What’s wrong with our education system?

The British is going to learn from us. We sold ourselves as an education hub, definitely not because of the reputation of Middle Road but the reputation of our very own national education system and our world class universities. And many foreign students are here simply because of this. We provide quality education through our national education system.

Now we are saying our education system is rotten. Are we really saying that? Would this message get round and the foreign students got scare the shit out of their brain and scurry out for safety?

The recent reaction to changes in the education system is buckling under pressure for the wrong reasons. And the saddest thing is trying to appease unreasonable and unenlightened parents and resort to tear down something that is good and start meddling it like a piece of shit and believing that it is really shit.

I sincerely believe that many FTs that are here and strutting around with their noses in the air and bossing around with academically superior Sinkies would fail or not do well in our education system. Many would end up in the normal stream. But why are they seen as superior and acting superior to the locals? Simply because we made them superior, we called our local daft, we give them the opportunities and deprived our locals of the opportunities. We believe in them instead of our own kind.

We simply do not have faith in our people. This boils down to the feeling of inferiority, insecurity of our people at the top. They don’t even believe that our system is good. They don’t believe that our people are good. We turn this place from a third world country to first world and the leaders still think we are all full of shit. And now they place their confidence on the FTs who came from third world countries, who are unable to do well in third world countries, unable to lift their third world countries to where we are, and believing that these people will bring us to greater height, and help our people to be better.

See the silliness in the whole system and thinking, and the mantra of foreigners are the best and Sinkies are daft? How could daft people turn this country into a first world country? Or how could third world FTs turn this first world country into a better place and not into another third world?

Maybe this is where our education has failed? Or is it that we are not giving opportunities to our own people, our own children, but chose to throw our money and favour to the strangers that we don’t even know? Heard of the prodigal son that squandered the family’s fortune and inheritance?


Anonymous said...

The problem with our education system is the Education Millionaire who is in charge of it.

So what made us a world class education hub?
The private tuition industry.
What else?

Anonymous said...

Less we talk about it, the better. Each time a new Minister takes over, the whole system goes topsy turvy and children and parents suffer.

But it is all Karma. Parents became more demanding, the teachers get the bricks and bats when grades fall, the Education Ministry goes on red alert tinkering and overhauling the system, the children do no know what is happening when they cannot cope, and parents starts to complain about teachers and schools. It will go around in a circle and never ends. Schooling was never such a problem in the 60's and 70's. We still produce sensible, thinking and responsible citizens.

But, hor, how else can the Minister for Education be paid so much if there are no such colourful problems?

reddotsg said...

Dear RB,
Jus wrote a piece sharing similiar thots:-

Hope u dun mind i tumpung here.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is dire need for the Education Ministry People to be properly educated first.

Anonymous said...

for a start, how about appointing somebody who actually has some education background as an Education Millionaire?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi reddot, you are welcomed.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is, academic qualification is more important than background.

Everything in red dot is run by scholars, scholars and nothing but scoring own goals.

Anonymous said...

Too much vested interests and self preservation at stake.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Public education always sucks lah. It is designed to turn children into obedient automatons who will not question their political and corporate masters, and do as they are told.

Although I hate to admit it, at least the Christians schools do a slightly better job at education. Unfortunately they still have their basis in a CHILDISH belief of an invisible old guy, who lives in the clouds, and had a fucked up cruel disposition and a bad temper.

Other than that -- i.e. if you remove the religious bullshit -- they do a far better job than The State in educating children.

The best education is the University Of Life and Hard Knocks. If you graduate from there, you'll do alright.

Got curriculum?

Anonymous said...

"The best education is the University Of Life and Hard Knocks. If you graduate from there, you'll do alright.", unquote. Cant be said any better.

Without the graduates from the university of life and hard knocks, no regime will ever work out.