Benghazi killing a just retribution

Now that the dust has settled and the war cry has died down, let’s revisit the killing of the American Ambassador Chris Steven in Benghazi, Libya. The Americans were angry, horrified by the bombing of the American Embassy. Actually it was chicken feat compares to the bombing of the country by the European and American military war machine. It is just dessert to pay back a little for the bombing of someone’s country because they wanted a regime change, and leading to the killing the Libyan President Gaddafi. Does anyone bother about Gaddafi’s death and the death and destruction of a country?

The attack on Libya was not provoked; a unilateral military campaign in violation of the UN Resolution Which only authorized the prevention of the Libyan air force from attacking the rebel positions. There was no UN permission to conduct air strikes into the country. The Americans and the Allies chose to attack another country for their secret agenda.

What about sending a cruise missile to attack the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade and killing several Embassy staff? A totally unprovoked evil and hostile act. Only the Americans could commit such aggression and get away claiming it was a mistake, a wrong map or outdated map provided by their deadly CIA. The Americans were not remorseful in the missile attack against the Chinese Embassy. Neither were they remorseful about the invasion of Libyan and Iraq.

The bombing of the American Embassy in Benghazi was just retribution for the Evil Empire. Just a token of retribution for the enormous harm and damage to other countries and the toll of human lives. Evil deeds will return to the wrong doer, one day, most unexpected.


Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

If you are a hip, handsome black guy, who looks great in a suit, you can get away with almost anything you like.


On the point of retribution: There is nothing "wrong" with it. Morality, is individual and personal, and there is no such thing as "evil".

Ghandi who remarked: an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind...or something like that was as usual, talking nonsense. Sure, Ghandi made sense sometimes, but at times he also was full of bullshit.

Retribution is natural justice. We are hairless, ascended apes, but our biology is still that of a PRIMATE. In all primate societies, social systems based on retribution and reward are practiced.

Fear not, fellow monkey.

Anonymous said...

The criminals in the White House, the CIA and The Pentagon believe in killing without seeing blood, so much so that they have been killing and murdering other people on a grand scale through mass bombings by pilotless bombers and drones. The day must come when the world will wake up and all countries will rise up simultaneously against the wicked Evil Empire, USA and give them back whatever terrorist deeds they have been doing to other countries and other people for the last two hundred years.

Eagles Eye

The said...

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Or do you want some stewed chicken feet?