The contradictions and fallacies showing

With each passing day, the cracks get bigger and bigger. It was only hairline cracks and could easily be covered up with another thin layer of paint. Now you could sink a whole hand into it. And you need the experts to certify that there is no danger of a collapse.

Just a few decades back, the song was, ‘We are the best, the crème of talents, the best money can buy. And we can solve all the country’s and the Sinkies’ problem. We are simply the super talents.’ With this kind of branding, everyone went gaga, and it went to the extent that the spin doctors too believed in the spin. And because the daft Sinkies would just put up with all the craps, the super talents convinced themselves that since they were the best, the best in the world, they deserved to be paid the best in the world. The rest is history.

Fast forward today, after some tears and apologies came the admission that mistakes were made. When the cracks were so huge and for all to see, you can’t say there are no cracks. The fouling up of a national home ownership scheme, the high cost of living, unbelieveable influx of foreigners as PRs and citizens, the discrimination against the citizens, a superb national savings scheme that went sour, transportation and high cost of car ownership, and many more, could not go away without an explanation.

And today, the govt is asking what the people want for their children and this country. Isn’t this the job of the govt or what the govt had been doing? What happens to the super talent tag, that the immortals knew it all and no need to listen to the people, deaf frogs are top brains? See the contradictions and fallacies? How could the super talents be seeking views and ideas from the daft and the ideas are free? Anything that does not have a price tag that is out of this world is not worthy. Remember that? You want good stuff, you must pay for it, quality education, quality healthcare, quality govt.

If the quality is a suspect, don’t pay for it. Why pay astronomical prices for things that are not worth its value? The open admission that the govt cannot solve everything, or even creating messes and messing up the people’s life, is a rude awakening. So, what about the out of this world pay when the govt is quite ordinary, really? Remember again, the huge pay for politicians is meant for top and super talents that claimed to know best and would solve all the problems of country and people, pro active, forward looking, nipping all problems in the bud before they become full bloom problems. With that kind of pay, they should be solving the problems of the world, not this tiny little island. The people will be very grateful if they did not create more problems while trying to help the people with their problems.

What an irony if the politicians, the top and super talents, are saying that they are not that good after all? Where are the immortals? Is the National Conversation an admission of a national myth?


Anonymous said...

Do not be too cynical.

It is damn easy for them to throw
the towel and power to others and rid themselves of the shits.

Many have suspected that PRCs left China for Sin and other countries to safeguard themselves and their personal belongings. One day Sinkies will emigrate to other lands for similar reason. By then Sg will suffer substantial loss financially and the economy may collapse.

Beware, be careful and be prepared.

Lost4ever said...

Dear Mr Chua

Perhaps the super talents got it right, its the spider web below that executed all the schemes wrongly, just a simple example... improve productivity via Information Technology...

(A) 20 years ago.... ONE school exam paper, typed and prepared by ONE teacher properly and correctly using type writer, vetted by ONE or TWO teachers including superior, amendments made, go to the print. ALL quite happy, done 5 mandays.

(B) Today... HALF school exam paper, typed and prepared by ONE teacher properly and correctly on Microsoft Word on a laptop and loaded to school network. vetted by all teachers involved, amendments made; go for another round of vetting; amendments... go for another round of vetting... for spelling alignment, indentations... etc... final vetting.... small corrections again... final final vetting... go to print,... school logo not in proper position, amend... reprint... finally done... 20 mandays effort, ONE reprint....

Is there any productivity gain in the above???
The fact is that the whole country, or the whole advance world operates in the (B) mode, thus there are alot of cloudiness and nonsense along the way until the final product is out.

Plus our super talents have so much to worry about due to Information OVERFLOW, as it has been quite obvious from reading Blogs and forum that its difficult to get the correct message.

Also bear in mind that the people in the spider web which forms the core of the ANIMAL Farm needs to be fed to keep them FAT and obedient, thus don't expect change, expect it to be worst.

Anonymous said...

"Beware, be careful and be prepared.
September 17, 2012 9:00 AM". Unquote.

Be warned will do.

Anonymous said...

"It is damn easy for them to throw the towel ...'
ANON: September 17, 2012 9:00 AM

Sorry to disagree.
No. It's not easy to throw in the towel for them.
Where else but Singapore can they earn the high salary for such unskilled labour.

No country or employer in the world is going to pay them millions in salary for making motherhood statements and blaming everybody else for the problems.

Other countries or employers will just say "What are you going to do about this problem?"
And hold them accountable to a time line and results.

Anonymous said...

Heard of crews abandoned sinking ship?

Veritas said...

Most people will deny it, -- Moral decay is the main reason of our decline.

I read history. No nations can survive or exist for long after moral decay. Tragically, in most of the time, moral decay forced onto honest citizens by elites.

Take example, Singaporeans used to be a hardworking lot. We believe in hardwork. However, PAP today tries to inculcate the mentality of parasitic worship of idleness. Janitors no matter how hard they work, are despised. Parasitic landlord, no matter how idle they are, are being exalted as talent. Parasitic banksters, no matter how much they rob from the society are deemed creme de la creme.

It was the Roman of Cincinnati, that bring Rome to greatness. It was the Roman elites who imported FT(slaves) from punic wars, that bankrupt the citizens and led to its downfall.

USA was once a great nations. But it is the corrupt baby boomers who are in power today, the crashes it.

In SG, Goh Chok Tong, started our decline, and LHL accelerated it. Goh has no compassion for the poor. He rigged property to crazy level, that crashes on 1997, taking down Tat Lee Bank.

Today, I see our public service keep on taking in scholars, whose sworn aim is self-preservation. These scholars never take blame, and do not know any ground work. I see disaster for us, unless we are able to withstand PAP corruption of morality.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, a history students always read history after it was done many years ago. And the faults of the past are clearly documented by the historians with hindsight.

What is happening today, the decadents and moral decay, would not be seen or acknowledged by the players. They are deep in the shit and with incremental changes, would not see any difference.

The baby boomers were not the most hard working but prospered because of the rebuilding after the war and all the economies were in transition and booming. And they got too greedy and thought they were geniuses and great talents.

The rewards for none productive enterprises like pushing up property prices is criminal as it robs the industry of those who worked their guts out, the workers. And yes, the bankers are the greatest crooks today. They are worst than the money lenders.

So many big American banks are being probed for money laundering and the Americans make the rest of the world look so silly, running around like bull arse flies, training and take examinations, precautions etc etc against money laundering. The rest of the world, especially those in the finance industries, are deemed to be crooks when they were not while the real crooks in the big banks, in the US are happily partying away.

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story: don't eat cocks already and come here preach from your holy books or lightning will strike down your father and mother and then your bird brain

Matilah_Singapura said...

MAny Singaporeans -- the dead-shit ones who are now complaining -- dropped the ball, got to comfortable and let themselves slip below the bar.

Well, it is high time for them to wake the fuck up and start acting like mature adults instead of languishing around like spoilt kids who prefer to gain sympathy by playing the victim.

Got violin?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The successful and earning millions would not careless how the downtrodden and losers live their lives. They would tell them to get lost too.

You can't blame the losers when they are paying the millions to the people who claimed to be the govt and would look after them. If they are paying less, they can only afford to complain less. But if they are paying a lot, they deserved the right to complain a lot.

No free lunch.

Anonymous said...

Losers, winners? Please. All will be dead! Go get a life

Anonymous said...

I am getting a life.
By fixing the winners.
I will get a life.
A chance to breathe.

Anonymous said...

Losers or winners is defined by USERS. Unless you wanna be a used condom, I suggest you go geyland and get some real action. Matilaaaaaaahhhhahahaaa

Anonymous said...

One said 'what do you think'? Another said 'it shouldn't have happened'.

These two statements have summarized all...

Uniquely Singpapore!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the PAP. They don't solve problems...they are the problems!

Anonymous said...

PAP is not the way, PAP is not the truth and PAP is certainly not the life.

Follow at your own risks.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the oppositions, they are idiots! Vote for your dogs for a better future!

Anonymous said...

PAP without Lee Kuan Yew
will be like a ship without radar.

Singaporeans pray hard that LKY
will live longx2.

Plis pray with me.