First bad news from the National Conversation

Heard over the news that Sinkieland can take up to 6m people and anything above that could be tricky. This means we have room for another 700,000 heads to fill up every corner of the island. After that no more growth. Our local population is 3.5m and if the growth rate is 1.5%, we could self produce about 52,000 annually. This plus another 25,000 FTs, in less than 10 years we will be filled to the brim.

As the economic growth rate of the island is tied to the increase in population, in ten years time we would likely to go into a recession unless there is continued population growth. It looks like in ten years time we will be facing serious economic growth issues unless the citizens relented and allow the govt of the day to continue to fill up the island with more people and bear with the congestion. The good thing, other than economic growth is that their ageing HDB flats will still have a chance to appreciate in value.

Many would probably not be around by then and may not be witnesses to the new prosperity of the day when HDB flats would be $2m and Sinkies will be the undisputed richest people in the world. The caveat is for the citizens to agree to more growth and more people in the island. If not, things can go tumbling down, including property prices and lesser jobs for the people. So it will no longer be a matter of choice. Bring in more people or sink.

The people must be wise for their own good to think further and bigger, that the population should not be held at ransom at 6m. Think 10m and 20m and more for continuous economic growth. It must not stop and cannot be stopped at 6m or any million.


Anonymous said...

Alamak knn can not take it leh. The morning mrt squeeze is already so bad. Sometimes I let five trains passes by but the sardines inside still the same leh

sgcynic said...

700,000 of 6 million is only slightly more than than 10%. What is the big deal? Just squeeze another 10% of the passengers onto our buses and trains should not lead to more breakdowns right? I mean the buses and trains, not the cattle. Look forward to adding another 10% from the opposition parties into Parliament. Wait, why not dream big?

Anonymous said...

Just wait for the next train, the next train, the next train....

Anonymous said...

People`s memories are short. Read the local Hansard when that miserable Teh Cheang Wan demonstrated in Parliament why Singapore cannot hold more than 3 to 4 million people - too small, no amount of land reclamation will help(besides, there is a limit to land reclamation), building flats beyond 30 storeys is not feasible. etc. All this with charts and in the presence of LKY. Now we have the 5o storey Duxton flats and a 6 million target.Frankly, we are tired of all this pearls of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

with 6 million, sardines will be having more space in a can. in the mrt, we will be packed like corn beef in a tin.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

Instead of 6 million, I think it shld be 20 million or better still 50 million so that we can have perpetual economic growth lah. How then can we maintain as the richest country in the world? It's the simple fast strategy. We will worry about the congestion later. Economic growth and making more money more important than anything. We are the govt. We will decide. Who are you to tell us what to do? We will just say sorry when the time comes for the mandate renewal. Langgar!

The said...

As Matilah will say, go and get some spoils of war.....

Anonymous said...

6 million is very conservative, 8 million wud be more ideal as more mrt lines and station are built and more can be add on when needed. All the old estate shud be replaced with 50 storey and higher buildings.

And nuclear power station shud be built as soon as possible together with desalination plant. Building floating estate can be a viable option as well. Do not see much problem with the Above and if carried out, Sin cud prosper for at least another 30 years.

reddotsg said...

The G needs a minimum number of pop to achieve economies of scale and maintain consumption spending. It seems decisions hav been made, talk about heart, there doesn't seem to be one.
They hav to realise this is a country, not a business.
The first duty of Govt is to look after her pp, not to make money for corporations.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is this obsession or madness that the population must be growing or the country's prosperity will be crushed.

How many children believe in this myth? There are so many countries where the quality of life of its citizens are growing without the population growth. And don't need to pay immortals with out of this world salary to achieve that.

Economic growth through population growth is a distraction that could cause more harm than good. In many instances it is not growth at all, or economic growth that brought about more negative consequences.

Anonymous said...

Because the Pro Alien Party's competency revolves around leeding 3rd world countries.
They don't know how to leed a 1st world country.
So the mass importation of immigration is to re-create the conditions of the 1960's in Singapore.
So then they can refer back to their secret leedership manual and govern just like the original grandmaster who founded their religion.

Anonymous said...

Let's be outrageously brutal frank and be honestest about it.

Anonymous said...

True, with money, one can get the latest toys, be it electronics, cars and underage living toys.

What is values, integrity and propriety? How much do they weigh and what are their worth??

How much are leaders worth in respectability or honour to the people? Nothing is more important than money.

Talk not about the intangible values, they are worth nothing now.

Anonymous said...

Of course no problem for the rulers. They do not have to squeeze on trains and buses, nor queue for taxis.

They do not have to queue for hospital beds. They have only to pay $8 for a heart bypass.

Everything is within their means to afford and they probably have properties overseas that they can run to.

Years down the road, with 6m population and when the shit hit the fan, they need not stay behind to smell the stink.

These people are practicing the slash and burn tactic. Animals, insects, snakes, frogs will be the ones to be barbecued.

So, what is the problem? No sweat! No big deal! Don't make noises! It is all for the good of Sinkaporeans!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The question is why die die must increase population and the only thought is nothing else but to increase population?


It is like the drug addicts, die die must have the drugs for the fix.

Anonymous said...

No make noise, no complaint and no finger pointing.
All are here to enjoy a conversation with like-minded people with different wisdom.

Put all the wisdom from the plebeian together and it immediately shows the the great difference between the leaders and the ruled. It is certainly not bridgeable, it destined to end in dismay unless a consensus can be reached. However, it seems either a downfall of the regime or the state will be the only result.

Anonymous said...

When it becomes a drug, once 6m is reached, there will be all the reasons to go for more. Like MLM, breaking the chain will see a house of cards collapsing.

Anonymous said...

Actually one can build mega structure in the shallow sea. We can have undersea structure at the bottom where one can admire marine lives great for shopping mall then on top 50 stores with either offices or high class residential units. Forget about wasting money to buy sand to reclaim land as it is really not necessary. Tio Bo?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The same question not answered. Why must keep on increasing population which is a double edged sword? It can harm the economy and country in bad times more than the goodness it brings. And economic growth with high inflation is a big farce.

What is important is to improve the quality of life of the people and not inflating everything.

Anonymous said...

Increase population will result in increased collection of taxes, stamp duty etc. They have already come out to say our economy can support more graduates -- they are totally out of touch with the ground and don't know that graduates are facing stiff competition with foreign labour.

Like I've always said -- I plan to retire in Msia. Cheaper housing, car.

reddotsg said...

Its called critical mass, once u hav that, the machinery jus moves on its own n stops sputtering.
Mumai has pop 17 mil and many suburbs that hosts many businesses, both cottage n industrial. With that kind of size there is a constant need to consume. I think for SG the target is abt 12mil, to attain the critical mass, 6 mil is jus a milestone to test water.
But then there is another issue of time frame, when n how fast do they want to reach tis target?
The danger here is mass exodus as in the case of Dubai, when the economy partially collaspe and all the expat had no jobs n no money to keep up with the loans taken out. Many left the country and abandonded their cars with outstanding loans at the airport.
There are many ways to reach a target/destination, its jus how we choose, i can take a bus, slower but i get to sleep in the back or i can drive myself and speed all the way and disregard any signals that may warrant some rest along the way - n hope not to crash n burn.

Anonymous said...


Why die die must have higher population?
No higher population, how to expect property to keep rising?
How are the shopping centres going to survive.
How are the hawkers and taxi drivers to survive.
How to pay the rulers millions each per year?

Anyway, the next exodus out of Sg will be the elites. The hostility from the people is getting too threatening to them. Any outbreak of deadly disease or civil unrest and they will fly off. They wud not even care about their property and car. They wud just transfer whatever they have prepared with the banks.

You can be assured that it will happen.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The critical mass is a shifting goal post like the CPF withdrawal date. What this number should be is as fictitious as the makers want it to be.

It can be 1m, 5m, 10m 50m, suka suka, up to whoever is in power to say so.

Why is there a need to build up such a huge population just to consume goods and services? Do human beans exist just to consume for the sake of consuming?

What will become of the world, the human race and the resources if every joker thinks this way?

The same question, do we live to work just to live and to work?

Anonymous said...

It was all due to one stupid old fool who worships money, power and nothing else for his existence.
He will be full of regret as his dying days approach. And he will be the curse of this tiny dot long after he stops breathing.

Very sure he is regretting as each day passed that he is slowly losing everything.