Comparative advantage of a FT in Sin

Sinkieland is not only a paradise, a Disneyland to the FTs. It is a gold mine, like the gold mountain of California in the early 20th Century. Every poor peasant would risk life and limbs to go the beautiful country called America. Singapore is everything a FT can ask for, especially those from the third world countries when the comparative advantage is simply too good and too many. In America of old, they were exploited, discriminated, the govt and system were hostile to foreigners. In Sin, the foreigners were welcomed with open arms, govt budgeting funds to help them to assimilate to the new environment and people. The govt treats foreigners even better than the locals. Many came for top jobs, replacing the locals with full blessings from the govt, as foreign talents. What more do the foreigners want?

Take the cost of bringing up and educating a Sinkie here compare to those from the third world, the latter costs nearly a pittance to the millions needed to bring up a child. The cost here ends up with every child a losing concern. For a FT from a third world, it is big profits, plus exchange rate advantage, the return is unimaginable.

And the education of a child, the education system and infrastructure there and here, a Sinkie child will be given the best in education, but the sickening thing is that they are found not good enough compare to a third world product who could even be bossing him all over. The straight As that our students are getting must be fictitious that even our employers, both private and govt, don’t see them any up. Someone or the employers must be thinking that the grades are all fixed up while the grades of third world products are genuinely good, excluding the fake degrees that are not discovered.

The third world FTs are here for an upgrading, upgrading everything, from lifestyle, housing, income, jobs, status etc etc, it is all one way, up. The natives or Sinkies are also one way, down, except for the rich and powerful. Sinkies are downgrading in everything, in income, in lifestyle, from car ownership to public transport, from good paying jobs to driving taxis or as self employed agents, from landed properties to non landed properties, from bigger flats to smaller flats, from managing foreigners to being managed by foreigners, from renting rooms to foreigners to renting rooms from foreigners, from employing foreigners to begging to be employed by foreigners, from defending our country to defending foreigners. And people on the streets, from being kind to foreigners to being beaten by foreigners.

What is happening?


Anonymous said...

It is just so true...

agongkia said...

That is why I want to have mistresses overseas and produce many children.When they grow up,they can be here as a FTs and later new citizen.Cheaper to bring them up elsewhere and more advantages when they look for job here.

Anonymous said...

Government bonuses pegged against GDP growth. If you were civil servants, would you work towards GDP expansion? Who care about the suffering of Sinkies? Get cheap labour and increase GPD at all costs. Its good for me and my big bosses in the ministry.

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Anonymous said...

I think sinkie land should pass a law to recognize overseas mistresses lor

Anonymous said...

Forget about mistresses. It will cost you more at the end, not necessary money but shorten your life too. Lets get to basic and correct the situation at home. Vote wisely and set our own house in order!

Anonymous said...


Thanks :) i might add ... just like Disneyland , while the FT see a castle in the back ground ... with fireworks

Sinkies see a Tower and Dungeon with a hanging rope waiting .... Singapore is starting to feel like a over populated prison


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sinkies do not know that they are being tied with all kinds of financial burdens and schemes. Other than the very rich, the average Sinkies look good but their lifestyle must be sustained by regular income or their world will fall apart overnight.

Anonymous said...

I cannot afford to vote PAP anymore.
It's just too expensive to maintain a PAP government.

patriot said...

For once, me likes to say China, the World's Second Largest Economy and India, an expanding economy should not be consider any inferior to Sin. They are probably years ahead in terms of technology and culture and most importantly, the potential for further development is way beyond Sin.

The Chinese from China ans Indians from India are here to keep Sin going though there is not much potential left here.


Matilah_Singapura said...

If Singapore wasn't so fucking attractive, who the fuck would come?

You'd be stuck with the low-fi, bad-attitude, money-for-nothing-entitlement-mentality local assholes, and the cuntree would sink so low than in 10 years the people of Singapore will be begging Malaysia to take them back into the federation.

Politically too -- the only hope is that new citizens and their off spring will make attempts to run for office.

Open borders and an open economy are not rocket science: any half wit PSLE flunkie with even a modest understanding of REAL WORLD economics can figure that out. It doesn't require an expensive over-bloated government to implement.

However the way forward will come from the new blood. Not just social changes you see now, but in future -- political change and the move to not only a more open economy and society, but one which prevails through global crises which are inevitable.

The PAP are not worth the money they're being paid. They need to be replaced by talent drawn from the same big global pool as those who have replaced ordinary local Singaporeans.

No one is, nor should they be "guaranteed" a "good life". Everything of value is to be earned. i.e. no free kicks or hand-outs for anyone.

Got fair-and square?

Matilah_Singapura said...
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patriot said...

Many that come to Sin are seekers of safe haven for their fortunes and physical safety. The others are here to work and do business because of exchange rate.
They are never here to help the Locals or defend the Tiny Dot.


Anonymous said...

Red bean, your paragraf on how our lives have sunk is so True! I cldn't help but laff, becos otherwise I'd have to cry.

The answer to your final question is: This is called progress and economic growth.

Anon @12.31: what an excellent point. It falls in totally with the pragmatic attitude we are encouraged to have. A great reason to give on why we shld vote opposition!!!

ufo said...

This is globalisation. If one is not hungry and ruthless enough, one will be replaced by others. This happened not only in sinky but also in europe, us, oz, canada. The day will also come when our president, pm and mps are replaced by FTs turned SCs.

Veritas said...

Employment of Foreign Talents: locals are undermined by Ho Kwon Ping

Ho Kwon Ping has proven himself to me that he is still burning with idealism just like himself 33 years ago as a socialist.

His words are strong and he is not diplomatic in saying that FT racist against Singaporeans. He attack his own class just like Tiberius Gracus did. Over the years, I thought this person has been cowed by LKY. Now he show his true color.

The conscience dissenting elite class is what move our society forward in a peaceful manner. Social changes lead in significant number by lower class can only bring forward to disaster first before anything good come to pass.

Finally I find one tycoon to respect after Tan Lark Sye and Tan Kah Kee. (he is far behind these 2 giant though)

Ho, I salute you.

Anonymous said...

Is the Pro Alien Party, a party of traitors?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The amber of socialist ideas is probably still glowing inside this man. Intellectually he is not inferior to any of the ministers. Sin needs a real game changer to the drought that has set in for the last couple of decades.

Corey said...

That is why I want to have mistresses overseas and produce many children.When they grow up,they can be here as a FTs and later new citizen.Cheaper to bring them up elsewhere and more advantages when they look for job here.