Early Autumn

A piece of rar art painted by Mother Nature.


dotseng said...

I dont like this piece at all. No this doesn't quite fly with me. Not even a bit. It lacks depth, profundis, chiaroscuro, enfide, Mauzoko, chupatzh. It's like a blob of jelly with streaks. Not that I mind that, but what I really detest is the lines, they seem to lack any coherence. They don't seem to converge or repeat themselves in fractal terms like the tree of life. I much prefer the tree of life.

You know Redbean, there was once upon a time a process that they used for Kodakchrome, its called Chibachrome - it used to produced really ganja like surreal colors that really didn't appeal to me at all. Fujifilm tried it with Velvia. But again those exaggerated tones never worked with me.

I much preferred the Ilford grain effect. I found the mood much more contemplative and reflective. That's why I much prefer your masterpiece the tree of life.

Darkness 2012

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Darkness,

I am still trying all the variations that I could get from the images I took. I did some that looked like modern Chinese paintings in western style, in dark blue/black and white, smooth or grainy effects. This one, huh, didn't suit you. Thanks for the critics anyway. Still in the experimental phase.

You are very knowledgeable in photography too. No I have not tried chibachrome. Still got a few boxes of kodakchrome and ektachrome slides of yesteryears. The tones and intensities of different manufacturers offer users a bigger range to choose from, to suit the different moods and images.

The Tree of Life is a little mystery and a little miracle to me. It just came out of nothing, just another shot in the water. I have several similar shots but the number of human images were very few and less defined. Yes, it is one of my own favourites.

dotseng said...

You know Chin Leng there is always an element of serendipity in art. As there is probably epiphany as well. But sometimes when it comes together it can be an intensely edifying and spiritual experience. Do you know what I mean Chin Leng?

How silly of me. Of course you do. I am sure you've found yourself looking at certain variations of your work at different times of the day. Mulling over them. Under differing light conditions. And each time. You discover yet another nuanced layer of meaning. My point is. That understanding that you have of a thing is intrinsically what art is all about. It isn't the physical depiction as it is merely the crumbly idea of what the subject stirs inside you. Be it anger, love, hate, deprivation, pain etc.

It is really a tabula rasa Chin Leng.

Chin Leng please don't consider what I am about to say to you an effrontery. I for one would never presume myself to be a cognoscenti. Only if we are to explore variations of themes - its entirely quite possible that the tree of life is upside down. Bear me out Chin Leng. Take the exposition of The Scream by Edvard Munsch which was stolen in Oslo. It depicts a man in a private moment of anguish. Not just any anguish, but one that is beyond any descriptive terms. But what really sharpens the terror isn't really the main montage of the stick man who is screaming. Rather to me at least, its the sinister depiction of the foreground and backdrop. The choice of colors, how each pantone melts into the other, the gruffness in which the pastels are applied to canvas as if they were scrawled violently. Desperately. Hopelessly. That is what is truly terrifying Chin Leng.

When I first saw the tree of life - these were some of the thoughts that went through my mind. I didn't quite see it as the tree of life. Rather to me, it very closely resembled the scream. Only the lemotiff of the screaming man was missing. When you reverse the image. You will notice that the upper and lower half of the tree of life bears striking similarities to the Scream. Only this time the terror is significantly heightened as there is no one screaming there. In a sense Chin Leng, its like a phantom mirror. I see a man who is divided between two worlds. Good and bad. Salvation and perdition. Hell and Heaven.

And that Chin Leng is one of the wonderful things about art. Its not so much what the exposition conveys in terms of themes and colors. Rather it's really what we all bring along with us when we look upon a thing that truly gives it an intrinsic and profound meaning.

And while we are on the subject of art. You might perhaps be interested in this article. The only reason why I find it pertinent to our conversation is that it shatters many preconceived notions about art. that it is an indolent pastime for only the rich, Au contraire. Do read on for enlightenment.


You see Chin Leng it is very simple really. One man's art is another man's chewing gum wrapper. But what makes the implausible possible is simply a perceptive shift.

I wonder Chin Leng would you consider reversing the tree of life in a higher resolution frame. To even post it in your blog. I will in return share with you my humble and most uneducated opinion as a farmer on why I find it one of your most powerful works.

I wonder do you find yourself looking at something for hours on end? Yes, I imagine you do Chin Leng.

Yours most privileged

Darkness 2012

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Darkness,

Fully agree with you. A piece of work can be seen by different people from many perspectives. The most powerful is one that could evoke a strong feeling or emotion or reaction from the viewer. Some could hit the viewer at the right or wrong place or tug at something deep in his memory or psychic. Some could relate to something very personal.

Some collectors just want a piece of pretty thing hanging on the wall of a restuarant or a hotel corridor. What is extraordinary is a piece that is unforgetable for all the right and/or wrong reasons. Damien Hirst is one such guy whose art slammed right into the viewer's face.

In abstract pieces, it is always a good thing to turn it all over for a different look. And most of these works can just do that, hang the right or wrong way.

The Tree is seen this way from a more conventional angle. And reversing it can still look conventional, but yes, the picture looks entirely different though it could still pass as a tree of sort.

The emotional part it can draw out would depend on many factors within the viewer's makeup. I am posting a reverse image but could not increase the resolution here as Blogger has placed a limit on it. Hope it would still be ok for a discussion.

It's a privilege to have a serious and informed critic. Thanks my friend.

dotseng said...

Chin Leng,

I prefer to give you an opinion on the tree of life and maybe your pieces here.

Its best to avoid the crowds and just have a private conversation when it comes to art. Otherwise you and me wouldn't get a good return on our efforts.

Tmr will just be right. Sorry late tonight, My wheels just pulled to the house. Busted my axle in the field today.

Darkness 2012

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yep, art is a very subjective thing and many levels of appreciation. The trained and untrained and those who cultivate it like a connoiseur of good food or fine wine. Can email me at redbeansg@yahoo.com.