Putin puts Hillary in her place

If a photograph says a thousand words, there were two interesting photographs emerging from the APEC Meeting in Vladivostok. One very nice photograph of a very nice Yingluck in a very nice long skirt and with several male admirers around her appeared in the ST today. Yingluck must have soften the harsh and tough image of the meeting where non other than the macho Putin was hosting.

And Putin made no one guessing who was the boss man. In the group photograph of the leaders, he chose to have the Sultan of Brunei on his side at the centre of the photo. And he made his feelings for Hillary or the US clear to all by banishing her to the back row on his far left. This must be a very uncomfortable position for Hillary or any American dignitaries to be in, having all the time claiming the spotlight and be the centre of attraction in any gatherings.

Maybe I am reading too much in the photos. Maybe Hillary was keeping herself clear of the Russian bear by staying far far away from Putin. Maybe there just walked into the photo shoot at random.


Matilah_Singapura said...

>> Maybe I am reading too much in the photos.

I don't think so. Nothing V Putin does is without purpose or calculation. The guy is on a constant power trip -- and he likes to win.

Last time he ran-in with women was when
Pussy Riot hammered him with their music and videos.

Hillary probably should be called Pussy Rotten. Maybe the smell made him put her far away :-)

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Anonymous said...

The aged Madame has lost all her charm to others.

The said...

/// Anonymous said...
The aged Madame has lost all her charm to others. ///

I thought that happened long, long, ago when her hubby was in office and long before Yin Luck got lucky.

Her lack of charm was the reason why Bill-Oral-Clinton told Monica Lewinsky:


Anonymous said...

She need not be too disappointed.

Someone in Sin, will be said to be salivating.