The first pain in Middle East

After lording and messing around with the lives of the Arabs, and killing so many of them, the Americans are tasting the first bitterness of their aggressive intent in the region. Bombing Libya, killing Gaddafi, turning the country in civil war and probably messed up for the next 30 years, the table turned yesterday. The Libyans turned their guns at the US Ambassador Chris Stevens. He was killed with 3 other officers.

And Hillary gasped, ‘How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save?’ She believed that the Americans were there to liberate and save the Libyans. Did she ask the Libyans if that is what they wanted and what they asked for? Or was the help unilaterally offered, like it was good for the Libyans and must be done? The pain of war so far is only felt by the Arabs, not the warmongers.

Now the answer came from the Libyans, a kind of thank you America, for killing Gaddafi and turning their country into ruins. And here is our present and our gratitude. You can bring the present home in black plastic bags.

A country that makes war a way of living will have war brought into its home soil.


patriot said...

One US Diplomat was sacrificed by the US to liberate Libya. It was a small price as the killed diplomat had done much good in the Middle-east for some time. The good he had done is so much more than the little sacrifice that he had made. Condolences to his Country and Family and kudos to his great job.

When one is killed by enemy, it is normal, enemy mah! However, when Americans are killed by Americans in the US of America itself without reason. They got to ask their political leaders why the US has reached such a state of affair.


Gintai_昇泰 said...

American lives are expensive. Others are cheap. Well if they are addicted to oil, they need to pay with their own blood. Nothing is free right? If without war, how to get rid of their weapons stock and generate more demands in their Defence industry?

patriot said...

The real pain is not Americans getting killed in foreign lands.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The oil in the Middle East rightfully belongs to the USA, so I don't have an issue of the yanks going over there and killing camel-fucking, pedophile-worshipping ragheads, who in their own right are some of the the most violent, brutish, cruel and nasty people who unfortunately are breathing.

The US military-political-industrial complex might make money from wars, but those desert dwelling throw-backs are good reason to try out depleted uranium ordnance, JDAMs and all sorts of goodies designed to light those motherfuckers up, and send them to paradise ;-)

Nuke those goat fornicators. Take back the oil. I want cheaper gas in my 5.7 litre V8.

Got flaming sword?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You can only find the flaming sword in the garden of Eden.

Your sentiments are noted. Please take care, look left, look right, look front and back. Don't want you to become another Chris Stevens.

Still, the Americans should not be there killing them like killing the Red Indians.

Anonymous said...

someday some rich arab might read what matilah has just said. he might get people to find out who matilah is and kidnap him and bring him over to arabia on his private jet. he will screw matilah's ass until he mati lah. heheheheheheh!

Anonymous said...

The Americans have been inciting and instigating misunderstandings among nations, especially among the Middle eastern countries to keep them divided and bickering. This time it backfired. And looks like it has set off a tsunami across the world and putting American lives in danger.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah, with your ludicrous defense of cowardly camel-fuckers.

They also rape women:

Also, the Middle East has been an area where mad sky-fairy worshiping hordes have been killing each other LONG BEFORE the white man became Christian, let alone founded America, by buying Africans and killing Indians. (and why not? It was considered "normal" back then)

Chris Stevens was in a dangerous part of the world. Risk comes with the job, and sometimes, shit happens.

And now, presenting godless comedy -- Pat Condell

Anonymous said...

matilah is a first class troll, inciting hatred. i hope somebody in australia complains about you and you get arrested under their new laws. if you are in thailand, i hope to god your lose big mouth insults the king.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Troll? Are you sure. Or am I protecting free speech...including yours.

Don't worry, Aussies are going to overturn the new laws so that we can defend our right to blaspheme...to bad if you don't agree.

Arrest me? Go ahead. Let's bring this conversation into the open.