A more deep seated problem in FT craze

The original concept of hiring FTs and foreign sportsmen and women was to use them as a catalyst to stimulate the growth of locals, to learn from them, to be better. And eventually, when our locals have reached a higher skill level and can compete in the international arena and win honours, the scheme could, I think, peters away. The intent was to train our locals, to raise their standards not to replace them with foreign talents especially in sports.

What happens to the quality of sportsmen and women in the few high profile sports like swimming, football and table tennis? You need me to tell you that they are now worst than before? Where are the Pat Chans and Joycelyn Tays and Junie Sngs? In football, where are the Fandis, the Quah brothers, the Rajagopals, the Samads? We can’t even beat a Malaysian state team when we were Champions in the Malaysia Cup, in many Southeast Asian tournaments. Are we improving or downgrading? How many international table tennis players, locals, have we produced?

The reality is that the dependency is growing like drugs. We are now more or less totally dependent on foreigners in these sports. The quality of locals is getting from bad to worst. This is a very serious matter as opportunities and resources spent on foreigners and not on locals would mean the latter would not get better. Soon there would not be any local talents left in these sports. The national football coach is another glaring example. We used to have Choo Seng Quee and some other local coaches. These are likely to have been buried and forgotten and nothing in the pipeline to replace the great foreign coaches who were imported to replace them.

What is more serious is in the industrial and commercial sectors. When we keep bringing in foreigners to replace the locals, we will soon be addicted to foreigners who will keep improving their skills and experience for the opportunities we gave them. Our locals that have been replaced will degenerate and become less skill and less experience less valuable and less marketable. It is a vicious cycle. We will end up with lesser skill locals and more skilled foreigners in our midst. It will come a time when we are highly dependent on foreigners and have serious problems weaning away from this dependency.

Having foreign talents to replace the locals have far reaching adverse consequences in the long term. Locals not given the chance, not given the opportunities will not be able to acquire the critically needed exposure and experience to move up the skill levels and professional competency. That is why though we are the biggest financial centre in Southeast Asia, our top bankers are always from foreign talents because we do not give our locals a chance.

Look at the political theatre, we have greenhorns and little boys and girls being placed in political leadership roles to learn the ropes. Not giving them such chances they will never be able to claim being there and done that. There is political training and renewal, but sadly this is lacking in the industries and in commerce and also in sports.

It is time to turn the clock around to train our own people, give them the opportunities to earn their rights to be at the top of their sports and professions. This is elementary, Watson! We are now bringing in inexperienced foreigners, train them, expose them, give them all the opportunities and resources to improve their skills and experience just to replace the locals. Is this not stupidity, what is? If we don’t give our own citizens the opportunities who will?


Anonymous said...

I feel the same about FT not in sports but all other things. It is a drug and many once tasted, would continue with the same. Look at small business who rely on PRC, IT firms on Indians and MMC on FT.

Being Sinkies suddenly become a liability. Employeres do not want you because you are relatively more expensive than FT and need to serve NS. The party who cause this problem to you is not helping either. They kept the fllodgate wide opened and turned they heads away, looking at the bonuses that they are expected to receive. WTF

Anonymous said...

"If we don’t give our own citizens the opportunities who will?"

The first step is to give our pro Singaporean politicians (who are all from the Opposition Parties) the vote in GE 2016.

It's time to say NO to the Pro Alien Party. Stop supporting the Party of Traitors.

Veritas said...

In engineering, it is not the locals who are uncompetitive. Locals are discriminate from entry level engineering jobs because companies are able to hiring more than 10 years experience engineers all over the world.

The FT policy actually destroy the "mentoring system" in SG engineering. FT policy depressed salary. The depressed salary also cause young Singaporeans to shun engineering school. Today engineering school is the mother of all dumping ground in SG, getting all the junk students.

I would like to draw comparison of SG with Roman Republic. One of the main reason Roman Republic collapse is precisely due to FT policies. The Roman Conquest has brought slaves and land for the elites. The elites prosper like no body. Meanwhile, the people has to serve in Roman army. The able bodied male serves in the army and that reduce a productive labor. They returned to found that their farms have been sold because slave labor in elites plantation are "more competitive", and grain price drop. Their wife and the old who left behind, cannot be productive enough to "compete" with slave labor plantations.

We are seeing a collapse of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

We are going so wrong about this FT thing in so many ways.

When I started work in the 70s I could see that many locals were groomed and nurtured. This is healthy as there is wealth distribution and transfer of mgt knowedge, as it should be.

In sports, we had our own local boys and girls whom we could identify with. There was a strong sense of national identity and pride.

Where are we now? Our own PMETs have become insurance agents, property agents, cab drivers!!

Who can we blame? I blame the no. 1 man at the top and his father. His father has placed a system wholly unsuited for self-renewals, checks and balances. As a result, no heads rolled, and no accountability. The rot continues....

oldhorse42 said...

I think there is a hidden agenda in not developing and nurturing locals to their fullest potential. There is a fear that local, well trained and educated, will enter the political arena and displace out our self serving and incompetent leeders.

Veritas said...

In SG, there are lucratives fields whereby locals are actively discriminated.

In medicine, PAP took in more FT doctors than locals. Meanwhile, most all "As" students are rejected. And PAP did one step further, they reduced the total endorsed medical schools.

Singapore medical cartel 7: The culprits that cause low Singaporean doctor population

Singapore Medical Cartel 6: Latest medical registration data from the ultra corrupt Singapore Medical Council

In banks, FT Indians take over all IT departments, especially Citi. Singaporeans are deprived a chance to pick up know how.

Even in SIA, there are speculations that the Angmoh gangs and Malaysian gang are the majority among the pilot populations. Locals are minorities (I cannot confirm SIA)

In the more prestigious degree especially the post-grad schools in SG, locals are barred in most of the schools. Certain department and faculties do not have a single Singaporeans.

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 7: Discrimination of Singaporeans Part 1

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 8: Discrimination of Singaporeans Part 2

The lies of PAP's foreign talent marketing 11: The thugs of NUS/NTU Part 2

And faculties of NUS and NTU are rigged to have a very high FT populations. The FTs keep mum among all social injustice because that is none of their business.

I believe PAP is wary about locals.

Anonymous said...

It's time to say NO to the Party of Traitors.... yeah?

Anonymous said...

MIWs discriminate us and we will discriminate them. We will vote FTs turn SCs such as J Roger as president or pm of sinky to replace useless TT who lost billions during his GICs term.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>>It is time to turn the clock around to train our own people, give them the opportunities to earn their rights to be at the top of their sports and professions.

Because of assholes like redbean, Singaporean do not have basic rights. Lucky the govt practices "light touch". In actuality, the govt can, has and will lock up anyone who is deemed a "trouble maker".

Kotek, redbean. Basic human "Rights" are not earned, they are presumed in nature -- the most basic human right is that you are not owned and no one's property. The basic human right is the right to be free of coercion from other humans, only associating by voluntary, mutual consent. This is a right which requires religion, cultural belief or any fancy philosophical what-not. It is obvious and self-evident.

...THEREFORE... in actuality no government or state can "give you rights". They are the agencies that TAKE AWAY rights, using "legal" force if necessary.

When the government gives you "rights". Look the fuck out. Some groups in the population are going to have their pockets picked, so that other groups of the population can have "rights". The "rights" to job, healthcare, education....special rights for children...and now gays want rights....oh wait....Moslems want the right "not to be offended".

Yeah. Fuck the United Nations. Wanna be, cannot-make-it presumptuous, de facto global government (Monopoly? Damn straight!)

Until Singapores wake up from their dream built on illusory fiction, they are going to be dictated to, spoken down to, and treated with contempt by an expensive elitist government...

How many times can you kick a dog until he gets angry and bites the fuck outta you?

Got Ah Kow?

Anonymous said...

You are slurring. Garble talk is sign of a confused mind.

reddotsg said...

Hi RB,
I tumpung again,
Hope u dun mind.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sure, you are welcomed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I also agree with your thoughts. We need to have our own brand names like Samsung, Hyundai, LG, HTC, etc etc.

The govt could have built on its rejects like Creative, pump in money and resources to build it even bigger, as a national pride. Maybe once rejected, better to let it fail.

What do we have in manufacturing or engineering that is a household name? Hyflux could be a good candidate. We can save some money from throwing into junk bonds and fire sale companies.

Anonymous said...

Oh please do not be so cynical.
Sin is a major hub for almost any
You say it, we have it, be it financial,
hi tech, medical and vice.

Sin maybe a small dot, but leaders from
China, US and almost all lesser nations
came to learn from us. Sinkies got to
read our newspapers, tv and other local
medias to know their own country.

This little dot is the envy of the World and
Sinkies got to be grateful to the leaders
for their dedication and great effort to give
You the best ib living, everthing is brought
right to your doorstep.

No beggar in the land, many live in condos
and the roads are jammed with branded SUVs and continental BMs, Audis and Mercs. Korean and Japanese made are
no more good enough.

What else can we ask for?

Anonymous said...

So true, everyone can see one.

patriot said...

Anon 1152 hr on 13 Nov 2012:

Good observation and spoken the reality that all get to see.
It would have been a very ideal state of affair IF we do have many more Singaporeans having to struggle for survival on top of being badly exploited and manipulated.

To make matter worse, Singaporeans are now having to share their space, employment and business with aliens. The cost of everything have also gone up, including basic essential items. State run utilities are sold to foreign companies that extract maximun profits. A piece of paper(COE) to own a car here costs tens to near hundred of thousand which can get one or even two good brand cars in neighbouring countries. Traffic jams occur almost everyday and motorists are made to pay for using the road. Public transport users have to cram with each other.

Cost of medical treatment have made many to forsake themselves from it and endure the suffering. Hospitals are short of bed and appointments are scheduled months away.

One can be selective in making argument, said Anon had posted observations that are true. It is just that a larger truth is also around for anyone and everyone to see. So, check it out.


patriot said...

Hi Dear All:

my apology.

'IF we do have' should read 'IF we DO not have'........