USA,Japan, Vietnam & Philippines have divergent agenda and motive against China

USA, Japan, Vietnam and Philippines have divergent agenda and motive against China.

The Evil  Empire, USA, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines all have different agendas, interest and motive in pushing against China.  For some unsound moronic reasons US tries to stop China's peaceful development by various ways and means because it fears of losing its number one position to China. What better way to achieve its evil agenda then by pitting Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and India against China. America will be happy to see Asia in turmoil with Asians fighting Asians. In this way with China tie down in perennial wars with her neighbours the Evil Empire thinks it will thus be able to preserve its number one position forever.

Japan has a different agenda and motive in hoping to involve America in a war with China. Japan believes that when USA and China fight it will result in mutual nuclear destruction and thus serve her secret agenda and motive of proxy revenge against USA nuclear bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in the Second World War while at the same time prevent China from her peaceful development.

The Asian parasites of Vietnamese rats and Philippine vermins hope to nib at Chinese territorial lands and seas when China is busy fighting the Evil Empire, USA.

America will be smart enough not to involve in a long war with China especially both can annihilate each other with nuclear weapons. America's sinister agenda and motive is to stir shit and let Japan, India, Vietnam and the Pinoys fight its proxy wars against China. Hope these stupid Asian countries will see through the evil agenda and motive of the Satanic Empire, USA  and stop  being make use of as sacrificial pawns by that Evil Empire.


Tuesday, 4th September, 2012.


Matilah_Singapura said...

All this theoretical opinion is interesting, but the excitement really begins when The Bodies Hit The Floor!

Singalong -- karaoke for warmongers!

One thing you have to hand to the US warriors: many of them go into combat with rockin' music on the iPods turned up to MAXIMUM.

Nothing like music to help get the job done ;-)

Got mp3?

Anonymous said...

Hollywood is doing a damn good job glorifying their heroics. It would be good to see the other side when their throats were slit by the veiled.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hollywood is full of leftist, progressive losers lah, who are mostly pussy-pacifists who like to show "the horrors of war".

Aw boo hoo hoo. We get it. Children die. Entire families are wiped out. Honestly, does anyone else really give a shit?

I'm talking about real shooting in the real world. Real explosions. And the guaranteed opportunity to make some real money. OK, soe people might die and lose everything but if that is not you, why the fuck worry?

Singapore does very well when there are wars going on. As long as there are politics, there will be war.

Got logistics?

Anonymous said...

Please look at the link


Look at the claims china demand, do you not think it is ridiculous, all the way to Sabah Malaysia coast, no fucking idiot will believe in china claims, and do you really want china to be so near to Singapore? You should thank US for interfering in this.

Marcxgkn said...

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