Imposing West's will on China goes against global norms

Imposing West's will on China goes against global norms

Updated: 2012-09-01 07:59
By Guo Jiping ( China Daily)

China's continuous gains in strength have fanned the flames of envy, misgiving and even horror among certain Westerners, leading some to slander Beijing's development, squeeze its strategic space and challenge its main interests.
China's fast economic development over the past 30-odd years has not prevented the spread of empty talk about subjects such as "China's collapse", "China's responsibility" and "China's expansion". The country's rapid gain in international influence has been accompanied by a so-called alliance of values, the "return to the Asia-Pacific" strategy and similar Western initiatives.
Certain Westerners are always trying to contend that China's achievements are the "products of a distorted political system". Even Chinese athletes who excelled in the just-concluded London Olympics have seen their praiseworthy performances come under the harsh light of such criticism.
China has consistently walked the road of peaceful development and held high the banner of cooperation. As early as in the 1970s, the late leader Deng Xiaoping, the architect of China's reform and opening-up, solemnly vowed at a United Nations assembly that China will never seek hegemony. The ideals of peace and harmony are upheld in China's millennium-old traditional culture and are rooted deeply in the hearts and minds of the Chinese people.
A country can forge a suitable path for development only by conducting explorations in accordance with its national conditions, instead of by simply following other countries' methods. The Chinese people find no fault in the road Western countries have taken and only ask that the road they have chosen be accorded the same sort of respect. Common sense dictates that the only fit judges of a country's path of development are the people of that country themselves.
The Chinese are satisfied with the direction development has taken them. According to a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center, they are now more satisfied with their prevailing path of development and government than many other peoples in the world are with theirs.
Western countries, in one moment, accuse China of hampering the entry of foreign companies into its market and then, in the next, conjure up various pretexts to sabotage plans to liberalize trade and investment.
The Chinese government places a priority on protecting intellectual property rights, knowing well that they pertain to the openness of the country's economy. In the decades since China's reform and opening-up, the country has never slackened its efforts to safeguard such rights and has continuously worked to perfect its legal system.
China has also taken measures to coordinate global work related to energy conservation and climate change. China is committed to being able to say by 2020 that it is emitting 40 percent to 45 percent less carbon dioxide for each unit of its gross domestic product than it was in 2005, and to having 15 percent of its primary energy come from renewable, nuclear and other non-fossil sources of energy.
Despite all of this, some Westerners seem to be willfully ignoring China's unremitting work to meet international accords. Disregarding China's low amount of energy use per capita and low emissions of carbon dioxide per capita, and its efforts to conserve energy and reduce emissions, they try to place the entire blame for global warming on China.
Yet they cannot ignore that China's remarkable achievements over the past 30 years have shaken the "moral code" Western countries have attempted to use to rule the world. China's success once again proves that there is no one-size-fits-all method for ensuring a country's development.
China will unwaveringly travel a development road that merely suits its national conditions and is in no way intended to promote "ideological competition". At the same time, China will not tolerate attempts to squeeze its development space and disturb its development process.
With the quickening pace of globalization, China and Western countries should cooperate more with each other in complementary ways. This will not only bring strength to their development, but also improve international relations and make bigger contributions to world peace and prosperity.
To this end, China and Western countries should try to resolve their disputes in a prudent manner as part of efforts to strengthen mutual trust and reduce misunderstanding and misgivings.
At the moment, China's priorities are in finding better ways to handle the country's domestic affairs, achieve development and make further progress along a socialist road with Chinese characteristics.
The author is a commentator at People's Daily and this article was first carried in that newspaper.

(China Daily 09/01/2012 page5)


Matilah_Singapura said...

Who the fuck is this nationalistic arsehole who writes for the China Daily:

>> China and Western countries should try to resolve their disputes in a prudent manner as part of efforts to strengthen mutual trust and reduce misunderstanding and misgivings. <

Wah. If this motherfucker can hand out 'advice' in a newspaper, then I can also hand out REAL advice on a blog.

My advice: Cut all the bullshit and someone start SHOOTING.

Then you can make some real money (war mongers make money), and cull the global population at the same time.

We are a hostile, aggressive species. Our species 'progress' is linked to the transfer of power through armed conflict. Just read your history again.

START SHOOTING. I've already got an erection.

Anonymous said...

M_S is damn rite lah.

Jus shoot, no nid to talk.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Below is part of an article by Prof Christopher Balding. If you believe him, China is at the verge of collapsing. Every western so called scholars will tell you China is collapsing except the USA and Europe.

...Now to the scary part. The Party is scared. Every 10 years there is a power hand over. There will be a power hand over later this year. Every incoming leader is petrified of being the leader under whom China collapses. There is typically a political crackdown and economic goodies all around.

However, this year has not been a good year for the party. Economic data that is now just blatantly made up, at least one coup attempt to begin the year, and a collapsing economy do not make ideal conditions to hand over power.

Outsiders do not realize how tense things are in China right now and bad business is. In my local mall where police used to stroll by, large battalions of police troops are now regular guests. Small tanks and rows of paddy wagons line the street under the Starbucks every night.

Beijing has backed themselves into a corner and the downside risk is this: announce the apartment owners that their homes are now worth 50% less. Then see what happens in Tiananmen Square.


[Source]: http://www.baldingsworld.com/2012/08/28/the-real-risk-of-the-chinese-economy/

Anonymous said...

Let us just say that China had more civil wars in its' history than any other nation in the World. However, it has not invaded much of others' land.
Anyway, China is a probably the oldest civilization in existence and it will be one that will outlast any other as well.
But, war, be it civil or cross territorial, must be fought from time to time, can avoid but cannot escape. So, the earlier the war begins, the faster it will end.

Bring it on!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Of course there's going to be a correction in China. Collapse? I don't think so. Widespread pain and unrest? No, but there will be pain and some civil unrest.

The thing that irks me about these motherfucking journalists is that it is an "all or nothing" deal with them.
They commit the Logical Fallcy of Neglecting The Undistributed Middle

They also make the mistake of presuming that the progress or regress of a nation and its society is up and only up, or down and only down. We know from history that progress or regress is UNPREDICTABLE and CHAOTIC in nature.

They neglect the fact that human nature, behaviour and interaction is REFLEXIVE -- i.e. you do something, I respond, then you respon then another 3rd, 4th, 5th etc party gets ideas from what we are doing and do their own thing which influence our thing, either negatively or positively...then the players respond and other players enter the game...new games are created...and on it goes.

Even if you made a computer as big as this universe, you would still not be able to predict human behaviour and the progress or regress of the species.

In other words, there is a whole lot of BULLSHIT that is committed in the MEDIA.

"Everyone has an arsehole, and AN OPINION...and they both STINK"

Got air freshener?

Matilah_Singapura said...

There are 3 people I listen to when it comes to economic issues relating to China:

1. Puru Saksana
2. Marc Faber of Gloom Boom Doom
and Singapore's very own

3. Jim Rogers

Most of the anti-Chinese sentiments around the world are out of pure jealousy, envy and "bad sports".

Let's face it, there'll always be jealousy and envy over the success of others. Some people just can't stand it that many enterprising folks in China and India are making so much money so quickly, and pulling up the rest of their societies, as capitalism does.

The other anti-China fuck heads are those lazy and greedy European, US, Australian, Ireland, UK etc workers union thugs -- who will hold their entire cuntrees to ransom over workers pay -- without a single digit rise in productivity. These fat, lazy and corrupt fuckers are SORE LOSERS because they've chased away their profit-centered bosses and their capital to relocate their enterprises in China.

The western democratic unions have made manufacturing in the first world practically UNCOMPETITIVE and huge MONEY LOSERS unless the govt steps in to "subsidise" or "bail out" the losers using tax money.

Most of the western press is "progressive" liberal -- which means they swing left and absolutely HATE the idea of making money and having a good time.

These Absolute Moralists are quick to judge the "evils" of meritocracy and even have the gall to judge successful folks on ow they spend their money. For e.g. contributing to a non-profit which does charity in Africa is "good". Buying a Bugatti Veyron and an Azimut is "bad". If you happen to have a personal harem too...beware, there'll definitely be witch-hunting you!

Therefore these jealous western liberals are quick to put down the success of China's entrepreneur culture. They are not so critical of India...yet. But don't worry, that will come as soon as successful Indians start flaunting their wealth more.

Western Liberals are so focused on "multiculturalism" and keep reminding us about the evils of being racist. They will quickly defend Muslims if any mention of "terrorism" comes into the conversation.

Yet when it comes to China, western liberals let their bottled-up racism out like coca cola shaken violently. So you get all sorts of horrible stereotypes:

"People in China eat babies"
"People in China steal jobs"
etc etc.

Got Hillary Clinton?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, this is not Sunday and you are delivering your sermon.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Incidentally allow me to introduce Southernglory here. He is a very senior gentleman, in his seventies. He is a scholar in Chinese history and China is his main interest. He read a lot about China and China's relations with the other powers.

And he writes and posts vociferously in many forums and keeping up with the use and changes of the internet as a communication tool.

Matilah_Singapura said...

He seems to me like a fucking lazy idiot.

I'll take that back when he learns how to write using paragraphs.

Anonymous said...

Re-China, my comment as follows:-

China is making good progress in all areas and the country is no more a backward country and all Chinese should be proud.

However, some 2 years ago, Premier Wen Jiabao said China can never lead and be great as Chinese Culture is weak. This set me thinking.

Could it be because Chinese are not proud of their own Culture but thinks Western Culture is better or more superior ?

One major area is Chinese Cultural Names. It seems today 90 % of Chinese Singaporeans choose to give themselves or their children Western Names.

Even my Western friends think it odd that Chinese are not proud of thier own Cultural names but choose to hide behind a Western Name.

This gives an impression to Westerners that Chinese as a Race feels inferior themselves.

They said no matter what Western Names you give yourselves you are still Chinese, so why project this inferiority complex openly for the World to see ?

So, do you think Chinese can ever be proud of ourselves and introduce ourselves with our Chinese names ?

Or one day the World may have a China Premier named as David Wen Jiabao ?

Matilah_Singapura said...

The answer is definitely cultural.

Western culture -- especially Anglo-centric American culture -- is extremely seductive -- many of its aspects, for better or worse, tend to "crowd out" other cultures including one's own.

For e.g. not too many people wear their "ethnic dress" unless its a festival or celebration. Most people in the world are clothed in jeans, T-shirts, dress shirts, skirts blouses, cargo and khakis.

Your cuntree could have the most exquisite cuisines -- full of exotic flavours and spices, until one day some cunt sets up McDonalds (yuk) or Starbucks (yuk yuk) or whatever BAD SICK FOOD franchise..and the local food producers feel the competition as many of them are wiped out of business.

Culture is seductive. In every Asian there is a gnawing secret longing, a burning desire to become a Mat Saleh.

Asia is probably the only place in the world you can find SKIN WHITENING PRODUCTS on supermarket shelves.

That observation alone speaks volumes: i.e. there is a multi-million dollar market for WHITENESS.

Like I said, culture is seductive.

Got gwei lo?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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