The APEC Meeting in progress

Leaders of Asia and the Pacific rim countries are huddling in Vladivostok for their annual powwow to solve the contentious issues in the region. There are territorial claims stretching from the Sakhalin Islands in the north, Dokdo, Diayu and the Spratleys and Paracels in the South China Seas. These are potential flash points that could be ignited by the provocative acts of any party involved in the disputes.

In other parts of the world, the flash points that are boiling in full heat are the Middle East, that somehow is in a perpetual state of warfare. When one flash point died down, another would somehow start to burn.

In South America, the last flash point was in 1982 in the Falkland Islands that somehow belong to the British and not to the Argentines. This is part of the legacies of colonialism and finder’s keepers past.

What is amazing and coincidental is that these flash points are away from Europe and North America. Anyone cares to guess why North America and Europe are free from such flash points but were always involved in one way or another with such conflicts?

Maybe the rest of the world are countries that are contentious, belligerent and enjoying bickering and war. Maybe they are foolish and cannot establish good neighbourly relations. Or maybe there are some other reasons.

And now we have the Americans, in the form of Hillary Clinton, working so hard, flying everywhere, trying to prevent these flash points from bursting into flames. She and the Americans are really the angels, and the saviours of the quarrelsome Asians. Without the Americans, these countries would have gone to war many times over.
In another way, the Americans are like a dog owner with several dogs on leash. Every now and then the dog owner would release the dogs and let them go people chasing. Then they would pull back the leash and those being chased by the dogs would be so grateful that someone is there to control the dogs. The dog owner is the good guy.


Anonymous said...

Putin tried to fuck Obama by showing his finger to Obama when Obama asked him for summit meeting,now is the time for Obama to say sorry,me not free leh.
Stupid Putin still does not understand the meaning of KARMA,WTF.

Anonymous said...

The dogs are just puppies lah.

Anyway, all puppies are cute but very vulnerable. When the mother bitches are sick, the pups will be in trouble.

sanzhi-laohu said...

Let's take a look at the Asian dogs, I mean countries...

Japan - nuclear bombed by the US

Vietnam - carpet bombed by the US

Philippines - rejected as the 52nd state by the US

Strange world! When one beat you up or abuses you big time, you love him more! There is a psychiatric description for such behaviour, I am not sure of the term, maybe it's Stockholm Syndrome (?)

Anonymous said...

1.49 knn u are damn good leh. Wtf those countries are thinking

Matilah_Singapura said...

Nothing will be "solved".

Follow the money. That's where the real game is. The rest is smoke and mirrors and a ruse to divide people and their loyalties, whilst the clever, crafty international folks make off with all the loot -- right under your ethnic-divided noses.

Got jingoism?

Anonymous said...

Tell me something which wasnt already made known. Nothing is new under the sun.

Anonymous said...

You don't make the call, I don't make the call now who does?


Anonymous said...

After stirring all the shit and raising tension in the region Hillary is trying to tell the APEC leaders that she is there to cool down temperature and calling on Japan and S Korea to lower temperature.