Survey results on the future of Sin

A sociologist conducted a survey on a group of Sinkies on their views of the future of Sin. This was done through questionnaires and interviews with the participants. Below are some of the findings.

1. They would like to see a population of 20 million for growth and prosperity.

2. They wanted their HDB flats to fetch $3m and landed properties $100m each.

3. They didn’t mind paying $200k for a COE.

4. They were looking forward to having $1m in their minimum sums account in the CPF.

5. They thought congestion is a sign of prosperity.

6. They believed the future would be very good for the young of today.

7. They believed that only through population growth could there be economic growth.

The sociologist concluded that given the participants’ character traits, the findings were reasonable, understandable and expected. It was not easy to remove the madness in the participants that were from a mental hospital. Their vision of what was good was peculiar to their own insanity and hardened beliefs. The survey simply confirmed that madness could be a serious sickness as the participants did not know of their conditions. So what they perceived as good was as good only with respect to their mental condition and conditioned views of things using their own coloured lenses.

And they sincerely believed that their views were the only right views. And there was no other alternatives available, as, in their madness, they thought they were the best and no one could thus come up with a better solution. Of course this survey is simply fictitious. But it is good to know how mentally deranged people perceived things and their one track thinking process. Don’t expect them to think out of the box.


dotseng said...

In this happy land. Someone probably needs to check the water supply and get the water analyzed for mind bending drugs.

Good Morning Chin Leng

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Morning dotseng. You have been busy.

You may have a point: )

Anonymous said...

Hitler and his Nazi Party also suffered a type of mental illness.
And they went on to persuade the rest of Germany to follow them.

Is below a good example of the quality of thinking exhibited by our Party Against People?


Anonymous said...

Too much preoccupation with power to suppress the people is a kind of mental illness. Hitler was thought to be insance, and so were a great number of his followers.

In Sin, from persuasion, the tone is becoming more militaristic lately. In fact, more dictatorial, pushing things down citizen's throat like:

Singapoeans must accept more immigrants.

Singaporeans must accept high property prices.

Singaporeans must not expect no floods.

Singaporeans must accept FI.

Singaporeans must have only the PAP as rulers. All opposition are bad. Four legs good, two lega bad.

And the list goes on. Singaporeans can protest or rant, but what they think is good (for them) must be accepted. Everything they say is good is a done deal, with a little bit of wayang in Parliament at the most.

Matilah Singaporeans!

Anonymous said...

Too add on our drinking water ..Please read up the links below
and if you or your family has any of this problems then I suggest they don’t drink our TAP WATER!!!

Note to parents – Fluoride damages children’s brain developments

Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ In Children

The Effects Of Fluoride On Thyroid Gland(Make us more docile?)

Back Pain and Weak Bones/Joints – Arthritis and Rheumatism


Fluoride Video Documentary

Take Boron/Borax to remove Fluoride from our body



Sub distilled water for TAP water

Like one of the doctors said … if Panadol is good for flu and fever why don’t we also put it in our water supply to reduce it?

But to take panadol in your Tea , your shower and your food 24x7 for 40 years ?? you decide if that’s good for you?

So why should fluoride be too?


Anonymous said...

It all boils down to votes in GE 2016.
60% of your friends & relatives voted PAP.
If you want change, you have to try and convert one of your friends and relatives into an Opposition voter.

Then 40% can become 80% in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

The argument that you need population growth in order to have economic growth is flawed.

What happens when the 6 million population is reached after a certain number of years, and Singapore still needs to have economic growth? Do we increase the population further?

The assunmption seems to be that red dot is like a balloon that can be blown up in size just to accomodate more and more people. We are not a big country like America or Australia.

Anonymous said...

you forget to add one more important finding:

"'Retrenchment is good for singapore. If there is no retrenchments, then I worry'

as mention by Goh Chok Tong.

Haha. Retrenchment is good as long as it does not applies to PAP ! just rotate their high-paid position within GLC and across GLCs when they fail ... how can there ever be retrenchment for PAP ? No wonder they support retrenchment for lesser mortals.

Matilah_Singapura said...


There is no danger of fluoride in the drinking water. In fact, the benefits of lowering rates of tooth decay far outweigh even the most stringent regimens of flossing and brushing.

The on-going scare tactics demonising fluoridated water is used by clever charltans to sell you expensive snake oil.


redbean, please post a link to the study, so I can tear it asunder.

BTW, survey is NOT science necessarily. Surveys based on OPINION is most definitely not science.

Reminder: everyone has an opinion and an asshole, and they both stink.

Anonymous said...

A problem caused or resulted from nature is only as big as those affected. Whence a problem affects 6 millions, it is double the victims at 3 millions. Consequently, the problem is bigger and likely to get more complex.

Anonymous said...

MS, you unable to read or what? RB said it's a fiction. What link you want?