Foreigners help created good jobs for Singaporeans

Hsien Loong was quoted to have said foreigners help created good jobs for Singaporeans. Or is it the other way? Singaporeans create good jobs for foreigners…and ended up with no jobs or shitty jobs for themselves.

And many Sinkies have to retrain themselves to take on jobs at lower level and lower pay.

Which is the truth when some have quoted that of the new jobs created, 70% gone to foreigners.

Which is the truth? I think the best gauge is to ask who is happier here, Sinkies or foreigners. The happier ones must be getting the better jobs. Right? Wrong?

Sinkies must be sick or insane to be so unhappy with the foreigners when the latter are helping to create good jobs for them.


Anonymous said...

Right, we must be "sick" or "insane" not to accept this fact.

Anonymous said...

Yes I met a consulting company. Out of the 8 senior staff, only one sinkie the rest FT. At the bottom, there have a few sinkies

Anonymous said...

That is why we must vote for Workers' Party so that they will speak more often...

Anonymous said...

Those who live in ivory towers will always quote their own beautiful truths.

Only those who live at the foot of the ivory towers know by experience the ugly truths.

So, one man's truth is another man's untruth.

Anonymous said...

U're on a good run today, redbean.

May I urge u to take a step back and go look at swee say's (if memory serves me right) remark that sporeans can look forward to more good low-paying jobs. Funny
that no one really picked tt utterly absurd annct up and trampled on it, as it deserved.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans must always believe in the truths as pronounced by the Father, the Son and the holy Goh.

So help us God!

Anonymous said...

We were misled once. You want to be misguided again? I will not....especially by the political language.

Anonymous said...

Lawyer=Liar; Politician=Confirmed Liar

Anonymous said...

Whether the govt is doing the right thing or wrong thing can be easily judged by the happy people in the island. Look and see who are the happy people and who are the unhappy people.

One thing very sure, all the foreigners are very happy here.

Not sure about the Sinkies. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

There are unhappy people everywhere in Sg and if Singaporeans cannot sense it, it must be one with a faulty mind.
Even the blind can hear the grouse, complaining, rant, swear and curse everywhere anytime. The deaf can see what is happening too. It is Sin indeed tat Singaporeans are badly exploited by their own leaders.

ufo said...

Singaporeans where got unhappy? They have not overturned cars and burn down shop houses yet. They will and continue to happily vote the obscene pay ruling family and their consortium.

Matilah_Singapura said...

30 years ago I heard the same arguments, belly-aching and complaints from lazy, racist Aussies who were frightened when they faced the competition of Asian and East European immigrants who were simply MORE PRODUCTIVE than many of the slack locals.

The immigrants kicked ass. Over time, Australia rose up to the challenge and now it is a much, much bettter cuntree (except for the recent Islamic insanities).

There are no "good" arguments against immigration. Lost your job? Get another. What is so difficult to understand?

What to earn more? Make what productivity you have to offer worth more.

Keep up the negative, stuck-in-the-past attitude at your peril. In time, your lack of personal responsibility will eat into your soul and your asshole, and you will deserve the pain and suffering you've caused yourself. :-)

Got value?

Merano said...

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