Mitt Romney - The fake politician

Mitt Romney has always come across as a fake politician. The latest gaff he made revealed it all and there is no where for him to hide. He is as good as finished in the presidential race. And this is what he said in private to his close aides.

‘There are 47 percent who are with him(the President), who are dependent upon govt, who believe that they are victims, who believe the govt has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to… you name it.’

Now what did Romney meant when he said that? This is what he said of this group of people, ‘my job is not to worry about those people.’ I think this is going to be very costly for Romney. He is trying to do some damage control which is really beyond him now. No matter what he did, the votes have gone from him.

He has now confirmed that he is a political opportunist, and a politician who said one thing in public but has a very strong disgust for the voters.


Anonymous said...

The Republicans are a joke, but some Americans still love it. The reason is whether Democrats or Republicans, the result is still the same. The way they do things are the same. The end result is only how they managed to con the supporters with promises that were never kept. And the people lapped it all up, with loud cheers and clappings.

Wayangs are the same everywhere!

Veritas said...

Both Obama and Romney are bad apples are. The people must choose the less rotten one.

Romney got his wealth through all sorts of dirty financial gimmicks and screw honest USA workers. He started the Bain capital something not unlike the shop of criminal Jew Mike Miliken. What Romney did was to raise a large amount of monies from banks or bond, take over a company, fired the workers, and got rich. All these are concealed to the public by powerful media. Very sadly, people nowadays worship mammons, and despise the poor, never mind how the rich earn their filthy monies.

I think Gordon Gekko will make a better president.

Anonymous said...

ST Forum Online..
[Sorry, a Romney victory is bad for America and the world]


[Obama Totally Crushes Mitt Romney In The New NBC/WSJ Poll]


Anonymous said...

the real owners of america also owns the republican party. they always choose no-brain puppets as their republican presidential candidates: reagan, bush jr, romney. when a republican puppet is in the white house, his masters, the real owners of america get to plunder the country further and plunder the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right Anon 11.37 am.

The real power behind the throne are the big bankers, financiers, media players and people with vested interest in all kinds of dirty businesses.

The Kennedy's open conenction with such people may be an open book for all to see, but now the more dangerous game is the connection that people cannot see.

Anonymous said...

The Americans like it,
who and what are the rest of the World to say or do in the family affairs of the Americanos?

Let the Americans have two Presidents, one in the East and another one at the West. If they like it, break up and divide the US and have their shares of individual independent states. America is big enuff to be 25 individual countries.

Anonymous said...

just like the present governmnet.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. His comments will be called Hard Truths, collected into books and sold for US$10,000 each.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney is only as fake as PAP. Don't blame him .

The said...

Oh, the supreme irony of it.

Owner of Marina Bay Sands is Sheldon Adelson.

Sheldon is a die-hard support of Romney.

Romney is dead against China and will be a huge negative for China if elected President.

The mainland Chinese are a huge pool of gamblers for Marina Bay Sands.

The billions made by Sheldon from the Mainland Chinese is going to use to bash China.

How's that for biting the hand that feeds you?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sands is also in Macau. If the Chinese bloggers start to spread the words around. Sands in Macau and in Sin would lose a big chunk of their business.

This Micky is worst that George Bush Jnr. This one is slightly smarter and thus more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese Gambler care not who operates the casinos.
They will flock there even if the casinos belong to their country's destroyers. Gamblers have only money on their minds. They have no concern for their families, so what is country(nationhood) to them. If they can sell their countries for money, they will do it with no qualm.

Anonymous said...

China should close down all casinos of Las Vegas Sands Corp belonging to Sheldon Adelson in Macau because he is a strong supporter of Mitt Romney who is an extremely fanatic and lunatic China hater. Adelson is making billions of dollars from the Chinese to fund the psychotic hate Chinese fund in the Evil Empire. China should not continue to feed the hands that will harm China and the Chinese people. Just close down all casinos that is operated by Sheldon Adelson via his Las Vegas Sands Corporation.Alternately do not allow Chinese to enter all casinos operated by Sheldon Adelson


Anonymous said...

The blame shud be on the Chinese thenmselves.

Please do not blame others for your own mistake.

Anonymous said...

When there are other casinos around, there is choice. Don't be surprised that they will do it.