Of Japanese dignity and honour

This is the gist of William Choong’s article on the China Japan dispute over Diaoyu/Senkaku Island. The Japanese could not back down because of dignity and honour. What is so dignified to invade another country by creating false incidents as a justification for the attack? What is so honourable to seize another country’s islands by war of aggression when the other country was weak and poor? What is so dignified and honourable to commit rape and massacres of women and children, of forcing other nation’s women folks as prostitutes for the Japanese soldiers, and looting national treasures?
And what is so dignified and honourable to conduct a sneak attack on the American Navy in Pearl Harbour with no declaration of war and fabricated a story of miscommunication? The whole Japanese act of war, looting and murdering of the people in the invaded countries during the Second World War was nothing about honour and dignity. It was a vicious attack on its neighbours by military force.
And the aids given after the war was no compensation for the honour and dignity of the invaded countries. No amount of compensation is enough for invading another country. And don’t forget the loot stolen from the invaded countries. And in the case of China, the war reparation inflicted on a bankrupt country was even more disastrous than the war alone. It broke a country’s financial resources to look after its people. It humiliated the conquered countries, the colonized countries, destroyed the pride of the people and their dignities and honour.
What is so fucking great about Japanese dignity and honour? It is the greatest farce of the Japanese and the stupidity of those who believe in these two words. Throwing babies into the air for bayonet practice, slitting the tummies of pregnant women to drag out their babies! Head chopping and hanging the heads on display in the streets! They were the meanness, inhuman and barbaric invading forces East Asian and Southeast Asian countries have ever known. Only morons could be apologetic to the Japanese war crimes in this part of the world, and to its people. There is no honour or dignity to talk about in what the Japanese had done, unless you are a Japanese, where your self preservation at the expense of other’s suffering is your top most interest. Stop being silly.


Anonymous said...

Only Japanese have dignity and honour. Chinese, Koreans or SE Asians, no dignity, no honour.

Anonymous said...

Only Civil Servants have diginity, and the rest of Singaporeans have no diginity...

Anonymous said...

The Japanese have dignity?

More likely they are digging themselves into the ground after failing to extricate themselves from more than 2 decades of economic gloom. They are now dependant on stimulating themselves with economic viagra, which effect is wearing thin.

Big names like Sony, Panasonic, Sharp etc are facing extinction.

Anonymous said...

Be grateful that the Japanese had provided over 3 decades of high tech consumer products to the world though at high profit.

Despite their imperial nature, younger japanese are cosmopolitan and global in their outlook.

The present spat between japan and china will be resolved in another generation or two. As the chinese too are fast becoming cosmopolitan, one shud not be surprised that the chinese will not be bother about china in another few generations.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Do not be deceived by the suits and tie and nice demeanour when one is living on past wealth.

When the Americans were killing the Red Indians and making slaves of Africans, what kind of people were they. But today, they prospered acting smug. The ugliness is reappearing when their greed for oil and control of the Middle East revealed how evil and cruel they could be. And they are coming to Asia.

The Japanese of yesteryears were rich and powerful too. But they lust for more and prepared to kill, burn and loot. It is in the genes. Are they remorseful for what they did? They are still refusing to return the loot but demanding the Russians to return the islands in the north.

This is the mentality of a gangster though they are trying to appear polite. How they brutalise the Koreans during the days of colonialism. How they manipulated the Manchurians and Puyi for their dignity and honour?

How they raped and butchered the Chinese and used them as guinea pigs for their chemical and biological factory in Manchuria? The Japanese are very clever people and very capable of very evil things, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Just wait for them to show the fangs.

Go read some literature of their invasion of China and Southeast Asia. The latter was less well documented though.

Anonymous said...

you should reply to Barrie's blog.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No point talking to people who distort history and refused to put things into perspective of time.

One impt point, the Chinese here were mostly Chinese citizens and rightly to be loyal to China. They could not be loyal to a British colony when they were at most PRs. Wonder whether this concept was even relevant then.

Now, how to accuse and be angry with the Chinese and demand that they be loyal to a non existent Singapore that only get some self govt in 1959, still a British colony and they not being a citizen?

Anonymous said...

RB, don't try to talk sense with extremist with an axe to grind.

Veritas said...

I think the elites of Japan sucks. But most Japanese are innocent. In university, I recalled fondly of my Japanese language teacher. Japanese is actually a very hardworking people. Their woman is extremely gentle. But I can sense some Japanese man despises Chinese somehow.

On personally level, its easier to deal with Japs than PRC people.

Veritas said...

It is true that Japan tries to sabotage China's nation building effort very often at critical junction. If not for the sino-Japan war on 1937, the KMT government would have destroy the communist and China today will be a democracy.

On if not of the 1895 war with Japan, China today will be a constitutional monarchy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Japnese of today are products of affluence. When people are rich and living well over time they get more refined and less callous.

The Chinese are the typical nouveau riches. Rich but still peasants inside. And sadly, many still could not erase memories and attitude of the days of dynasty and warlords. Abuses and bullying the weak are still prevalent. It would probably take another one or two generations to be less roguish.

Veritas said...

I am willing to give confident of doubt to PRC Chinese moral deficit. Lets hope 2 generation of material well-being will change them, but I have some pessimism.

I have backpack to places like Syria and Iran. You know these people are poor yet they are the most hospitable people. I remember I stayed in Turkey many days without paying a single cent for transport and food. The truck driver take me in, travelled thousands of kilometers, paid everything for me.

I cannot come to the same conclusion in China. I just feel they are more rascal and con-artist.

The Thai, Laotian, Burmese today are poor. Yet I have only good things to say about them. I cannot attribute that to PRC.

ufo said...

We see here two very proud asia countries but remember that pride always destroys. The western countries hidding under the masks of financial crisis are the real owners of weapons of mass destruction.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be a Chinese.
However, I do not view the Chinese Race today than the olden days.

Chinese today are too pragmatic, they have no pride of their ethnicity. They pride on having plenty of money. I expect Chinese to want to have nothing to do with China if they have money.

In any case, Rb has overlooked that in war, everything(all) is fair, be it deceit, bully, sin or all of them.

Anonymous said...

'However, I do not view the Chinese Race today than the olden days.'
My apology. The Above shud read 'However, I do not view the Chinese Race as positive today than the olden days.'

Veritas said...

I like Chinese culture. I even want to bring back Hokkien. This is one thing. But the real truth of our dark side is another. I spend a lot of time digging the real truth, immersing in Classical Chinese text. I conclude the Chinese is the 2nd most wicked race. Indian is numero Uno, however they win Chinese by a far margin in wickedness.

I show you an example. The following text is in classical Chinese.

《史记·秦始皇本纪》:“隐宫徒刑者七十餘万人,乃分作 阿房宫 ,或作 丽山

Translate into English, it says, the first Emperor of Chinese Qin Shi Huang castrated a whopping 700,000 man, and put them into work.

Its hard to come across any other civilization of such wickedness. Emperor Nero or Caligula are kindergarten.

I have more examples to show.

However, if we take overall, Chinese civilization perform far better. I do not rank it 2nd worst, but I still rank Hindic civilization the worst mankind ever conceive.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi ufo, you are very right. The two Asian countries will be made to fight. In fact all the Asian countries will be made to fight among themselves and the arms merchants would not only profit from the arms sales, but continue to mess up the countries and control them.

As for Chinese culture, there are still many elements of primitive practices and thinking in them that are cruel and very wicked. Hope they could eradicate them with time and education.

The ironing of maids in Sinkieland is a sign of the wickedness in their psychic.

The said...

Japan and China at each others' throat and meanwhile the instigator is humming the Star-Spangled Banner behind the scene......

Anonymous said...

If China doesn't want to be bullied again and subject to foreign aggression then China must continuously build up her economy and military from strength to strength and which is second to none. A weak China tempts foreign aggression as happened in the last century. China should build up the biggest and the most powerful navy and airforce in the world to deter foreign aggression. China should simultaneously build up at least twelve aircraft carriers and well armed them with both conventional and nuclear weapons and despatch them on surveillance missions in all the high seas near the American, European and Japanese coasts. China should then adopt the Western and Japanese aggressive behaviour and smack them down to smithereens on any first sign of their mischief against China. There is no other way to teach the foreign Western and Japanese aggressors except to give them back their own medicine. Foreign aggressors have better be reminded that China has yet to recover her lost lands of millions of square miles which were grabbed from China illegally in the past when China was weak.


Anonymous said...


Like to correct what you said about Chinese history.

"隐宫徒刑者七十餘万人,乃分作 阿房宫 ,或作 丽山",is not 700,000 men got castrated, rather these men were sent to hard labour (隐宫徒刑者) for sites at 阿房宫 and 丽山.

Just think, not possible at two thousand years ago to find enough surgents to castrate so many, also no strength to do heavy works after castration. So do not use this to condemn Chinese.

Please take note, thanks.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Japanese have overplayed their arrogant cards, thinking China can still be bullied. Now that they have stirred the hornet's nest, the Chinese and Taiwanese are not going to let the matter rest. The Koreans too will take the opportunity to mount more pressure on Dokdo.

In the past, the Chinese were weak and allowed the Japs to arrest their fising vessels. Now they can't and the number of fishing vessels go to Diaoyu will be more than they can handle and will retaliate if they dare to arrest them.

The latest, Taiwanese Coast Guards firing water cannon back at the Japs. There is no going backward anymore for the Chinese and Taiwanese.

Anonymous said...

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