Do it and think/plan later

The title is about summed up the philosophy of this govt. This is what Lim Hng Kiang had to say regarding seizing the opportunity even when we are not ready, don’t have the capability or trained manpower to do the job. Just grab the job and import the labour. "If you train Singaporeans to fill up the sector before you launch the sector, you may lose the opportunity, and you take too long," he said.

Singapore is adopting the strategy of bringing the sector in and allowing the companies to hire foreign talent and workers while it train Singaporean workers to fill up the jobs.

"If you tell Rolls Royce, wait until we train all the workers and technicians, I think we would have missed the investments," …”

It sounds very aggressive and very positive. But it means taking very high risk and opening up unnecessarily by grabbing anything that moves and that can fill our immediate needs. As a private enterprise, entrepreneurs taking high risk with his own money and willing to gamble with anything, and with not a care of how it would impact the people and country, well, by all means. Cowboy antics can be good at times.

Does a govt need to make this kind of decision and take this kind of risk? Is this the reason why the SWFs are so afraid of missing opportunities and hurriedly jumped into any bankrupt company or fire sales that nobody dares to touch or willing to risk their good money, all because we are so frighten that others will move ahead of us to grab the shit?

Our SWFs have been burnt many times and losing hundreds of billions by not waiting and not wanting to miss opportunities even when they are not ready. When successful, it will be back slapping and congratulations all round. But if it fails, it is OPM. Never mind, wait for another golden opportunity to grab before other’s grab it.

Would companies like Rolls Royce just jump into bed with any beggars or incompetents? If we are not ready, could there be anyone that is ready in such a high tech venture in the region? Is it really sound to jump to bed whenever there is an urge or when a fair lady passes by?

Are we rubbing off too much from the two casinos to think and behave this way? Look at the infrastructure and housing mess that the people are facing? Eat, shit, and clean up later. Or let others face the shit.

I always think that our govt is very conservative, calculative and careful in deliberation before making a big decision involving high risk and a lot of money. Looks like our govt is really very entrepreneur and a high risk taker. We now have many mavericks in charge.


Anonymous said...

"I always think that our govt is very conservative, ..."

Government is made up of people.
Government is not a "real" object like a human being.
Government is made up of people.

It is people who are conservative or reckless.
We must identify who are the reckless people.

Anonymous said...

You reckon the people/govt need to attend a gambling addiction course?

Or should they just go back to Primasry 1 in financial school?

Maybe they just need brains?

Anonymous said...

The same can be said of forming a government.

If we wait until the opposition parties can gather enough talents to form a government, we would have missed the boat.

Just seize the opportunity even when we are not ready, don’t have the capability or trained manpower to do the job. Just form the government now and think about the policies later.

Lee Kuan Yew did that in the 1960s, I don't see why we can't do it 50 years later.

Anonymous said...

If u dun plan - den u plan to fail.