In the name of economic growth…Sinkies must accept.

Sinkies must accept more foreigners if we want economic growth. Without foreigners, salaries will go up (is this bad?) and cost of living will go up as well. Has the cost of living come down because of the foreigners or has it gone up?

Sinkies must accept higher property prices, because the queues to buy properties, from private to public housing, are so long and growing longer, because we must have 6m people and may be more and more. It is a must, no buts, that foreigners must keep coming in, a necessity for our survival. Really?

Sinkies must accept that higher building cost means nursing home cost will not only go up, but no land to build them. More land is needed to build homes for the growing population and maybe a few avatar gardens and for dinosaurs. We must thus accept that our oldies must move to JB or Batam or Bintang.

Because the cost of living is going up and up, our savings will not be enough and our oldies must accept to work till they die.

Sinkies must also accept to have more of our savings locked up in minimum schemes, schemes that Sinkies never ask for, that Sinkies didn’t have a say at all, because some benevolent, wise and compassionate leaders think it is good for Sinkies to leave their savings with them so that Sinkies will have a lot of money when they stop work. When are Sinkies supposed to stop work?

We must accept the high salaries paid to our ministers because they are the most talented and if they don’t become ministers then the country will not be well run, or they may work for the competitors.

Sinkies must accept to travel in crowded trains because we need more foreigners and the transport system is just like that.

What else must Sinkies accept? Everything the govt done for the Sinkies is good and Sinkies must accept as good.


Matilah_Singapura said...

No, you don't have to accept any of this.

...but it's going to happen anyway.

On the plus side, if you don't accept these changes, and adapt, even PROFIT from them, then it'll piss you off as you get left behind.

That alone would give you big reasons for moaning and groaning and continue complaining.

I mean, how can you be a TRUE SINGAPOREAN and not be a first-class bitter complainer?

Be a patriot. Stay the asshole you are. Be a Singaporean.

Got anxiety?

Anonymous said...

If only they can facilitate the locals to move to Batam, Bintan, Brunei, Bhutan and anywhere, Singaporeans will gladly move elsewhere and keep Sg forever in their big hearts.

ufo said...

Singaporeans also have to accept the seven immature habits of PAP :
'I know Best', 'Superior than thou', 'Blame the Singaporeans', 'Point the finger', 'Calling Singaporeans names', 'Distort the truth', 'Unable to count number of peanuts'.

Elizabeth Olson said...

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