US a convenient scapegoat in Arab World

My dentures almost flew out when I saw this heading in the ST yesterday, of an article by Jonathan Eyal. He went on to describe the hatred for Americans by the Arabs as, ‘instinctive and often irrational hatred of the US remains one of the region’s most depressingly common features.’

The Americans and the Western journalists and their world view still believe that the Arabs are daft and unthinking primeval tribes that did not know what is going on to their countries? They believe that they could continue to bully and oppress the Arabs, divide and rule, and exploit them for their oil and oil money while running their economies to ruins with wars and sanctions.

The depressing thing is that the Americans and the West really believe so, that by telling the Arabs that they are their saviours, they could do anything they want to them, bombing their countries to ruins, killing the Arabs without acknowledging that they are also human beans, and conveniently calling them collateral damages.

The rise of nationalism after WW2 had swept across the world to liberate countries and people from the imperialists and colonial West. Unfortunately this liberating force is still not enough to help the Arab World to break free from the Western domination of their countries and people. Now there is an even more powerful force, the power of religion that tells the Arabs to die for the honour of Allah, people and country. And terrorism becomes a part of their lives. Believe me, the Americans and the West are blind to these forces. Seeing the dictatorial regimes as opportunities to increase their influence in the region, the West masterminded and bankrolled small dissident groups to over throw the established govts only to find that the new comers were all steeped in their religious cause and more anti American and the West than the dictatorial regimes. And they are even more gungho, more deadly, with Allah as their reason to die for.

The Americans are convenient scapegoat? Nay, the Americans are simply enemy Number One. The Arabs know who their enemies are. It is not a naïve interpretation of scapegoat or irrational hatred. It is deep seated hatred built up over the years by western domination and oppression.

Can the Americans and the West get it? Sending in more warships and inciting more regime changes? This is the 21st Century. The Arabs cannot be blinkered forever. Once they band together as an anti American and anti Western force, they are a very formidable force to deal with. How long can the western tactic of divide and rule be effective and to prolong the domination and oppression of the Arab World?

This latest provocation against the Arab World is unnecessary and would only fume their anger and hate for the Americans and the West to a greater height. Who is the real mastermind in the movie? The result is staggering and the consequences are grave. Please, the Arabs are not idiots and definitely not daft.


Veritas said...

The western media and books is out to confuse you what exactly USA does that screwed middle east. Few people actually know what is happening and many Arabs are angry at USA for very wrong reasons.

First, Arab street and Muslim are angry about US support for Israel. But what can Israel do the Joe on the street as its sovereign on a area only the size of carpark.

The greatest sin of USA is supporting the reactionary Saudi government while taking down progressive movement in Arab world. Very few people know that Saudi is the financier for all Islamic terrorist and extremist and a staunch opponent of social or progressive Islamic movement.

All middle east dictators at one point of another are supported by Saudi. Many Singaporeans are not aware that Saudi has funded all the extremist Islamic movement in Malaysia and Indonesia that call for Hudud Laws. Saudi funded Taliban. Saudi funded bin Laden.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, astute observer.

US support for Israel is the crux of this ever going tensions and wars in middle-east. Without it, Israel will have been decimated by now too. Is a catch-22.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Those rag headed motherfuckers have been fighting each other for thousands of years because of myths and fables written by crazy people in books which have become "sacred".

Every "foreign" invader to the already tense and hostile region has has local traitors and colluders who would do deals for their own selfish interests -- usually money. These fuckers are some of the most corrupt in the world. They are also brutal, misogynistic and wouldn't hesitate to kill you because you "insulted the religion of peace" -- based on a fictitious sky-dwelling entity who speaks through a raving pedophile.

Religious ritual of a raghead

America's relations with Israel has really fucked-up the plans for the Arabs to dominate the Middle East. Too bad. Too bad too that the silly camel fuckers decided to "nationalise" their oil -- mostly joint-ventured with western companies, thus in reality STEALING private property from those oil companies.

So going back for the oil is completely justified.

Good to know that the US is doing its job

Got Holy War?

Anonymous said...


That Republican hopeful said that the Middle East needs 'American Leadershit'.

Now, would that be rational or just another load of propaganda shit.

Anonymous said...

MS knows better that he is stepping on shit and the shit would splurge onto his face one day. Motherfucker.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Why? You jelly izzit?

I can't help but fuck those brutal camel-fucking koranimals ;-)

Relax, enjoy Gangnam Style...the latest dance sensation from Korea. As usual, you'll notice the typical Asian trait: the chicks look hot and sexy...and the guys look like assholes :-)

Got racial stereotype?

Veritas said...

Israel, could have do better in human rights of Palestinian. But I do not think Israel is the main problem of poverty, violence, unemployment of Arab world.

The elite of Arab world is the problem especially Sunni Clergy. Sunni clerical class is subservient to the most corrupt ruler. Take our neighbour Johor as example, late Sultan Iskandar is a scumbag, murderer, woman fucker, and shit in everyway. Yet he is able to protray himself as defender of Islam often with complicit help from Mullahs in the mosque.

Sunni clergy will never bad mouth social injustice of the most corrupt Royal family, Al-Saud. Instead, it focus itself on abusing human right of the most helpless citizen. Today, all cleric in Saudi and many Muslim country support capital punishment of apostasy, meanwhile, they are blind that monarchs of Al-Saud families are the most wretch sex addict.

Shiite Clergy is much better. Late Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, the number 2 man in Shiite Iran, has long ruled against punishment against apostasy.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to M_S.
He truly knows the Reason
for the mess in the Middle-east.

There can never be compromise
between believers of imagineries,
not even within their very own faith.

Veritas said...

It is no coincidence that Shiite Iran, despite embargo by USA is today the 2nd most advance technologically in Middle East. First, Persians are ancient clever and civilize people who put on Shiite Islamic veneer.

Second, Shiite clerical class is much more progressive then Sunni. Shiite Islam encourage open criticism to state. Ayatollah Khomeni who become head of state is deem by many Shiite Cleric as heretic.

Many in Shiite Islam shown example by refusing to take on political power. Ayatollah Sistani (I think Norway owned him Nobel peace prize), refuse to head Iraq. He even call for democratic elections. (Sunni cleric is able ball carry the worst dictator)

In Shiite clerigy, secular knowledge are widely respected as well. Many scions of Ayatollah, go on and earn standings in science and technology, if they choose a different career path than clergy. That win them alot of respect and it also cross fertilize the clerical class.

Late Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, even ruled against punishment for apostasy. Any Malaysian mullah can do that?

But I do see some hope in Sunni clerical class. The reasons Sunni clerical class subservient is because they are patronage by the state. And many sunni Mullahs are funded by Saudi's monies. The recent rise in Muslim Brotherhood, I believe could change the game.

Muslim Brotherhood, over the years, have evolve as a progressive force in Islam. The western media often accuse Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist. But in reality, Muslim Brotherhood is going to be a serious challenge to the status quo, largely maintain by Saudi Arabia. (They have old scores to settle)

Final Solution said...

People who can't escape their old superstitions to think in a post-religious manner are doomed to fight out their "my dyslexic dog is better than your apostate dog" wars to the death. May the best dog win.

In any case, there are (a) too many people in the world and (b) too many barrels of oil being extracted and burned in wasteful power plants and transport engines. So it would be best for the planet if the whole middle east region was nuked into glass, getting rid of vast chunks of excess people and weapons while conveniently sealing up the oil spigots to slow down the global climate disruption. Win-win.

By the way, Redbean: the title image on the homepage is captioned "the heart of China flanked by Upper Cross Street...". That may be factually true given the demographics of the area- but you might want to change it back to Chinatown to conserve the delicate sensitivities of Sinkie readers?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Final Solution, and welcome to the blog. Amended to Chinatown. Getting a bit of dyslexia: )
The US is the undisputed Number One superpower. No country could fight them. What the Americans did not bargain for is the Muslim world and Allah. Only the Muslims in an asymetrical warfare could give the Americans a real headache. They could not unload their nuclear weapons on just people. And there will be no big battle to be fought. But the Muslims will wear down the American military power and resources in a guerrilla war of a different kind.

Anonymous said...

"To fund the permanent war economy, the US has been flooding the world with dollars. The foreign recipients turn the dollars over to their central banks for
local currency. The central banks then have a problem. If a central bank does not spend the money in the United States, then the exchange rate against the
dollar increases, penalizing exporters. This has allowed the US to print money
without restraint, to buy imports and foreign companies, to fund military expansion, and to ensure that foreign nations like China continue to buy American treasury bonds." unquote

(Collapse Fiat Money System Quantitative easing government has technology called printing press In Light of Recent Events)


Pimco's Bill Gross QE2 is a Ponzi Scheme - MarketBeat - WSJ


(Inside Job - Movie Website for the Documentary Film)



Skeptic » eSkeptic » Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Joshua Chiang

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Joshua, thanks for the links. This QE series and printing more and more money will have to come to a stop one day. Countries are diversifying from the use of the dollar and more trades will be done by using other currencies.

One the confidence in the dollar is gone, it will be dumped like the Japanese banana currency. The clock is ticking. The golden years of the empire is winding down.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Arab and Muslim uprising is a collection of Arab Springs put together, this time against the Americans, the instigator that planted the seed of this Spring Uprising.

It is like a world war against the Americans and Americans everywhere would now have to look behind their back wherever they go in case a bullet comes flying.

Anonymous said...

So long there are HOLY CONFLICTS, there can never be peace in this World.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Holy Conflicts" are simply the brutal expression of people believing in NONSENSE and then get offended and violent when they are called on their bullshit or some other group with another brand of NONSENSE gets in the way.

In every case, RELIGION *IS* the root of ALL evil.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I happened to view the Innocence of Muslims and agree that if one is a muslim, he would be very offended.

When we discussed religion, that's keep it in a way that is not offensive to anyone. Let those who want to believe religion to be happy believing what they want to believe as long as the religious don't imposed their will on the non religious and vice versa.

One man's meat is another's poison.

Matilah, just cool it on your diatribes on specifice religions. On a general basis it is less offensive, and whoever wants to wear the hat, let him do so.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, being an asshole apologist and wannabe-"peacemaker":

>> One man's meat is another's poison. <

Fuck off you dickhead, redbean.

That would only apply if the other man is not trying to kill you -- just because he cannot tahan what you expressed.

>> Matilah, just cool it on your diatribes on specifice religions.

Why? These motherfuckers react to A JOKE in a lethal manner. What the fuck?

It only proves to the world that SOME Muslims just won't stand for free speech. They have reacted this way CONSISTENTLY. Everytime someone says something about their shit, they lose it and go on a rampage killing people -- bearing in mind that these so-called "beliefs" are equivalent to Harry Potter, Batman or some other fiction or fairy tale.


What? You want to kill people for "insulting" fictitious rubbish? Will fans of Snow White start killing those who laugh at the dwarfs?

Get fucking real asshole, and start defending the right side.

Got conscience?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you are speaking like an asshole. If they make a film of your father as a paedophile, your mother a shameless prostitute, would you claim that it is ok, free speech?

When you attacked people in that way, you are asking for it. You better watch your back. Australia is not exactly safe for you. You can keep changing the photos of your nick but they will get you and shaft the camel's foot into your arse. But I think you will thoroughly enjoy it.

Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you. Have they screw your ass? I bet no, not yet. I don't go screwing anyone unless they started it. See, I don't even hate the North Koreans. For they, like the Arabs and Muslims, have done me no harm. I am non existence to them.

I do not need to create another enemy for nothing.

Anonymous said...

This motherfucker is behaving like the Americans, thinking like the Americans and fucking like the Americans. And making enemies everywhere like the Americans.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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