Hongkong oldies having a good time, with pension from the govt.

The folks in HongKong are enjoying the longest life span in the world.

“If you ever wonder why, here are the reasons:

1. Seniors in HK have truly world class government health care which is virtually free by world standards

2. Seniors enjoy a very active life-style in their daily get-togethers with other fellow seniors to do voluntary social work, because public transport for all seniors is very heavily subsidised

3. Every senior is rewarded with a no-means-test-required monthly stipend of HK$2200 in recognition of their past contribution to build up HK.

How is the HK government able to provide all these benefits even with absolutely zero percent GST?

The answer is because the bureaucracy does not charge astronomical salaries for the services of ministers and top civil servants.

One senior minister in HK has put his own view very clearly:

“Just being given the opportunity to work for my fellow citizens is already a

great honour for me that does not need to be waxed with any high salary.

I cannot bring the high salary with me to my grave, but I can leave this Earth

with the greatest satisfaction that I have helped my fellow citizens, and I will

leave behind my humble honour in Hong Kong’s history books.” “

I received the above in my email. I was kinda uh, true or not? Ubelieveable leh, where got so good govt? And Hongkong is not even richer than us, with lesser national reserves. We are the richest country in the world. If Sinkieland cannot afford it, who else can? Mind you, while we have been on the path of the people paying for their own welfare with their savings and dished out by the govt like it is from the govt, the Hongkong govt has been paying for it for all these years. Must not be true huh? If like dat, our govt will definitely want to outdo Hongkong and be number one also.

Even if it claimed that the high salary for our govt will mean that it cannot provide such benefits, I disagree. We have so so many billions or trillions in our reserves, sure can one. If not, raise the GST, raise the ERP, COEs, transport fare, and what more, sure can one. KNN, does Hongkong got GST or not, got ERP or COEs? And their public transport fares are even cheaper than ours. It is thus a matter of only got heart or no heart to want to do. Or at least put some money into the special account or retirement account lah, long long time cannot touch never mine, but can feel shiok also good what.

Maybe Hongkong govt not very smart and cannot attract the top talents without the top salaries. So they stupid stupid, give free money to the seniors. And one joker political leader said it was an honour to serve the people woah, greatest satisfaction and no need high salary! Must be a nit wit. Must be too idealistic. Come Sinkieland sure kenna reject from standing as a MP.

PS. My apologies. I accidentally deleted this article with all the comments while trying to delete another article that crowded the blog.


patriot said...

What is done in Hong Kong, Singapore could have did and do it better.
there is a lack of political will in the Rulers to do it.

Is Singapore not richer than Hong Kong? Does Singapore have more senior citizens than Hong Kong. Is the Reserve of Singapore not more than Hong Kong?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Why can't we do it?

Anonymous said...

HK people have the freedom of peaceful assembly,that makes the difference,their voices are heard.Here,Dr Chee is made a bankrupt and his SDP supports went into prison.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong has natural disaster, typhoon, storm, and nasty weather and yet can be the world's greatest financial center.

As for the tiny red dot, has no natural disaster but PAP-made disaster, still cannot do better than hong kong.

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong Leaders got conscience in their hearts.
Singapore Rulers got big but empty hearts, and big mouth too for lip services.

limks said...

pap is having a majority vote from the people, so it is the mandate of the people. pap can do whatsoever to its people, so no complaints please.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi limks, welcome to the blog. Yes, you are right. Since the people voted for the PAP, the PAP can do whatever it thinks is good.

Angelaqcrg said...

pap is having a majority vote from the people, so it is the mandate of the people. pap can do whatsoever to its people, so no complaints please.