My worst fear in Education becoming a reality

After removing the banding of schools, there are suggestions from the govt elite that PSLE should be scrapped as well. This is front page news in Today’s paper. With the scrapping of O level in the through train scheme, and with this, the only examination left is the A level. And with all the emphasis and pressure left on this last remnants of the old system, it may also be scrapped. We will then have the most stress free education system in the world, replacing the best education system we have at the moment but found too stressful and still not producing good students.

Sinkieland would become another kind of paradise for school children, no examination all the way to universities. It is possible if the parents continue with the pressure and some unthinking govt elite will just bend on their knees and say ok, ok. The past philosophy of making tough decision is discarded and a new culture of pleasing the parents and voters is emerging. The past mindset of the govt knows best is changing to one that the voters know best or make the voters happy. Talk to the voters, ask what they want and give it to them.

Many many years ago when I was a young undergrad, we asked the lecturer how he graded his students. He said it was simple. Though he had hundreds of papers to mark, it only took him a few seconds to do it. He drew two parallel lines on the floor, threw all the papers into the air. Those scrips that fell on the left will get B. Those on the right will get C and those in between the parallel lines will get A. The number of A grades will depend on his mood and how far apart he drew the two lines. This could be re introduced when examinations are scrapped totally and all the happy students took a ride on the through through train to universities.

We are progressing. Many parents and students will be in cloud nine. For those parents who insist on having examinations for their children and stubbornly wanting to put pressure on them, the govt can offer schools that have examinations. Freedom of choice is important. This way, the parents that do not want to have examinations will be happy. Those who want examinations will also be happy.

This is a good start for the National Conversation.


Anonymous said...

A long time ago in 1962.
A professor of business called Alfred Chandler postulated the thesis "Structure Follows Strategy".
Figure out what you want to do first.
Then work out the operational details of how to do it.
Or what Ah Beng will simply say 'Don't put the cart before the horse."

The unasked question in Singapore education.
What do we want Singapore education to accomplish for Singaporeans.
After answering this question.
Then the discussion about banding, exams, PSLE etc will make more sense.

You don't need to pay $1 million dollars to a Committee of Inquiry for good advice right?


Anonymous said...

For educational matter in Sg.

Minister Heng has to have one to
one conversation with those with
strong interest on the Subject.

Start your invitation, Mr Education