Protection against QE3

The printing of the greenbacks continues unabated. More American dollars will be flying all over the world and definitely some will land here, to gobble up some of our choice properties. Actually it is like exchanging banana currency for our real assets. It is not surprising that many of our good quality properties would be exchanged for going to be worthless paper currency called the greenbacks or the American dollar.

What is the govt going to do about this development? The Americans could just keep printing and buy up everything here. And it is not just the greenbacks as the dollar is linked to many other currencies and all will be bloated.

One thing the govt can do is also to print money Sinkie dollars to buy up more valued assets overseas, not junk stocks or bankrupt companies. And this could spare the need to fall back on the savings in the CPF. Just print like the Americans do. They buy up our island, we buy up the American continent.


Anonymous said...

No need to print lah! There are lots of hell notes leftovers, now that the seventh month is over.

In time to come, Sin dollars will become like hell notes. Now the value has fallen so much, that citizens need a hand and a foot to pay for their pigeon-holes. Hell is already here, so hell notes will be of value soon. In denominations of millions and billions hor!

Anonymous said...

Soon Sin will all be millionaires and billionaires like the Vietnamese and Indonesians.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

QE3 will not only buy up whatever that can be put on sale, it will destroy all the savings and those on pension schemes unless the pension in in milions of dollars.

It will depreciate the value of all currencies.

Anonymous said...

That is the idea behind all the QEs.

The Americans are really taking their creditors for a ride. They are spending other people's money like no tomorrow, knowing that such note printing and QEs will render their currency no more valuable than banana notes, which will be used to pay off their creditors in time to come.

Who will be those suckers? You and me lah!