Govt giving HDB dwellers $40 for Xmas

The Govt is so considerate. It is giving 94% of flat dwellers $40 to pay for the increase in property tax. I am so happy, at least for this year. Next yearand many more years will have to pay for the full increase.

I think I am also among the majority who are unhappy with this increase in property tax. The increase is due to the higher rental values HDB flats can fetch. Shit, how many HDB flat dwellers are renting out their flats to be deserving of paying for the higher tax? If I am not mistaken, the bulk of HDB dwellers do not rent out their flats. Why are they paying for some imaginery paper gain that they did not benefit and ended up paying for it?

Should the tax be tweaked to tax on those renting out their flats? Funny leh, why the majority always kenna hit for nothing and expected to be happy because the value of their flats goes up and the rental value also goes up.

Some are now even questioning that as a leasehold properties, with so many restrictions imposed by the real owner of the flats, shouldn’t the HDB be paying the property tax as the ultimate owner? Of course this kind of reasoning is bad as the next level of ultimate owner is the govt and why should the govt pay tax to itself. And the ultimate ultimate owner of the flats is God himself as God owns everything.

What is material is that the benefits of higher rental value is fictitious to many owner occupied HDB flats and is it unfair to make them pay for this paper value. The retirees will be worst hit. The Govt should use the higher rental value to tax on those that are renting out their flats and not those that did not make a cent of out it. Tiok boh? Fair or not? I like to think simple.

The Cantonese have a phrase, 'Bo tin tin fat tat'. In this case is 'Bo tin tin kenna screwed'. While people are happily renting out their flats to make money, the majority of the Sinkies can only put on a silly smile and pay for nothing.


Anonymous said...

AS our Finance Minister had said earlier this year that he needs to find way to collect more taxes. So this is his way of doing it.What they give you on one hand , they take back more with the other hand.
What percentage of the HDB owners are renting out their HDB? It it is a small percentage , then by increasing the owner occuppied property tax they will be penalised.

Two Green Beans

Veritas said...

We have one of the highest paid civil service relative to private sector in the whole world. We have one of the highest military budget in the whole world. PAP should cut spending on these parasitic sector before raising tax.

If SAF budget can chop by 50%, everyone can have free healthcare.

And Singapore's property tax is the most regressive in the whole world. It is calculate base on rent. So theoretically a man with a small house in landed property with a big garden will pay a lower tax than a big HDB flat.

Property tax should be base on land value instead of rent.

Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

Thats why in my own blog, I say PAP is a reverse Robin Hood government. Today the rich paid effectively lower tax, some as low as 0%.

Considering CPF as a tax, and including GST, the poor in SG paid around 40% tax. This is because the poor spend 100% of their income.

The rich usually get 99% or their income through capital gain or inheritance, which is 0% tax. And the rich could have hoard 98% of their income. So no impact of GST for them.

And why does Singaporeans continue to brood this shit? As Marx has prophesied, most in the society are ignorant and lack due diligent. All revolution need a philosopher or prophet to point out to the people what is going on. I am contributing my due but small part in this "educating" process.

Even myself has great difficulties in convincing my unties and uncles against PAP. They are masturbating in fantasy upon seeing their HDB property rocket.

I would like to thank RB for giving me the space.

Anonymous said...

Based on land value, who do you think are the owners of landed properties with values in the tens or hundreds of millions?

They rather tax the HDB dwellers than the rich landed property owners.

Anonymous said...

Vile government - only thinking of milking its people. Utter rubbish logic in increasing property tax.

Veritas said...

Property tax is a good idea if it is fairly administrated. Property tax on land value is just and should be implemented.

Generally the only wealth that the rich could not hoard is their palatial house or shopping mall. Assuming we tax 1% land value tax per annum, people staying in Bukit Timah with a landed garden could be paying at least SG$50,000 a year, while those staying in HDB will be paying a tax too low to administer.

Instead of going after the rich, PAP choose to rob the poor. We have to wake up our illusion that PAP are "talent" and "good government".

As Marx wrote, the elites are gangsters and their capital accumulation are parasitic, full of violent and whose aim is to eternally enslave people. You can beg them to load you a lighter with the most stooging supplication, and the elites will only crush you harder.

Veritas has been writing and writing and LKY can only extract more and more each day.

This is why Marx advocate using violent out of pragmatism. Not because Marx is cruel. The elites are cruel.

Today communist has been vilified as wicked. This is not necessary true. All the socialist party in Europe have roots in communism and they are more gentle than anyone else.

The ruthless communist arise when class struggle become violent. Upon that time, the moderate and gentleman will be purge and military genius like Mao Tze Dong will ascend. In short, the communist are wicked because there is an equally wicked status quo who are prepare to use high intensity of violent in suppressing people.

We have to rise up.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Another one of my predictions has come to pass.

The State cannot help itself, but like a cancerous tumour -- it grows. Tumours needs to be "nourished" to grow, as does a state. The state has the territorial monopoly on law and taxation, in fact it makes taxation (legal extortion/ theft) laws...and THE ONLY WAY the state can grow is from TAX "REVENUE". (euphemism for "stolen goods")

...still, I defend the comparatively LOW TAX environment, and the astronomical financial gains of the public sector demigods.

Like I said, pay the gangster enough protection money to keep him "happy", and move on with life.

Yes, taxation affects the poor more than it does wealthy folks. But you know darn well to be indigent in Singapore is a SOCIAL SIN -- if you are in that position, it might be to your benefit to redress your financial circumstance:

Rule Zero: Don't be poor in Singapore. You will get fucked over.

Anonymous said...

I can only say one thing...

Chee bye to PAP and to those fucking stupid elite civil servants in IRAS or whatever govt agencies who came up with this policy.

Hell, those people who rent out their flats should be those PRs who are here to milk the most out of this cunty.

Why increase property tax for the rest of Sinkies who aren't renting out their flats?

Sinkapore is the ONLY stinking cunty that continues to screw its citizens with discriminating policies, while selling its backsides to outsiders.

What's there to defend while we have internal betrayers within?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas,

The theory of communism and discussion on communism were once banned and people talking about revolution will be arrested and put behind bars as communists.

The theory will still hold true and revolution will happen again and again but in different form and may be with or without violence.

The communism ideology is the anti thesis of raw capitalism.

Veritas said...

Dear RB,

I have to admit, the robbing of people through financialization, landlordism, manipulation of SGD and interest rate, rent seek cartel such as medical/education, is extremely well concealed that most of the slave thought that they are benefiting from it.

On the otherhand, we have problem of expensive military complex, outrageously paid civil servant. When treasury got empty, PAP will not think of reducing their civil service pay, but to think of ways and ways to rob Singaporeans further.

We also have families of elites taking all key positions, and reaping all our economics gain, while people suffer.

This become clear to me at early 30s, while I exercise due diligent to dig into Singapore history.

Before I used to take economics in JC. I cannot understand my of the contradictions about economics in JC. My teachers cannot provide me with answer (MOE teachers are really brainless. I believe their professor in University should have knew many things but choose to hide them).

It was later in my life when I read original Adam Smith in original that I realize our Economics lesson are shit to corrupt student's mind. (Adam Smith is father of free market theory)

Later, Karl Marx's writing further opens up my insights. And in A level economics, a large part of Keynes theory are structured in a way to mis-inform.

I realized I have been fooled for decades. If only the elites and MOE have inculcate the truth instead of lies, I would be a better person. I would be wiser.

The rich, through their selfish motive will often sacrifice the well being of people, inculcating lies.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Basically it is all about robbing the poor of their char kway teow to buy their expensive car or another landed property.

They conveniently tell them that it is only a plate of char kway teow only what.

patriot said...

Every year, months before Xmas, retail staff are made to adorn Xmas apparels.

Personally, I feel offended and some others definitely share my feeling. However, if other Religions celebrate and all retail staff are also made to adorn to the Ocassions, then it is fair. Why should Non Christians be made to behave or appear like Christians. It should be made on a voluntary choice.

Me an atheist.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 1256:

>> those PRs who are here to milk the most out of this cunty. <<

B...b...but, that's the whole idea of being a PR, no-brainer.

It is human nature to act in one's one self-interest. Don't blame the PR's.

Me: PR and itinerant profit-seeker, now in Thailand, milking the farang market; shamelessly, greedily...and luvin' it!

FT/ PR's tend to be highly motivated people. Additional life skills like: survival ability, immune from guilt, hard-core negotiation skill-set...and they tend to come WITH AN EXACT PLAN...Which is why PR/ FT'S scare the Lazy Locals who prefer the expensive government to do the planning for them.

And the government is happy to oblige, charging The Sheeple high "talent" fees for "services rendered" :-)

The Sheeple Get The Cuntree AND The Government They Deserve.

Matilah_Singapura said...


You are rarely going to find non just an atheist but an ANTI theist like me...however...

...except for the incessant syrupy music which I don't much are for, I LOVE Christmas. Fuck the baby jesus and fuck the people who worship him, the choirs of angles in exaltation, fa-la-la, little drummer boy...fuck them all, with a big satanic dick...:-)))

Why should you not enjoy Christ-myth if you are not a zombie Christian? Just because you don't have an IMAGINARY FRIEND doesn't mean you cannot enjoy all THE ROCKIN' EXTRA SHIT available at the end of every year.

Christmas is the very model of capitalism: people making and selling shit to people with DEEP BELIEFS and NEEDS BASED ON "SPIRITUALITY" (harharhar) that o deny them all the seasonal and festive goodies smacks right against the very idea of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

I enjoy all the religious festivals---no fucking exceptions. Just because I don't believe in their stupid myths doesn't exclude me from having fun.

Christ-myth? Get into it lah. Spend money. Enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

Many have been saying for years that when the PAP gives you a drumstick, they will eventually take back one whole chicken.

To add insult to injury, they will tell Sinkies that they are in fact sharing the chicken - oh yeah, they get the meat we get the feathers and bones.

Anonymous said...

More pain is coming when GST goes up to 10% soon.

patriot said...


Does not appear to me all have the Freedom. I was in eetail sales for many years and had spoken to many about the Xmas attire. Few have choices when their companies adopt it for the season. Only thise in Turban and Tudung are excused. Why not others?


Anonymous said...

In this aspect, the chinese did us proud comparing to other races by making people pay and pay even more. Still think the chinese are not evil? same same lah.

Anonymous said...

Christmas that is about santa not Jesus has nothing to do with religion, beliefs or christianity.

Anonymous said...

Veritas should run for president and Sinky will be a beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

This is expected and not surprising after all the government abolished estate tax to preserve the wealth of the rich, the shortfall in revenue has to come from somewhere in order to balance the budget, right.

Veritas said...

Veritas should run for president and Sinky will be a beautiful country.

Anyone in Singapore is better to be President than Tony Tan. If you have look into my blog, I illustrate that how Tony and late President Wee Kim Wee are relative of LKY.

I am still proud the I am the "first" in SG who publish this scientific results.

Tony Tan who come from a family of Shylock, is himself a big shylock as well. He blows up our CPF in buying UBS.

If I am president, I would be much better. Every single FX will be converted to gold.

Anonymous said...

Please lah!
How difficult is it to be a better President than Tony Tan?

Hilite of 1st year in office is to watch the Olympics Games.
He say not I say hor.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the job of our President is just waving hands on the few occassions. I am sure Veritas can do better than Tony Tan. More vigorously and energetic. But the one before him seems to find difficulty even in waving hands. Very slow, like Taiji style, with a little bit of Indian modification.

Anonymous said...

Our uniquely fiscal way to spread wealth - Abolish estate duties on the Rich, and impose higher property taxes on the masses.
Brilliant! The Pappies are worth every cent the are paid for

ufo said...

People should consider staying in state of art floating homes/villa that costs only a fraction of HDB flats. You can even have a piece of garden in these floating homes. Just google floating homes.

Anonymous said...

"People should consider staying in state of art floating homes/villa that costs only a fraction of HDB flats. You can even have a piece of garden in these floating homes. Just google floating homes."

Please lah, just a matter of time , the govt find ways to tax you on that too. you think our greedy govt so stupid to let this money-making opportunity go away meh ? Don't you know our law and policies can be as quick to change like your underwear ?

Please live in the real world and not in your dreamland. Wakeup ! Wakeup ! Wakeup ! Can someone give him a slap to wake him up ?

Anonymous said...

If I got plenty of landed properties sure want to abolish estate duties what. And then make the losers in HDB estate pay more property tax and bluff them their rental value goes up. Damn bloody clever.