True or Not? All first timers will get to buy a HDB flat at affordable prices

Sure or not? This is what Hsien Loong and Boon Wan are saying. Is this for real? Is there a change in HDB policy? If there is, why are HDB notannouncing it to tell the people what is the new policy on this?

If I am not mistaken, many first timers are still banned, yes disqualified, from buying direct from HDB because of the existing rules.

How many first timers are still not eligible to buy HDB flats? There is at least one big group that is disqualified because of the income ceilings. Has this ruling been revised or still effective? If it is still effective, then not all first timers are even eligible to buy HDB flats.

Please tell the whole truth. What is the new policy on this or nothing really has changed.


Anonymous said...

I don't read the ST anymore but am follow the property market. Am quite sure they mean first-timers who meet the eligibility for new flats (includes income ceiling).

Anonymous said...

You want the truth?
Elect more Opposition MPs into the parliament to ask questions.

Anonymous said...

The definition of affordable has taken a new meaning in red dot.

By extending the loan tenure, everything is affordable. That is why they are so keen to extend the retirement age, so that Singaporeans need to keep on working to pay off their housing loan right till they drop dead.

You want affordable? The only realistic possibility is to elect more opposition into Parliament come 2016.

Anonymous said...

Truth is, Sinkies can no longer afford this incompetent government.

Anonymous said...

Illustrative PAP-MIW Joke

Q: How do Millionaires-In-White say "fuck you" in Singapore?
A: Your HDB flat is affordable.

Anonymous said...

No need to vote Alternative Parties la.

Just stop voting for Pay and Pay till die Party will do.

Get it ?

Anonymous said...

Telling half truth requires excellent talent.

Anonymous said...

Cannot remember the last time they even tell a truth.