A conversation 2000 years ago

It was a mass conversation led by a young man with the poor, the downtrodden, the hopeless, the homeless, the beggars and vagabonds, the lowest rung of the social hierarchy. The conversation was held everywhere and anywhere, from market places to foodcourts and restaurants and to parks and the hills.

The young man looked ordinary, dressed simply. But his father was very rich and very powerful. He openly acknowledged the power of his father and what his father could do. He promised the lost sheep of a paradise in the future. He promised them that life would be very good, a life of abundance and no worries, in the future.

One thing very clear about his conversation, it was all about the future. He even asked them what they wanted for their glorious future. But the poor illiterate homeless and despair were just clueless and just listen to the good news. The young man told them to go and spread the good news around, but no need to enter the homes of the rich and powerful.

As for their immediate problems, no food, no roof, no jobs, these were simply unspoken. And when they were hungry, he took out a piece of bread, broke it down into little crumbs to share with them. And the poor could not be choosy. Any food, any amount, would be a blessing. They thrived on the crumbs offered by the young man. They forgot about their immediate problems. There was a bright future awaiting them. And neither would the young man want to remind them nor would he be able to solve their immediate problems. He was only interested to lead their thoughts to the future that might not come, or at least in the life time of many who were there.

I dunno what happened to the young man or whether the poor and hopeless eventually found a life of abundance. What was good then was the offer of a hope, a better tomorrow, to forget about the dire straits they were in.

Caution. The above story is purely fictional and any similarity or resemblance to anyone, people, things or places is mere a coincidence.


The said...

/// One thing very clear about his conversation, it was all about the future. ///

Ah yes, a fairy tale from the desert that has been responsible for screwing up the minds of otherwise thinking people.

Future? What future?? If you can believe in someone who can walk on water, you better believe that the world is going to end in 3 weeks' time on 21-12-2012.

Anonymous said...

Oldest con job in town. Every century supplies droves of fervent suckers.

A ver good morning to you Chin Leng

Darkness 2012

patriot said...

On reading,
I find it very hard to like the young man,
cos he is more like a Conman.
We do have many of them talkibg to us
everyday here in Sin. But, they are worse
Sinners becos they are not so young.
And worst of all, they are all very greedy
and vile.
Be warned, they want to have conversation with You.


Anonymous said...

Remaking Singapore in 2002 was all about the future.
NatCONning 2012 again is all about the future.

One of the necessary conditions of all great cons like a ponzi scheme, is to talk about the future.

But NatCON is not a con.
It's all about you and the future you want.
If Singapore Reserves had $100 trillion dollars in cash, we want to talk about how it will benefit you, the citizen.

Anonymous said...

You got a point. The people must be talking about how much the reserve has and how to use it to benefit the citizens with a little for the new citizens depending on how many years they have contributed to the country and NS.

Anonymous said...

Well, they said that they are listening and getting feedback. But based on track record do they listen and do what is best???
We must learn from the past, like EX PM Goh whoonce said that we can sustain high salary but look at it now they are getting in FT because Sinkies salary getting high. After the last election, they are supposed to reduce FT but instead the recent figures showed an increase .So wake up and get wise please sieve through what they say and judge for yourself.

Anonymous said...

"... like EX PM Goh who once said that we can sustain high salary ..."

But it's true.
We can sustain high salary for our Ministers.
We can sustain high salaries for the Foreign Talents.
Who said anything that high salaries mean the average Singaporeans?

If you so stupid to think that PAP politicians are working for your benefit, then who's fault is it?
Your fault for being stupid.
Or PAP's fault for taking advantage of your stupidity?

You went into the voting booth with your eyes wide opened right?

patriot said...

Not only they claimed they are listening, they smile like buddha and sing like cuckoo calling out to You to be cheaperer, fasterer and work till You drop. Their own pay and bonus on the other hand must be Sinfully high, otherwise, they will go corrupt. See how wily they are as they stay long in command?

One Old Man would be reciting 'many many my money' before he sleeps every night till his final sleep.

The older the Rulers become and the longer they rule, the more wily they will become.
In the end, citizens will end up no better than slaves in this land.


Anonymous said...

Rich man poor man minister, beggar, our future is certain - DEATH

Question is why lead a life when a certainty is your extinction in the foreseeable future - better to be an animal and not be thinking and "enjoy" your instincts - eat, grow, have sex and become fertilizer.

What is a future beyond death? Perhaps we should be considering the gift of the ultimate experience - a one of a kind experience never to be repeated - your transition from organism to organic mass.

Recommend you see the "Matrix" trilogy - a contemporary presentation of the same thing except it made those in the film billions.

Anonymous said...

some people just cannot seem to die quickly enuff for the greater good.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What a dumb story.

If you are in a precarious financial situation: ie no food, no hpe no future...and you also happen to be illiterate...

...get off your lazy arse, snap out of your victim-entitlement mentality, man the fuck up, and get an education and a job.

Got common sense? Or do you still believe in mythical "saviours" and their snake-oil "miracles"?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, this dumb story is for dumb ass like you lah. No wonder you are so taken in by it. Use your blain lah. Sorry ah, think you got no blain right?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Temper temper redbean. Be nice. Or you'l make the Baby Jesus shit his diaper ;-)

Anonymous said...

Silly suggestion.
Just pee anywhere there is lot of people and You will get free transport to send You to the Court.
At the court, tell the magistrate he is not qualified to take You. He will be impressed with your bravery and offer You free lodging, food and medicare.
For longer stay, screw the housekeepers where You are staying for free.

Anonymous said...

Thought provoking story. There are many conmans around. But would anyone be one if he is going to die poor and in a very horrible manner?
Imagine this:
Father: I am going to destroy all those stupid people who only want to go after material stuff
Son: Please give them one more chance, I will show them that spiritual stuff is more important than material stuff.

Ever wonder why those countries with protestants (not catholic) culture seems to do better than
the rest in the world?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The level of "happiness" is highest in ATHEIST cuntrees - like Scandanavia, Iceland, Australia.

Fuck Christianity. What a load of bollocks.

Anonymous said...

No idle worship?

Anonymous said...

A lot of problems started to emerge when countries especially their leaders drifted away from protestants values to atheist values. they start to pursue material stuff and forget about their spiritual duties. a good example is harry of sinky island.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What the fuck are "atheist values"?

Fuck the protestants. Drown that baby jesus. :-)

Anonymous said...

Superstitious folks understand spirituality and values??
They do not even know where they are from.

Anonymous said...

They dont even understand superstition lah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"If you believe in things
You don't understand
Then, you SUFFER....
Superstitious ain't the way" -- Superstitious by Stevie Wonder

...and covered badly by countless of fake-Afro-American bands,mainly from the Philippines -- which is one of the most superstitious cuntrees in the world.

And whosoever shall speak a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven. Luke 12:10

Fuck this spooky shit lah. Holy Ghost...fuck grow up lah if you want to live in the world of mature, thinking ADULTS.

Have you seen a dude fucking the Holy Bible?