The tide turning against the Americans

Afghanistan is turning out to be a short lived Vietnam for the Americans. They are now on the withdrawal phase, to get out and move their forces back to East Asia to open another theatre of war that could be more profitable. There is oil and the countries like Japan and South Korea would have the money to buy more American weapons.

While the Americans have it all planned, they did not expect that the tide is turning so rapidly against them. More and frequent attacks against them and their allied troops are seeing better results with more death. The latest attack in an air base saw 6 fighter aircraft destroyed and several allied soldiers killed. Fortunately the British heir to the throne did not get hurt.

The most damaging of the attacks is that the soldiers trained and armed by the Americans are turning their guns at their trainers, the Americans. And this is not only happening in Afghanistan, but also in the Middle East and in Libya with the killing of the American Ambassador and embassy staff.

This is something the Americans have not bargained for. The experience of training Obama and arming Saddam Hussein did not teach the Americans everything. They thought they are like the Arabs, pay them enough and they would kill among themselves, for the benefits of their paymaster, the Americans.

The tide is changing and more violence against American troops and civilians could be the new happenings in the war zone and out of the war zone. The Americans have created an enemy they cannot be defeated unless they do another Red Indian act, a concerted genocide of the Arabs and the muslims which is a near impossibility. The war has just begun.


Veritas said...

The current trouble in Arabland is good for China. China has been on good luck since 2000. Initially, the Bush government intend to screw China, creating the so call Hainan Island Incident in 2001, where one PRC pilot was killed. This is less than 2 years after USA bombed PRC embassy in Yugoslavia.

Fortunately for China, a few Muslim nuts choreograph 911. Immediately, US and PRC become friends. Bush is stupid as not being able to see that China is biggest security threat of USA, instead of a few Islamic lunatics.

Obama is more clever. I observe Obama try to wash hand from middle east and engineer some trouble for China. The latest are the Diaoyutai/Senkaku incident. (Japan will stop all his nonsense on a simple fiat from Washington)

And fortunately for China, the fire of middle east keep burning. The recent civil war in Syria as well as Arab spring has take up much US attention. If middle east keep burning, PRC would reap the most benefit. A hapless USA will stand by and watch the emergence of powerful China, while to being able to slow it down, or stop it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans thought they could go in and out without having to pay. The Middle East is a quicksand that they will not be able to get unstuck. There is the Jewish interest to protect and the Jews would not allow the Americans to get out as it would leave them high and dry against the Arab/Muslim sea of humanity.

The Americans thought they could just wipe their backside, get out and open another theatre of conflict in Asia with the Philippines and Vietnam, probably South Korea and Japan so willing to take on China.

They will then have to contend with two fronts, a war against the Arabs and Muslims and a war against China and Russia. And the Americans are hoping that they could bring in the coalition of the willing to do the fighting, and they sell them the arms.

Very neat business strategy, sure profits, except maybe more American boys and girls will have to go home in black plastic bags.

The big weapons industry will make all the money to spread among the congressmen. And the silly Americans would have to pay with the lives of their children but got something to cheer about should they win a battle.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The dumb part of the US strategy is to conquer, occupy and then re-train the locals to prepare for American-style "demo-crazy", and of course it is to be expected that because of cultural-clash, some cultures will turn their guns on their occupiers.

A smarter way would be to conquer, and lay waste -- i.e. scorched earth -- thus eradicating these poisonous cultures (like Islam) from the earth once and for all.

Dumb Americans. They always try to moderate their thirst for conquest with Christian "compassion". Can't be done. You are either a brutal conqueror like Genghis Khan, or a generous and compassionate spirit like Florence Nightingale. You can't be both.

Personally, I prefer the militarized version of the USA -- they do put on an awesome show.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Their finest hours were the time when they finished off the Red Indians. No one else could match them in numbers killed and the effectiveness of terminating a whole race to near extinction. They put Hitler to shame.

Anonymous said...

The situation in the East China Sea is highly explosive and the world is waiting which country to fire the first shot.
Without the USA playing a positive
role calling utmost restrain,the Chinese and Japanese would have started killing each other.
No other country in the world,not even Russia,is capable of exercising leverage on both countries
I am not pro America,pro China nor pro Japan

Anonymous said...

WRONG! Without the US stirring shit in the dark, there will be no tension and threats of war. The little countries would not dare disturbing China and claiming Chinese territories as theirs.

The problem is the US.

Anonymous said...

The US is first an instigator
and then a broker.

Know the US?

Anonymous said...

In other words, they are the devil trying to be human.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Look at Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, etc etc and now they are announcing their return to East and Southeast Asia. And to make themselves useful, they need to create problems and then they will make a grand entrance, like the saviour, the peacemaker.

Briannthm said...

The US is first an instigator and then a broker. Know the US?

Jaime Cruz said...

Their finest hours were the time when they finished off the Red Indians. No one else could match them in numbers killed and the effectiveness of terminating a whole race to near extinction. They put Hitler to shame.