhorse. Amended.

And darkness, you are right too in the art of war.

Shooting one's own foot and doing the self destruct act.

Still I think the WP cannot afford to be totally out of the game. They must be seen to be involved.

Veritas said...

We elect representative to parliament to speak for us. That is the etymology of parliament, in French, "parler" means to speak. How can workers party keep mum?

They are not doing their jobs. WP's MP receive $$$ to speak up. They are really a disgrace to JBJ.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, this last point is not accurate. The WPs were quite active in Parliament and have presented and spoken on quite a number of issues.

What people are complaining is their inaction outside parliament and outside their constituencies.

Anonymous said...

Yes, why must the Workers Party do anything to support the Natcon. Doing so would amount to helping the PAP find solutions, and any credit resulting therefrom will no doubt be denied to the opposition.

The great leader of Sinkieland said many a time that it is not the job of the PAP to help the opposition, so that strategy should work both ways. It is not fair to expect the Workers Party to do anything. After all, they have given so many ideas during the last two GEs that were brushed aside, and even being accused of bringing up 'time bombs'.

So, I totally agree that the Workers Party should just let the PAP shoot its own feet, rather than lending more feet to be shot at.

patriot said...

Chin Leng is right.

Workers Party and for the Matter, all Alternative Political Parties should be active whether or not election is coming.

Having rapport with the people is the duty expected of political parties and as the Only Alternative Party with Six Elected MPs, the WP have to connect more with the people.


Anonymous said...

WP will have to connect more with the people?

That is a strange suggestion considering that Low Thia Khiang is already so well connected with the ground in Hougang and now Aljunied GRC. That is a fact, although it is still a myth to those not living in Hougang, perhaps from reading too much into those slanted news on MSM.

Of course when WP people organised events and get togethers (not to mention those attempted but disallowed by PAP), only those living in Hougang and Aljunied GRC will know, as those events are not on the MSM's radar and thus not reported or forbidden to be reported.

This is similar to the thinking that Hougang is still a slum, or better still a fishing village that some PAP supporters are apt to believe.

Anonymous said...

I support Workers' Party strategy of refusing to engage with the PAP on any level.
Engaging with the PAPies is like wrestling with a pig.
You get dirty and the pig loves it.

PAP is doing a wonderful job hanging themselves before GE 2016.
Why offer yourself as a scapegoat?
It's not as if PAP will give you any credit for offering a constructive alternative.

Just focus on winning more votes ... silently.

Anonymous said...

why you so anxious ? Don't you know that WP stands for Waiting Patiently ? they just waiting for the finest hour in D-day to win the battle.

Be patient.

Anonymous said...

WP should just keep quiet while the God is punishing PAP. WP and all other parties should all just stay and watch quietly those comical retribution events coming to PAP. Karma comes to PAP. The transport strike may just be the beginning of its end.

Better than wasting money in cinema.

Enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

All the Opposition parties should focus on recruiting leadership talents to join them.
In preparation for GE 2016.

Don't waste time with NatCON with PAP.
Leave the wayang to PAP.
Singapore needs new leaders in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

Right. PAP supporters are probably attempting to drag the opposition into the fray with such comments as 'the opposition should connect more with the people by taking part in NatCon'.

The point is that it is the PAP trying very hard to connect with the people using such gimmicks as Natcon, knowing that they have alienated themselves over the last four decades from the silent group of opposition supporters. Do not worry about the opposition not touching the ground because they have already been working the ground over the years and are well regarded.

Anonymous said...

I don't care whether they do their work or not. I only want to see at least ⅓ of the opposition parties in the Parliament. After meeting this figure, then I will request more on them.

Anonymous said...

That should be the thinking of all Singaporeans if they desire to break free from the shackles that is now imprisoning their minds and body.

Anonymous said...

SDP, NSP and SPP have spoken about the bus driver strike. They have made their stand.