National Conversation topic

One major topic to be addressed in the National Conversation is the amount of authority to be given to an elected govt of a 5 year term. A democratically elected govt with a short life span of 4 to 5 years is very different from a dictatorship or a dynasty where the country in a way belongs to the dictator or the royal family. The people living in a dictatorship or a dynasty have no choice but to live with whatever decided for them by the dictator or the royalty. They can do whatever they want with the country without the consent of the people. They owned the country, not the people.

In a democracy, the country belongs to the people and the elected represenative govt is only a caretaker govt that can be kicked out of office in the next GE. Should such a govt be given so much authority to decide the future of the country and its people without the latter's consent? Issues that will affect the people for a long time is the population, property ownership, freedom, the people's savings, the national reserves, among other things.

This National Conservation should look into the power of a democratically elected govt and remind such govt that the country belongs to the people, not the few elected representatives, and major and far reaching policies must have the consent of the people, preferably through a referendum. Bringing in so many foreigners as new citizens, selling land and properties to foreigners are critical issues that should not be decided by a few without the consent of the majority shareholders.


The said...

Just like the Jobs Credit Scheme which was plagiarized. So is this National Con.


Anonymous said...

I just hope government is sincere this time round. Sadly boundaries have already been suggested by PM asking people not to turn over a stone if it appears to be sitted nicely. I am not sure why he need to say that just before any conversation could start. Believ for a meaningful dialogue, we should allow freedom of speach and no boundaries. Otherwise it would be just another wayang.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The national conversation is farce. The govt is DICTATING to the people what can be discussed and what cannot.

Notably, the culling of "sacred cows" is not allowed.

Fuck that shit. The mere suggestion that in the year 2012 there are still things so "sacred" one cannot even utter them is RIDICULOUS.

Fuck the government and the people who deserve them!

Got sacrosanct?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Fuck is not allowed.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I would even guess that someone with my dirty, unrestrained mouth will not be allowed i the conversation.

I'm not the least bothered. My life is full of enjoyable things already.

Fuck their mother's cau xi bais sideways with an armful of dirty, dripping mops :-)

Got riposte?

The said...

/// Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...
Fuck is not allowed. ///

No wonder we are not producing enough babies......

dotseng said...

How is it possible to have a meaningful conversation when the SAME PAP wax works are there in the panel.

Lets see who you are really dealing with. Indranee and Halimah and Heng. No need to elaborate where they are coming from.

Sim Ann. Who only seems interested in showcasing her credentials so that she can be spotted by the PAP talent scouts to be the next 13K Kate Spader.

A couple of ordinary folk being thrown in just to create the appearance of a real conversation.

I think if you really want a meaningful conversation. Then the shadow cabinet should also be featured in the main panel. This is after all a national conversation and not the PAP chin wagging association.

After all the opposition are the contenders to the current ruling hegemony - have they not been publicly elected? - so WHY aren't they even in the main panel that drives this conversation?

One word and you can all even quote me lah,

Kelong lah

I dont see any conversation. All I see is a group of delusional people talking to themselves.

Tell me, who is the bigger fool? The fool who leads. Or the fool who follows the fool.

Same day, different shit lah.


Anonymous said...

For once, I agree with the 1st post of that scum who farted out of his mother's hairy cunt, Matilah

Anonymous said...

After having been given a 47 year rope with a noose around our neck, that is already choking, this so- called National Conversation is to gather new ideas on how to tighten the rope further.

That no sacred cows will be slaughtered means that there is just no chance to loosen it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Prime Millionaire.
Suggest you hold the NatCON in two stages.

1st stage
Millionaires have a CON-versation amongst yourselves and decide which stones you prefer to leave undisturbed. (e.g. continued abolishment of estate tax)

2nd stage
You tell us which stones you Millionaires are willing to consider over-turning.
And we tell you whether it's worth our while to show up for the CON-versation.

Anonymous said...

After 50 over years of conversation within and amongst the most talented in Sin.
What have they turned out for the people ?

Is there anymore need or anything left to talk ?

Anonymous said...

If really NATIONAL Conversation, then tax payers should pay for this talk.
Can Ah Heng please give us an estimated bill.
After all, it's only prudent.

If it's just another PAP CON-versation, then please send the bill to the Pro Alien Party.
Singapore tax payers should not be paying the bill.

How much is this talk fest going to cost?
We don't want another $300 million dollar cost over-run.

dotseng said...

The head of the newly created Internet Brigade should be sacked. His job is to collate information and scale the opportunities and threats accurately. In this case, he and his useless team of amateurs have not even done the basic leg work.

Instead they have fed wrong intelligence to the people driving the national conversation. And they have really messed it up from the word go.

Now no body believes in the national conversation any longer. It is riven with skepticism, askance and the general belief all they are really doing is going through the motions.

Chin Leng this is what happens when you get a sheep to do a foxes job.

It all goes pear shaped very quickly.

Darkness 2012

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Some say talk is free. But as Anon 1:14 pointed out, nothing is free. Who is footing the final bill and how much would it cost just to talk. The logistic is enormous, the number of people enormous. The minister pay, etc, all costs money.

What is important and not crystallised yet, is it just talking for talking's sake or are they going to be incorporated in national policies? Or, I could faintly remember a minister was tasked to come up with some recommendations for something and he came out with a long list. And dunno what happened to that list after that.

A lot of effort gone to waste.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh The, that Fuck was for Matilah. And as far as he is concerned, no matter how many times he did it, there will be no babies. Otherwise you will see little Matilahs from Bangkok all the way to Perth, and in HV too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ha, Darkness, was there an Internet Brigade? A new head with amateurs?

Very interesting comments.

Anonymous said...

I guess we shouldn't be talking about an 80 year old sacred cow.

Anonymous said...

You guys better be careful what you tell these Millionaires-in-White.

Look at the mess we are in.
After the last national conversation called Remaking Singapore 2002.

Anonymous said...


Convincing reasons of National Conversation is a million-dollar failure

1) No slaying of sacred cows who responsible for the sorry plight of SinCity and Sinners. Such SIN can never be forgiven. If cannot be slayed then what cock of sincerity of PAP to show that they are serious in national conversation.

2) Sim Ann confirmed what we know all along, that the sacred cow that to be slayed is not PAP clowns but lesser mortals. You know politician's words have hinting meaning, and that cow-peh" and one "cow-bu" is referring to lesser mortals, that is so obvious as it coincided with her nonsense of "hate speech". Slaying sacred cowpeh cowbu start with paying high tax to fund scam program and to hide billions dollars loss of investment (we know how creative our govt is when it comes to accounting , don't we ?), and removal of anonymity (stupid PM give away his game so quickly by asking bloggers to confirm that anonymity is bad. Can't even wayang properly, how to become PM ?)

3) What we need is never national conservation but National Debate broadcast LIVE on TV. National conversion means NATO. Can talk but does not need to do anything, and that is why it is called National CONversation. What we need is national debate with participation from opp party, let national REFERENDUM to decide the outcome.

3) Just as darkness mentioned, the PAP committee is just talking to themselves . Putting some wayang lesser mortals do not give these mortals godly power to slay sacred cows and to have action right, only wayang talking right.

4) No participation of opp party. How the hell such conversation can be effective and not wayang ? Opp party can be in parliament but not in committee ? What nonsense is that ?

5) Whether the nation conversation is effective or not, our million dollar cows still keep their million dollar paycheck. No need for head roll, accountability, transparency and responsibility for anything. But why does one those that for wayang ? You can't be serious .

5) PAP setting agenda of what discuss. So many serious abuse of power and authority comes from dynasty holding to political power at all cost, and from this power dictates the fate of lesser mortals , patriots and activists.
So we should start from the basic of PAP as opp party then in 1959, which is true democratic reform. No GRC, no housing upgrade tie to voting for PAP, independent CIPB and electorate department, No life-support for useless old woods of benefits and pension for old fart , woody, mbt etc,

6) Old fart farting in parliament. Woody should just been .... wooden ... Just the sight of old fart in the parliament set the party whip in motion, and suddenly all these PAP MPs and MIW start singing the same PAP tunes , no matter how nonsensical and ridiculous they sound. Dont even get me started on his farting in parliament. Once he fart his mouth, the whole parliament become silence of the sheep.

What do you think ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Nice joke about slaying sacred cows by Sim Ann in her Facebook. Her friend prompted her about slaying the two cows, cow peh and cow bu.
This month is not good for saying bad things about cows and horses. Don’t even think of slaying them.
This reminds me of a painting I have called horse face. Quite nice really, and will be at my exhibition called the Secrets of Mother Nature神画。

Anonymous said...

What kind of conversation is this when the most powerful voice of people i.e. opposition are not respected?

The people can only feel more helpless and more angry that their champions are not given respect. Who else can stand up for them against the government of the day? Bloggers?

Anonymous said...

I voted opposition.
My Opposition MPs will speak up for me in parliament.

I will not undercut the authority of my opposition MPs by speaking to the Pro Alien Party directly.
I will boycott NatCON 2012.

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has indicated that the national conversation cannot undermine the core values such as meritocracy(entrenching the powers), multi-racialism(divide and conquer) and financial prudence( $$$ ), adding that "within these broad principles, we should review what needs to change and where we should act more boldly".

End of conversation!

Anonymous said...

Time to prepare for funeral proceedings.

Anonymous said...

They are just a few men...really ng jai si....have to say...the laws have been effective in containing puussies

Anonymous said...

HSK is Millionaire in charge of Education.
Where got time to talk & talk for more than 1 year.
Our children's education more important.
HSK should concentrate on his work in education. And not try to multi-task so much.

Vivian Bala got so much experience from Remaking Singapore 2002.
He should be the Millionaire in charge of NatCON 2012.
Plus. He also got budget experience in big projects.

Anonymous said...

GE 2016.
The real time for talking.
And the action we take really matters.

Anonymous said...

"Mr Heng has also made it clear that this National Conversation is not about intentionally looking for sacred cows to slaughter, but it is about thinking of the kind of Singapore that they want in the coming years and how to get there."


Millionaire Heng complains to Millionaire Bala.
'Ever since this NatCON started, I've been so busy I've had to give up half my sex life."

Millionaire Bala:
"So which half of your sex life did you give up? The talking part or the thinking part?"

Anonymous said...

"Her friend prompted her about slaying the two cows, cow peh and cow bu. "

can you confirm with her if her friend is
Dennis Ho, the same joker as TPL ? You know in the world of PAP, the world is very small. We will love to see the face of Dennis Ho because he such a national joker that worth millions .

Anonymous said...

If any of the Rulers are sincere to talk with the people, all they need to do is to come to Blogoland. They can come at their own time and convenience and best of need not spend a cent.
BUT, they may not be up to the challenge as most social/political bloggees and activists are the creams of the Society. Many are head and shoulder above the People In White especially in the Aspect of EQ.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:37,

This Dennis Ho could become another state secret.

Anonymous said...

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