Alvin Tan’s punishment by NUS confidential

NUS Disciplinary Board has dished out their punishment to Alvin Tan, an Asean scholar, for posting his private sexual pursuits in the youtube. This has caused a furore among sinkies and taxpayers are up in arms wanting to know why public money was wasted on such a person that obviously have values and lifestyle that are unconventional and incongruent to the social norms of the day. Many were asking for the withdrawal of the scholarship and a return of all money dispensed to Alvin Tan.

NUS conducted its disciplinary inquiry and had since announced that punishment had been meted out but this was kept confidential. Is this acceptable, just by hanging a confidential placard over this case? This is no ordinary case and is of great concern to the public whose money is being spent on this scholar? Do the people, the public, have a right to demand to know what is going on, what kind of punishment was handed to Alvin Tan? Does NUS owe the public an explanation?

Or this is a confidential matter, a student disciplinary matter, an NUS internal matter? Is the gag order justifiable? Personally I don’t think this is a confidential anymore. Not disclosing the disciplinary action will only create more anger. The veil of secrecy or confidentially cannot be suka suka used to hide the ugly truth from a more vocal public that demands for more transparency.


Anonymous said...

Raise it up in Parliament lah. Singaporeans are too kind to foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bean is asking for something that has never happened before and will not happen so long the regime is not replaced.
There was never transparency and there shall be none for Sinkies. There is too much
rotten stuff in the closet.

Anonymous said...

He is a Asean scholar you knuckle head and he happened to be studying in singapore thats all. What a mess you are. Get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

You ass. This Asean Scholarship is paid by Sinkie taxpayers' money.

Anonymous said...

The PAPigs can't call it the Singapore Scholarship because that would make it too obvious that they are attempting to steal young people from other ASEAN countries.

Also, that would more transparently tell the Sinkies that the ASEAN scholarship is being paid for with Sinkies' tax dollars. While Sinkies have to borrow money from Singapore banks to support the fat Singapore bankers.

Anonymous said...

Vote in more Opposition MPs in to parliament in GE 2016.
They will find out the truth for us.

Or better still.
Try asking your Pro Alien Millionaires-In-Parliament to find out the truth for you. Ha! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Asean schlorship or whatever name you want to call it is stil paid by me. I say we just scrap this schlorship thing and the money divided by deserving sinkies who spout fuck and who totes iphones and ipads every year to defray the uni costs, by $5 or whatever is also good.

You are right ! Just vote in more Oppigs In Parliament. No need to talk so much.

Anonymous said...

Then how come the china man case is not confidential? Very confusing leh Suka suka said confidential!

Anonymous said...

This is my grandfather's university.
So I suka suka do what I want.
I have parliamentary majority.
My good friend is the President.
Stop me if you can.

Anonymous said...

Declare secret or confidential, case closed.

Anonymous said...

Why some things confidential some things not confidential ? Why cannot bring camera to army camps? Why some things classified secret? Why is my job evaluation subjective and I cannot see? Why I go for govt job interview I kana rejected they cannot tell me reason say it's confidential ? Why they cannot say how much reserves we have? Why they cannot tell me the breakdown of costs by development of hdb flats ? Why they cannot tell me the reson why I kana fined $50 for not putting a parking coupon but the car next to mine didnt get a fine? Is it because the car is a BMW?

Where is the transparency ?

I demand to know all these because I pay income tax every year. (most years I dont even have to pay becasue of tax deductions etc) We should vote more Oppigs come 2016 to dig out these secrets in the closet !

Matilah_Singapura said...

> Or this is a confidential matter, a student disciplinary matter, an NUS internal matter? <

It is a matter which is none of your business, redbean, ever so the kay poh lia of the world.

Just enjoy the pictures lah. His girlfriend is definitely CHIO BU. Small tits and an unshaven bush of public hair (although there are shots of her shaved and wide open) you immediately want to bury your face in and take in the exotic aroma. Lucky Alvin.

Plus his GF is definitely a blowjob queen. Such awesome talent...wah Alvin: "Stop stop!!...ok Go go!!" And "go"she did. Likes to swallow too ;-)

Got link? (email me)

Matilah_Singapura said...

@anon 1211. I oso taxpayer. I say "relac lah". Go to enjoy Alvin and his GF "creations". That should cover your small-time kuching kurup tax money lah.

Get a life, asshole.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ngiam Tong Dow's called to sack the 'bloody joker'. NUS is doing an injustice if it does not withdraw the scholarship from this joker. It will become a joker itself, for throwing taxpayers money to a joker who will turn NUS into a joke and make the Asean Scholarship a bigger joke.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You guys a re a bunch of moterfucking asshole cunts.

Alvin and GF have doe nothing WRONG nor ILLEGAL.

All they've done is share the physical manifestation of the obviously genuine love and devotion to each other.

In fact, they clearly state that they want to share.

The site has a content warning -- no one can "accidentally" go there.

So there is NO SALIENT ARGUMENT nor is there any BASIS FOR PUNISHMENT for Alvin. What he did is PERFECTLY LEGAL and in accordance of internet law.

NUS probably didn't punish him. They have to say they did just to appease the jealous, butt ugly, cannot-get-a-fuck, my-tax-money-damn-big-one asshole-cunt motherfuckers... which are of a significant number in Singapore.

Fuck you all, fuckless idiots :-)

The said...

/// Matilah_Singapura said...
Alvin and GF have doe nothing WRONG nor ILLEGAL.///

I think indecent exposure and purveying pornography is illegal in Malaysia.....

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes. Damn religious types have a way of spoiling people's good-old-dirty-but-harmless-FUN.

Lot's of things are illegal in Malaysia. And most of them are fun ;-)

Fuck the government. Fuck ALL the governments... And fuck all the people who support governments :-0

The said...

/// Matilah_Singapura said...
Fuck the government. Fuck ALL the governments... And fuck all the people who support governments :-0 ///

This, too, is illegal, illicit, unlawful, and against nature.