My National Conversation Thread

I seriously want to engage seriously in the National Conversation, either here or wherever that is fitting for such a conversation. I have only one caveat. Would anyone want to pay me for doing so? Time is money, effort cost money, and one cannot really do justice in a National Conversation without putting in serious time and serious effort which don’t come free.

It would really be nice, very nice, to engage in a National Conversation, for a month or two, I could dedicate the whole blog to it, if I am paid to conduct the conversation. I will really enjoy conversing with anyone on anything national, with pay of course.

They say talk is cheap. But National Conversation cannot be cheap right. How nice, being paid just to conduct a conversation here.


jjj2usg said...

LOL I support you seriously.
Do you think they are serious about the National Conversation? Or just a usual 'Stop at2', 'Keep Singapore clean'campaign or like an 'MRT' inquiry committee hm......

Anonymous said...

What if RB solves the world's problems? I think even if we pay him PM's pay, it wont be enough. What do you think? lol

Anonymous said...

The way of life of one entire generation of Singaporeans has already been obliterated by ill conceived policies that is based on nothing except chasing GDP.

Even the professional middle classes in Singapore has been effectively hollowed out to the point it is doubtful whether they can be reconstituted back.

Tell me. Against this bleak backdrop. Do you think these people are in the mood for a conversation now?

Understand this! When there is no trust. There can be no such thing as common ground.

Life is not so simple lah. You want to talk and people will talk to you. Most of them will just say fuck off lah! I go my own way. You are good for nothing.

Darkness 2012

Anonymous said...

Maybe they will consider paying you.

But first you have to register yourself.
In order to become an "approved" website for National Conversation.
A Website of a Public Character.

Registration fee is $1,999 before GST.
There is a 10% discount if you present your Pro Alien Party membership card.

Anonymous said...

We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore.
We will be united in our common interests.
We are fighting for our right to live.
To exist.
And should we win the day, GE 2016 will no longer be known as just another General Elections Day.

Instead, it will be the day Singaporeans declared in one voice:
We will not go quietly into the night!
We will not vanish without a fight!
We're going to live on!
We're going to survive!
GE 2016.
We celebrate our Independence Day!


Anonymous said...

Ideas are priceless. How should RB be rewarded? Panda's treatment for 10 years? Haaaaa

Anonymous said...

11.42 yeoh want to lock red bean in zoo? Though it's air con comfort plus free bamboo flown in from China very fresh hor

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are not interested in sweet talk.
They are more interested with the Rulers making luv with them.
Action speaks louder than words.

Do they understand or even know ???

Anonymous said...

Why bother? These ingrates will fuck you for contributing or worse, steal your candle. RB....be selfish lol

Anonymous said...

That's y so many bloggers threw their towels and gave uo.

When will Redbean follows ?

Anonymous said...

Since when CON job is cheap especially one that done at national level ?

For the past decades didn't we have a lot of these type of CON programme promising this and that , and yet still fail terribly due to wayang, lack of political will and the fact that it is only as good as aspiration as the pledge. This PAP expect people to change when they themselves are not even changing as they are just tweaking the system here and there regardless whether it is working or not. Their main objective is to maintain power at all cost. And you have their shittyTime and shittyMedia declare that PAP is successful regardless of failure. With such corrupted system in place, may I ask why should we this time waste our time in this Con job. They are not call National CONversation for nothing.

I like to believe them but they have totally no track record of credibility, honesty, integrity and accountability, transparency, responsibility at all. To PAP, track record means provide infrastructure , housing ,economy even though it means obscene profit and benefit for them. They provide not because they want to serve the nation foremost but because it generates extraordinary profit. At this stage, didn't we know better how this govt is run ?

Anonymous said...

"They provide not because they want to serve the nation foremost but because it generates extraordinary profit. "

And most importantly of all, it helps PAP to justify itself to stay in power and existence at all cost. They do the most evil thing in jailing and imh people who speak up, who ask question, say they undermine the govt's reputation. So who the hell PAP is kidding us with ? Are we the idiot that PAP think we are ?

you reap what you sow. It is karma time, and no one is going to believe in your freaking nonsense anymore.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is time for them to have a funeral...

And the people will lift up their hands and sing...hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

The problem is that people who visit this site are not that easily taken in by the National CON-versation wayang.

And the other problem is that people who do not visit this site are those easily taken in by whatever CON-versation wayang.

It is for you to convert the unconverted and unconvert the converted.

Anonymous said...

LOL, bloody ministers paid millions still want our input?
National Talk cock brother shock exercise lah like $10m MRT COI.

Anonymous said...

The people are expected to provide the answers and solutions. The ministers are only the moderators.

Matilah_Singapura said...

A national conversation is a nation talking to itself.

This is a sign of insanity.

...but it could be entertaining, as insanity usually is ;-)

Keep talking. It's funny.

Anonymous said...

Our partnership must continue to develop. Singapore is in a new phase of development. We seek to upgrade our economy and quality of life, and adapt our society and political system for a different world. The world is in flux and we are feeling our way forward. China is similarly in transition. Some of its challenges are similar to Singapore's, albeit on a much larger scale.

Anonymous said...

They are the most talented and know besr in everything.
So, what can the plebeians tell then ?

The very most the peasants can do is to plead and beg.

What is there to converse ?

Anonymous said...

A $1000 IQ conversing with a $1,000,000 IQ?

jjgg said...

RB ..isn't parliament supposed to be the place where our people or our representatives sit...talk...discuss...decide? U hold this conversation (con) job...it means that parliament is a disconnect...no? Then why we spend so much money on this thing ? Suddenly ..Ruler's helicopter vision is blind sided..all the scholars,generals n housewives promoted beyond their abilities need the views of hawkers cab drivers n clerks? All the data collected from grassroots leaders n people's assn blah blah blah rubbish? Hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Welcome to crash my hell gates.

Anonymous said...

When the leaders are so brilliant, they should just talk to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, are they stupid or what? Or they assume people are stupid?

Ok, they just want to kill themselves. In that case, prepare for funeral.

Anonymous said...

They are not stupid.
They are crafty and without conscience.
In short, they are lousy rubbish that are
not even worth recycling. Got to be sent
to the incinerator as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They are not so evil as made out to be. They had talked down to You for 50 years and they are still not tired of dishing lip services to us.

Okay, they are obviously greedy and lack conscience, but that is being human, is it not?

Let them have their time to take a slow walk to Hades, not all deserve to be burnt(metaphorical).


Anonymous said...

Will not be surprised if there are many Sinkies wishing for some people to be skinned alive before their very eyes.

Anonymous said...

The problem is precisely because they dont appear "evil" that makes them "acceptable" to many. In fact, they are even "righteous".

If you are happy with that, no conversation. Settle for rudimentary changes by the powers and wait for your fate.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will change! It is just a song and dance to entertain the skeptical and fool the daft, nothing more, nothing less.

The Minister in charge has fired the first shot by telling us that no sacred cows will be slaughtered during this National CON-versation.

You just disect that statement and find the answers yourself.

Anonymous said...

We are waiting whether they will slaughter themselves or not.

Anonymous said...

Who place smells of religious shit

Anonymous said...

You have the power to hang yourself. Go. Do it.