The National Conversation so far

It was touted as the conversation for all Singaporeans to have a say in what kind of future they want for Singapore and their children. This is as national as it could get. Somehow the other part of Singapore is not being represented, the political oppositions that don’t agree with the govt’s point of view. The fact that none of them seems to be included or invited to join the conversation is beginning to tell. You cannot have a National Conversation by excluding 40 per cent or more of the population to call it a National Conversation.

And as some bloggers have pointed out, it has drifted towards a conversation of the converts, of the ‘safe’ people who share the same belief and ideology of the govt, of what the govt thinks is good for the whole population.

What makes this task predictable is that the converts would agree with the agenda and would not stray to topics or issues that have been OB marked. Some things are just not meant to be discussed and have already been pronounced as good forever, despite the claims of no stone unturned.

The National Conversation is looking like a divisive conversation dividing the ‘with us and the against us’, but including some the fence sitters. The eventual recommendations will not be too far off from the findings of the Ministerial Salary Review Committee, a recommendation that is expected and put up by like minded people. How different the recommendations would be if the members were neutral and have no political affiliation or interests.

And, how different would the findings of a committee and audience in this National Conversation when the composition of the participants already in a big way predetermined the agenda and the outcome? The future that is desired would be very similar to the future envisaged by the govt, more immigrants, bigger population, more growth, work till one drops dead, higher property prices, higher cost of living, no free lunch with some exceptions, and please, do talk or ask question about the CPF savings and its future.


Anonymous said...

The NC is a catastrophic success.

Darkness 2012

Anonymous said...

This is their 2016 election campaign. They already started now to CON the people. To sell their policies.

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if this is National CONversation is for ONLY Singaporeans? Or does this also include PRs & Foreigners who are living here but have no stakes and rights to vote?
Why are the two FTs allowed to participate? I don't care if they have been living here for 10-20years..as long as they are NOT singaporean with citizenships, they have no say and right to occupy a seat in our national conversation. If 40% are not invited, why should they be on it. We already know why they have a bias self-interest to run the country/economy as open as possible so more trashes/talents can flood this place!

rex said...

can someone explain to me why the PAP Times didnt splash the reports in the front pages? Yesterday there was a full page report however it appeared in the inside pages. today again the news was not even on front page. Getting "thousands of singaporeans" to talk with PM and
Cronies, and the PAP Times did not report it generously, this is rather unusual style of singapore's no.1 "prostituting media" to borrow a phrase used by a former politician, not me.

Anonymous said...

As I said, the NC is a catastrophic success.

Darkness 2012

Anonymous said...

What is important is whether ideas put forward is going to be eventually used for or against the people. They can always say these are ideas collected from the views of those who took part in the National CON-versation.

Safe to say that those that agree, being those who took part in the CON-versation, will have ideas radically different from those who disagree.

It is no use singing the same song with a different beat. We have seen that time and again. It is more important that 'those behind the SIN' should be seen to change their mindsets. As it is, I would venture to say it is wishful thinking on my part. 47 years of one sided thinking is not easy to change.

A leopard can never change it's spots still holds true today as it was since the beginning of time.

Anonymous said...

SDP, WP and the other Ps should start their own National Conversation, if they could spare the time without being paid millions to do it.

Anonymous said...

What have they achieved since independence? Gleaming buildings, new waters and still a strait jacket society with an inequality as wide as your mother CCB.

Anonymous said...

Singapore Conversation In a Nutshell

Millionaires-In-White: "Singapore (i.e. Pro Alien Party) does not owe you a living."

Sinkies: "Yes. We know. We die it's our business. So what else is there to talk?"

patriot said...

They have achieved to fatten their pockets and it is time for them to sew extra pockets to reap more.

Conversation? More like they want your acceptance, endorsement and CONTRIBUTIONS.

Will You give, give more and give it all!


Anonymous said...

Somebody should start a contest.
Maybe prize money of $1,000 or one of RB's RAR art pieces.

For anybody who can identify more than 15 people in NatCON as PAP members.

See below thread of some of the PAP members identified thus far. I counted at least six so far.


Anonymous said...

I've been a fence sitter thus far, when the total population hit 6m, I'll be voting against the ruling party comes every election.

Anonymous said...

Talk to the Opposition Parties for a real fun & exciting future for Singaporeans ... without the Millionaires-In-White.

GE 2016 - Beyond PAP.
The start of our real future.

Anonymous said...

"can someone explain to me why the PAP Times didnt splash the reports in the front pages? Yesterday there was a full page report however it appeared in the inside pages. today again the news was not even on front page. Getting "thousands of singaporeans" to talk with PM and "

When the CON job is been exposed as it is, the last thing you want is to be spotlight, and you rather stay low. So it comes to our attention that this in light with our expectation that this is a public CONversation afterall, their damage control has affirmed that.

Can opp party ask parliament how much does PAP take to CON the whole nation with NatCON ?

I like what you say

"And, how different would the findings of a committee and audience in this National Conversation when the composition of the participants already in a big way predetermined the agenda and the outcome?"

and this is exactly their Modus operandi. They only filled themselves with like-minded sycophants who agree with PAP ideology. They just want people to agree with them and see from their point of view, nothing else. They already decide the outcome and want gratification with YES-man (the gratification of "YES, you are right", even though you are wrong). Anyone disagree with them is replaced with another YES-man. And then, they ask themselves "How can I be wrong or responsible for anything if everyone agree with me ?" . Thus when PAP is proven wrong, they will blame anything, anybody other than themselves.

Didn't we see how exNCMP Siew Kum Hong is removed when his term is up because he offer alternative view and brutal truth to the establishment ?

In parliament, PAP use party whip to whip MPs into agreeing and AYAH with whatever their policies at all cost.

In NatCON, PAP use pap stooges to support their wayang show and approval.

Anonymous said...

Link to the show & see speakers at pause

Chaly Ma @5:18 SLA Chairman
Han Hwee Chin @6:40, ex-JTC, ex-MTI, current GIC Real Estate

Marc Lim Kah Leong @10.50, Kampong Glam Club Youth

Hamidah Aidillah Mustafa @16:29, YP member & Mendaki

Gopalan Krishnan @22.40, Fengshan CCC
Devi Haridas seated in show, Telok Blangah CCC
Daniel Ho, Student @32:00 Boon Lay CC YEC

Rolf Gerber @32:55 Chairman of LGT Leichentstein Bank.

Trina Liang, MD @40:54 , one of speaker/supporter of TonyTan PE 2011

Enough said..not a shred of authenticity.

Anonymous said...

NatCON = PAP Mental Masturbation ?

Anonymous said...

Summary of alleged PAPpy sightings at the NatCON with PM Lee thus far:

1.Chaly Ma, SLA Chairman (?)

2.Han Hwee Chin, ex-JTC, ex-MTI, current GIC Real Estate (?)

3.Marc Lim Kah Leong, Kampong Glam Club Youth (?)

4.Hamidah Aidillah Mustafa,
YP member & Mendaki (?)

5.Gopalan Krishnan, Fengshan CCC (?)

6.Devi Haridas, Telok Blangah CCC (?)

7.Daniel Ho, Student, Boon Lay CC YEC (?)

8.Rolf Gerber, Chairman of LGT Leichentstein Bank (?)

9.Trina Liang, MD, one of speaker/supporter of TonyTan PE 2011 (?)

10.Tay Xiong Sheng, Woodlands PAP Branch activist (?)

11.Malminder Singh, PAP Member, Kebun Baru (?)

12.Budiman B. Mohd. Saleh, YP Executive Committee Member, kaki Bukit Branch (?)

13.Michael Rebaczonok-Padulo,
Senior Lecturer in Ngee Ann Poly (?)

Anonymous said...

Please do not anyhow use the holy word...masturbation ....on PAP and just stick to calling them... PIGS!

Anonymous said...

The Last Speaker from the Audience as telecasted at CNA, was apparently there to pose the comment he made.
It also appeared liked that was how that Session(Conversation) was scripted to be concluded.

Anonymous said...

LOL PaP must be damn desperate LOL

Anonymous said...

"Please do not anyhow use the holy word...masturbation ....on PAP and just stick to calling them... PIGS!"

Please don't disgrace the word. The right word to use is PAPturbation.

What do you think ?

Anonymous said...

PIPSturbation better

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stop calling PAP members ... pigs.
It's so unfair to the pigs.


Q: What do you get when you cross a female MIW with a pig?
A: Nothing. There are somethings even a male pig will not do.

Anonymous said...

True. We shall call them RATS instead!

Anonymous said...

Another alleged new PAPpy sighting at the NatCON with PM Lee:

14. Jasmine Chua (the one wearing green) ?
PAP connection: photo had lunch with George Yeoh


Anonymous said...

Q: What do you get when you cross a female MIW with a pig?
A: The male pig dies from VDs

Anonymous said...

15. Doglas Foo, that Sushi guys who hires cleaner for $3000 with no OT.

Anonymous said...

We should go to his shop and shaft sushi up his asshole

Anonymous said...

I'm changing my diet to beef.
No more fish for me.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Some of you are so fierce, calling them names. That may be the reason why they are frightened to talk to you guys.

Anonymous said...

Frightened to talk to us or frightened of being asked questions by an unplanted member of the audience, that happens to be from the other side of the fence?

Remember the case of the student who asked that question on TV during a 'extremely rare exchane of views with the 89 year old sacred cow? That question almost caused the sacred cow to burst an artery and that was why they are so afraid to talk to people who are bound to ask the right questions, not the wayang, wayang type.

Anonymous said...

What the PAP is doing now is just like giving Singaporeans a once in a while masterbation and let them feel 'shiok' for a while.

The 'shiok' part will never last. But the masterbation part will be ongoing as needed.

Anonymous said...

Never shake PAP MPs hands. Very sticky one

Anonymous said...

Pro Alien MPs' hands must be sticky from all the mental masturbation they do everyday

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The anon of the last four comments, I believe is the same person. Would like to request that you do not turn this blog into one that is infamous for such literature. I am liberal as far as some vulgarities are used appropriately and sparsely. When vulgarity becomes the norm, then it is not acceptable to me and to many bloggers here.

I have deleted the last comment. I respect every blogger and his posts. Please respect my decision to keep this blog decent and respect the interests of other bloggers as well.

If you think my deletion of your post is unwarranted or unfair, you may want to post them somewhere else.

Thank you.