The new transparency game rule

After all the cry father and cry mother about not being transparent, there are positive signs that transparency is the new game in town. And some elite of the society have started the ball rolling, starting with the public airing of medical reports and diagnosis of client’s condition.

We have a case of a client’s mental condition being read out in the media. And as the nature of the condition was so life threatening, I presume, that the recommendation to put the client behind the doors of a mental institution also became public knowledge, with a public warning to act against the client/patient. I am not sure if I am comfortable with this kind of transparency, but transparency it is. And the public now are deserving to know the details of client’s medical condition if deemed fit by the doctors. At what point would a doctor openly make his findings public is not specified in details yet. But patients must now be prepared for laundry washing at the prerogative of the professionals they are seeking help.

Then we have this old man telling his MP how racist he was, his thinking and attitude. Of course it is always good for the public to know that such racist odd balls are living among us and to be guarded of their twisted views. People with such tendencies are bad and should be sent to the psychiatrist for an assessment and tested for suitability to become permanent residents in Woodbridge. It is not just quipping about their idiosyncrasies and thinks nothing of it. Follow up measures must be taken to keep the problem under the lid. I just hope that this guy did not have bipolar sickness or other psychiatric problems. If he does, better to put him away for good.

Then there was a couple who wanted their MP to tell lies. How thoughtless and unreasonable people can be and demanding an MP to tell lies. Got shadow or not? 有影别?There seems to be a new level of transparency in the profession of MPs as long as no names are mentioned. No one will know who the party was and no one will be wiser. 

This kind of transparency practice is good. It is a good start. The people can now expect to see more and more transparency in all fields of activities. The bloggers also must discard their anonymity, those anti establishment and those insurgents planted to discredit bloggers as well. It must be both ways right? Cannot be transparent for some and not transparent for some.

There must also be some caveats to this road to more openness. Conversations that would be otherwise confidential and could now be divulged would need cautionary notes pasted at the door so that people understand the new rule before entering to confide with another party. Me thinks of confession to the fatherly figure and whether it is also applicable to this new transparent norm. And there are certain things that no matter how, cannot be transparent. Things like construction cost of public flats as these could fall under the category of national secrets. The people should understand what can be transparent and what cannot be transparent, particularly things relating to money matters.

Other than these exceptions, let’s all be more transparent, like wearing transparent clothes.


Anonymous said...

Red bean, national reserve also state secret hor

Anonymous said...

"like wearing transparent clothes", unquote.

Plse do not say that leh, very the malu(shameful) U know. How can U expect us to expose ourselves ? Very indecent to do so, U know ?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Transparency? Through the fog of war?

Got hope?