Emergence of alternative elite

When a storm is brewing, the little creatures will stir, be they in the sea or on land. They are able to sense the coming of a major climatic change. They are more sensitive than any human made instrument or gadget to detect weather or geological phenomena. A political storm is in the making that will bring about great changes in our national landscape. Some have sensed it coming and have started to rise from their slumber.

The last GE saw the surfacing of many new faces that are professionals in their own right, very credible people, to stand for election as an alternative to the present govt. We are now seeing a continuation of this movement, with more elites standing up to offer alternative views that are equally cogent and coherent and sound. This group comprises mainly the ex civil servants or ex establishment. The latest candidate is in Yeoh Lam Keong, the ex Chief Economist in GIC. He has joined the ranks of Lim Chong Yah, Tommy Koh and Ngiam Tong Dow. The earlier batch of ex’s is already in the political parties, the likes of Tony Tan, Hazel Poa, Benjamin Pwee, Tan Jee Say and Tan Kin Lian.

It is still a trickle and it may not be long before the tap flows at its full capacity. Every notable that stepped forward will be an inspiration for more to follow. They will also beat a path for their peers, friends and fans to walk through.

There were criticisms that many of the ex’s have come out too late, that they should have done so earlier, or said what they are saying now when they were in the establishment. This may be a bit unfair as the situation has changed in the last decade or so. The ruling govt was the darling of the people in the past when the ex’s were in service. The ex’s must have contributed the good stuff and the failing fortune of the ruling party today must be due to the absence of the ex’s in some way.

I have noticed another development, still in its infancy. Some elites in the establishment are appearing to be wavering or feeling uneasy. They are not making their feelings felt too noticeable yet but are starting to question the wisdom of the establishment in a polite way. Some are starting to acknowledge alternative views as sound and reasonable. Maybe they are waiting for the flow and will go with the flow when it changes course.

A more dramatic change will come when the old oak tree falls. That could mark the real change to come when some in political office would stand up to be different, to want to be their own men and women, with a viewpoint of their own that have been suppressed in the name of conformity and party. When this happens, it will be the culmination of all the little changes that have been taking place, to start a new chapter in our political history.

The trickle has started. A tornado can have its origin in the flutter of a butterfly in the Pacific Ocean.


oldhorse42 said...

You are truly a astute political observer. My concern is that when the old oak fall, as it must more sooner than later,because of its size and many branches, it will cause such a devastation that bring bad consequences to the little red dot.

patriot said...

"Maybe they are waiting..............with the flow when it changes course", unquote.

No doubt about it.
it is never the awakening of their conscience.


Padaly said...

Let me state the true facts clearly. In less than 2 years since the laster watershed GE, there were 3 elections - GE 2011, PE and HG elections. What happened? The incumbent lost terribly. Only 35% voted the endorsed PE candidate! RB, you left out Tan Cheng Bock lah! In HG, one relatively weak unknown beat MIW hollow. The three latest recent phenomena events speak out loud and clear. Do you need any other evidence to convince that the powerful MIWs elites are slowly losing grip of the current situation?
You are right to say that the political storm is brewing and it's getting stronger. Sadly, they are deaf to all these.
We have powerful MIW trying to sue someone recently. When asked why our pay is stagnant for more than 12 yrs when everything goes up? The reply was "market forces shall decide" and there is no charity or freebies. When they bring in more than 2 million aliens into the country to depress wages at locals, they got the nerve to say let market forces decide? CPF min sum and medical save and housing prices keep moving up but our pay remains stagnant with top management reaping tons of money. Double digit GDP growth for whose benefits? Definitely not for the commoners.
That's why the commoners feel so disconnect and despair. If the govt is good and care for the ppl, why would we want to change it? If its good, it will contd to receive support. But it seems that they are blind and uncaring with lots of wayang. Who are they bluffing? They are really digging their own grave - slowly and surely with each passing yr. Soon, it will be big enug to entomb them. They will fade into oblivion with their stubborn mindset and deadwood group think! Most of them come from the SAF and civil service ruling the country with only bottom line and KPI in mind. WRF!

Matilah_Singapura said...

In Bangkok this morning, the elites are being challenged indeed by the anti Thaksin Pitak Siam democrats.

These fuckers hate meritocracy...and so they are going to give the elites a nice arse-fucking if they can.

But the elites have the ISA, just like Singapore!

Knn. Maybe my weekend burned. I want to go sanuk di tonight, get rolling mabok and bang some bitches (more than one)...fuck politics lah! Potong steam!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Padaly, you are spot on. Do they hear the people cry, hear the angry voices?

Nay. Ostrich School of Thought or Deaf Frog or whatever. But they think there is nothing serious to dethrone them from power.

If the angry voices are real, if the cries are genuine, they will lose big time.

patriot said...


Seems like faith on the Regime is running out fast.
Not just at Blogoland, in the market, at the coffee shops and at everywhere people gather, swears, curses and profanities are flying like flies in season.

Never expect a tiny First World People to come to such rage.

Do wish it does not get too out of hand.


patriot said...

Well, maybe when Ministers such as Khaw Boon wan, Lim Swee Say, Yacoob Ibrahim, Ng Eng Hen and their Fellow Cabinet Members start talking like those turned around Elites, then there could be light to brighten up the broken spirits of the people

Padaly said...

No matter how much wayang, propaganda or cheap talk will not assuage the natives' misery when prices all around you keep heading north. Prices of flats, prices in the markets, hawkers centers, coffee shops, food courts. Prices of cars, motorcycles, vans and lorries and COEs. Prices of health care, medical costs, education and other essential items and yes even Town Council monthly charges! Our salary is depressed by tons of foreigners seeking livelihood here at our expense but those foreigners don't live here. They are here on short term only. They can survive when they return home but we can't! That's the difference. As if our stagnant pay is not enough, CPF minimum sum and MediSave keep going up "in line with adjustments" to inflation. Why didn't they think of our stagnant pay adjusting in line with the galloping inflation and costs of living? We are just slaves to more GDP growths and more reserves for the govt. There is nothing for us to look forward even in our retirement. Your life savings could be wiped out by medical costs. Such a miserable life and yet one joker who is happily retired enjoying his golden years insisted that we have arrived at the Swiss standard of living? Pls stop the wayang and propaganda. We may be poor and less educated. That doesn't mean we are so stupid and naive about the reality of life here. Who are they bluffing?

patriot said...

Lots of Singaporeans are damn pissed off with the amount of propagandas that are aimed at the people all the time.
Indeed, in no time, the Media People will be treated as traitors which in many ways they are.
There is no doubt about it.


Anonymous said...

There is a momentum. When it reaches a critical point, it can't be stopped.

They should have nipped the problems in the bud. Now it's too late.. the tide has turned.

Anonymous said...

In the 8os when prices of public housing were rising, the people were in favour of it, and not a complaint against the govt. The prices then were really affordable. Everyone is upgrading, from the taxi drivers, blue collar workers all the way up, were buying bigger and bigger flats.

Today many in the same categories could only buy smaller flats at higher prices. The cursing is genuine. Are they better off today? No need to ask. Everyone knows except the govt who still believe and telling the people they are better off than before.

Anonymous said...

9.22 pm but 90% of the people already own accommodation, only the young kena screwed and the very poor who still rent mah. That is why when nsp target the housing minister, he still get reflected what as majority do not want to see their paper wealth dropped.

As for their kids that can not afford housing, they complain but they still do not want to see their paper gain dropped lor so wtf knn lor

As for matilah, I don't think people here interested in how many chicks u are screwing and the talk of fucking a few chicks is probably just a liar as for all we know, he probably can not even sustain a get up. Only way to prove it is to let me screw him lor

Anonymous said...

Red bean, I think you miss out Ho Kwon Ping, chairman of banyan tree. He wrote a few articles on income inequality in ST few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Vote PAP.
And you work very hard for the PAP government for next 5 years.
Vote Opposition.
And PAP works very hard for you for the next 5 years.

GE 2016.
Vote Wisely.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes Anon 7:11, Ho Kwon Ping is another candidate that could fit into the batch within the estab that is politely telling the govt that they don't subscribe to their ideas and values. He could easily be a minister in his own right.

Anonymous said...

Civil servants with wisdom will save Singapore from its mad leaders.