Hongkong concerns over influx of tourists

‘A plan to allow millions more mainland Chinese to visit Hong Kong was delayed Friday as the southern city said it needed to consult with Beijing over its ability to cope with the influx.

Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying said his government would hold talks with the mainland authorities to discuss the "capacity of Hong Kong to receive these additional visitors".

"I have reflected the Hong Kong people's concerns to the central government and the central government views these concerns seriously," he said….’ Yahoo News

The Hongkies are not that enterprising afterall. Imagine if the tourists are coming to Sinkieland in the millions, we will be smiling in glee. Money coming in, growth, growth, growth. Better still if they take up PR. And even better still if they become citizens. We have so much land to build more expensive flats and Sinkies will also see the value of their flats appreciating even higher. Why can’t the Hongkies see the good stuff?

Sinkieland will soon surpass Hongkong in many things. Highest economic growth, population growth, property prices, density, freest economy, most dynamic nation, must oohm and parties, and most happenings. Sinkieland will be the place to be in, to be seen, to live and prosper, with unstoppable growth.

If Hongkong is afraid of the influx of the Chinese tourists, recommend Sinkieland to Beijing and earn a commission for it. Sinkies will be grateful for this.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I am not a big fan of 'main stream' tourism -- thousands of low-spending dick heads cumming all over your cuntree spending small money and making a mess of the place. Definitely not worth it.

If these swa tengs from the mainland spend big, then Honkies will have a different attitude.

OTOH there are the wealthy mainlanders -- they will go to HK regardless of "government interference". Because they are wealthy, they have choice, and people can't wait to "be of service".

Its the same with any enterprise which is seriously focused on PROFIT: you get rid / discourage your low-yield customers and concentrate your efforts on those high-yield ones.

No money no talk.

Got mo tuck teng?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. And Hong Kong is an SAR. Maybe Singkieland should be one too - certainly China nationals are more welcome here, and are not treated as locusts. Heard our PM is going to Beijing to discuss closer ties. Big brother will protect us from the Muslim/Malay hordes surrounding us. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

RB, your page is distorted again. Someone trying to saboh you?

The said...

Yes, nuclear power can be relatively safe. Singapore can opt for Thorium-based reactors instead of uranium reactors. Countries like the cold war adversaries and Japan opted for uranium-based power because its by-products can be used for nuclear weapons.

OTOH, thorium is 4 times more abundant in nature, and produce up to 10,000 times less long-lived radioactive waste. More importantly, China has lots of thorium.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Can those people saboing my blog not hide behind anonymity?

Veritas said...

Thorium base reactor technology is ready. The problem is reactor containment alloy are not able to work a long life span as thorium reactor needs to be compound into flouride. Flouride is the most reactive elements in whole universe, and worst, thorium reactor works under high temperature.

The other alternative of Thorium base reactor is what that is the breeder reactor developed in India. It is very much more danger than light water reactor today.

In 1960, USA has sucessfully demonstrated that and is aware of material issue. The Hastelloy series of super alloy are all developed then under defence fundings.

These activities can only occur when USA was relatively "left" and the vestige of New Deal is still there, from 1940-1970.

All these research got killed because of capitalism. The USA elites believe all research should be done in private sector and end user must pay.

For small country pebble bed reactor is most feasible nowaday. The reactor core can melt and there would not being any radiation. AND the reactor code will NOT melt, being of auto-feedback mechanism in graphite pebble core which control the nuclear reaction passively.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, I've suggest to you many times to use capcha an limit anon comments. Heck, try it, see the results. If work ok, if not whatever lah.

Sorry lah. Thorium reactors are not quite ready yet. I think the first fuckers to make it work will be the Indians. They are ahead of the pack, and a nice double whammy for them -- they have THE LARGEST reserves of Thorium.

Aust has about (est) 50% of India's reserves, so looks like another mining boom for Aust...WHEN the Thorium tech is right and commercially viable.

Aust is also doing alot of research on Thorium tech, but it is mostly run by govt scientists and govt departments, so it will probably get left behind.

However Aust will do the stupid thing again: it will sell its Thorium to foreigners, like it does its uranium and not develop JACK SHIT domestically.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Capcha will add another level of key sequences. It is not that bad at the moment without it. Will consider when things get bad and hopefully no one will mind.


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't make fun of our old man....his cock leeeeeeeength is loooooooooonger than yours ok

Veritas said...

Even I agree that Pebble Bed Nuclear is safe, I do not recommend it for SG. A nuclear plant must be 30km radius sparsely populated.

When PAP bring up nuclear (at one time), they really have cum in their head. That shows that they are crazy. They just want $$$ and don care.

No sane engineers will think of nuke in SG. In system engineering, you need to weight on many factors. I believe long term plan for our energy problem is a HVDC grid to Borneo and tap the hydro there.

If we want to be energy independent from Malaysia, the next alternative for bridging purpose only is coal. Then we wait and see how new technology evolve.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is in the millions...which government wants to fuck with the people hah?

That government cock must be steam steam big hoooooor....LOL

Anonymous said...

You are so damn right. Not this govt.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean: Re capcha

I don't think regular folks will mind a few keystrokes after they've written a multi-keystroke post ;-)

However the spammers will mind, because a capcha challenge has to be met by human action. Machines (software) (which spammers use) are still lousy at recognizing distorted characters. Humans are good at pattern recognition. Machines suck at it. (comparatively speaking)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Matilah, who you? You nobody, anonymous one of millions...what talk you?

Anonymous said...

Btw, is RB real?

Anonymous said...

You talking about the smily George Yeo who sells tau huey in Ayam street or what?

Anonymous said...

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Ricky Wynen said...

You talking about the smily George Yeo who sells tau huey in Ayam street or what?