The Foreign Concessions

In the dark days of Chinese history, China was branded the Sick Man of Asia. In its own territories there were places designated as foreign concessions, The British Concession, French Concession, Japanese Concession, Russian, American etc etc . In these concessions, the foreign powers ran the places like their colonies, their own laws, police, and treated the Chinese as foreigners to be victimized and kicked around. They have no regards or respect to the Chinese who owned the land that sat the concessions. They humiliated the Chinese and ignored the catchphrase, 打狗看主人, or showing some deference to the owner before whacking the dog.

I was reading the plight of the local PMETs in Gilbert’s Transitioning.Org and could see the similarities in concessions being sprouted in this little island whereby foreigners held the locals in contempt and treating them as pariahs. I hope the cases mentioned in Gilbert’s blog are not true and not even exceptions. Sinkies cannot be treated as pariahs by foreigners in their own land. Sinkies cannot have concessions in their own country where Sinkies are bullied by foreigners. When foreigners did that, it is the end of the nation. Foreigners should try to belittle the locals in the Middle East and see what will happen to them.

But it cannot be true here. It must be Sinkies bullying the foreigners and that is why we have this integrate the foreigners call, help and love the foreigners campaign. Incidentally the foreigner that bashed a local taxi driver, a Sinkie, has returned to face judgment. Another two bashers were still at large. Let’s try to integrate this Sinkie basher since he is already given a PR as reported. He can become one of us. Maybe he can then direct his disgust at foreigners when he becomes a Sinkie.

Are there foreign concessions in Sinkieland where Sinkies are ill treated, mistreated and their presence unwelcomed? Have Sinkies lost their country?


Veritas said...

The foreign concessions in China did bring much benefit though many wickedness occur then. It bring forth the modernization of China. The Shanghai Bund, The Shanghai International Settlement, and French Settlement were then the most advance economy in APAC even though China was constantly at war. The HK territory after 1949 become an economic miracle.

Unfortunately, Singapore's concession bring nothing but shit racist, labor suppression and astronomical real estate price. PAP is worst than those Ang Moh masters who lorded the concessions. Before, concession Chinese were 2nd class citizen. Today, Singaporeans were dalits.

patriot said...

Sg is NOT A COUNTRY, much less a nation.
It is a SHOPPING CENTRE. Whoever buys more owns more of this place.
Sinkies are but successord of former immigrants or nrw immigrants.

Is there any difference between old and new immigrants?
Yes, the new immigrants are much loaded anf much more welcome by the State Managers.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> Have Sinkies lost their country? <

Yes, and they deserve it. That's what happens when you first lose your own self-control.

Their cuntree was "lost" LONG BEFORE the marauding foreigners arrived.

>> Sinkies cannot be treated as pariahs by foreigners in their own land. <

Oh for fucks sake, stop acting like a cry baby and sympathizing with other cry baby losers.

Man the fuck up. There are people who can work better than you for less money. What? You want the world to change so you can be happy?

Good luck lah.

Maybe the foreigners get better treatment because they deserve better treatment. Ever considered that to be a valid hypothesis?

Got face-the-facts?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, think you are right. There are so many better people around the world. They can replace all our ministers and PM and the President at a cheaper rate. Let's change the whole wardrobe.

And they can replace all the daft Sinkies too. You are simply brilliant.

Thank you. Thank you.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Why do you want your cuntree to be pulled down to the lowest possible standard?

I tell you -- replace the dead-shit dead weights and start returning to productivity lah.

And if those foreigners are not up to the mark...replace them too.

One reason why Singapore kicked Asia's ass, thus giving her population "bragging rights" (i.e. We're Number 1, fuck you) is because the bar was set high.

Over the last few decades the standards have slacked off and other Asian cuntrees have got their houses i order.

Lift the game, or lose it.

Got life-coach?

Matilah_Singapura said...

OTOH, one can turn the tables and become a foreigner...all you need is to relocate.

And why not? Many of the "talents" are playing the 3 flag or 5 flag game using Geoarbitrage to their advantage.

Setup: SIngapore - Pay Singapore Tax, run operations from India

Live in Malaysia/ Indonesia

Buy from China, sell to the world -- especially 1st world.

Earn in USD and Euro. Spend in Ringgit or Rupiah. Buy in Renembi. Pay wages in Rupees, and pay low taxes in Singapore.

That's geoarbitrage in a nutshell.

Be a foreigner in someone else's cuntree. Why should you not have fun too?

Got borderless world?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you are talking with a big hole in your assumption. Without the 'we against them', there is no need to replace anyone. It will be a natural order of things and the strong will replace the weak, no citizen, PRs or foreigners, just the fittest survive.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The rich and able are already doing that. But not everyone is rich and able to benefit from a borderless world.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah redbean, none of my arguments are iron clad lah. I'm not in any competition here, nor do I make any truth claims.

redbean misunderstands human nature:

>> just the fittest survive.

I think you've been living in the hallowed temple grounds too long. In the real world, the craftiest don't just survive, they PROSPER.

"Survival" is for losers!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

True and don't forget the dead.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You don't have to be rich to benefit from geoarbitrage. I do. I'm no billionaire ;-)

Anyway "rich" is such a passe idea unless you are talking multi billionaires. Millionaire, (yawn -- boring!) no big deal lah. These days, any bloody fool with half a brain can amass $1million+ before age 30.

I prefer the idea of "wealth" -- maximum profit for minimum time and effort, plus you get to see the world and have a better time than some corporate zombie who although may be on $500k per annum, is reviled, constantly sabotaged by office rivals, has hypertension, lives in love-less relationships, has spoilt rich kids addicted to drugs, and will probably be dead at before age 50...leaving his fortune to an unfaithful spouse and junkie children.

Me? I'm a beach bum. Just give me a beach...somewhere -- Bali. Phuket, Gold Coast, Langkawi, Bora Bora, ...I'll know what to do ;-)

Veritas said...

RB, you cannot compare China's Concession with Singapore and PAP now. You are insulting those concessions. While there are obvious vices, wickedness and sins happening in the concessions, these are more due to historical baggage of China.

The concessions are beacon to humanity in many aspect. Wikipedia has it below. Amongst all this, Shanghai was notable for a long period as the only place in the world that unconditionally offered refuge for Jews escaping from the Nazis. These refugees often lived in squalid conditions in an area known as the Shanghai ghetto in Hongkew.

Then even the British has a hand of murdering Jews as shown in Patria Sinking. Most nations all over the world refuse to give Jews visas and entry permit, other than China.

The concessions were also a beacon to technology advancement and economic development even China was constantly at war from 1839-1949. The years of 1930-1937 saw China's miraculous economic boom when the whole world was under Great Depression. (Japan then watched the emerging China with wary and started the WW2 at 1937, before China could grow stronger to fend herself)

The concessions are the most prosperous city in APAC. Yes, Chinese then were 2nd class citizen and there are lots of unequal and humilating treaty between Western and China. But then, PAP FT policies is way more atrocious and Singaporeans today are way more despised by foreigners than China many years back.

Veritas said...

And fuck those people who say Chinese are racist. Chinese have other vices but we are the least racist people.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Concessions in China were a beacon of hope and economic devt. But these are different matter. What is important is the occupation of the country by foreigners to sponge on the country and people.

The concessions in China were not there to benefit China. And the Chinese were outcast and ill treated, and yes, despised by the foreigners.

The difference is that in old China, the foreigners forced their way in. Today, they were invited in and praised to seven heaven.

Veritas said...

Agree with this point as well.

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