Diaoyu and Liuchiu Islands(Senkaku and Ryukyus) belong to China

The most vocal journalist with the most critical view against China has spoken. Ching Cheong, arrested and detained by China for several years, for spying against China, has said, with historical records, that both Diaoyu and the Ryukyu chain of islands belong to China. He also quoted the views of the American and Russian leaders at the Cairo Declaration in 1943 and the Potsdam Declaration in 1945, all acknowledging that the islands should be returned to China. And the Japanese liars are still shouting that the islands are integral parts of Japan historically.

All the islands and land grabbed by Japan before the war should be returned to their owners. The Cairo Declaration, ‘Japan shall be stripped of all the islands in the Pacific which she has seized or occupied since the beginning of the first World War in 1914, and that all territories Japan has stolen from the Chinese such as Manchuria, Formosa and the Pescadores, shall be restored to the Republic of China. Japan shall be expelled from all other territories which she has taken by violence or by greed….Most World War II historians agreed that the “territories” in the last sentence referred to the Ryukyus.’

On Feb 2, 1946, ‘US General Douglas MacArthur, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, issued a statement limiting Japanese territories to the four major islands and about 1,000 small islands situated north of the 30 deg latitude.’ Ryukyus and Diaoyu lie below the 30 deg latitude and no longer were Japanese territories.

When China and Japan reestablished diplomatic relations in 1972, they signed a Joint Statement agreeing to abide by the 1943 Cairo Declaration and the 1945 Potsdam Declaration. How could the Japanese, including their PM Noda, openly declare at the UN that Diaoyu Island was an integral part of Japan! The Japanese are lying with their eyes wide opened. Who is talking about Japanese having honour and dignity?

Now that the Japanese are adamant on hanging on to Chinese territories, China should go ahead and take back Diaoyu and the Ryukyus as well. There is no reason to be nice to the lying Japanese anymore. And the scheming Americans, tell them to go to hell. If the Americans think that it justifies their interest under their treaty obligation with Japan to protect a wrong they helped created, let it be. It will be MAD, both blowing each other out of this world for a wrong committed by the Americans and to protect a nation of liars.

Why is it unjustified for China to take back its territories but perfectly justified for Japan to keep the loot it seized from China?


Veritas said...

Diaoyutai/Senkaku is 100% China. I agree. For Ryukyu (Okinawa), China exercise a suzerainty.

Important suzerainty lost during modern history of China is far more than Ryukyu.

1) Vietnam
2) Korea
3) Bhutan
4) Ladakh
5) Sikkhim

The list exclude those less important client states. I define important client state as, it could be possible to the Qing Dynasty to annex it into China proper without much resistance from local elites. In modern history of China, Mao's communist has does that to TIbet. This is the luckiest event in modern history of China. If Sino-Japan war drags and British India manage to grow in strength, Tibet may be ceded to India.

For China to claim Ryukyus/Okinawa, the ground is very filmsy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China should not think of claiming the Ryukyus as part of China but to help them to become independent states. The Okinawans are bullied by the mainland Japanese and they were not Japanese for a start. They have been assimilated by the Japanese.

I am sure there are Okinawans who would want an independent Okinawa and to revive their ethnic and racial identity.

Anonymous said...

Rb said it right.

The Okinawan shud rightly become

Anonymous said...

@veritas, where could you find historical facts confirming Ladakkh and sikkhim was part of china? thanks for help.

Veritas said...


This is by the foremost oriental scholar, John K. Fairbank. He is from Cambridge and UK citizen. UK is enemy of China. So don expect him to talk good about China without evidence. On his book, he states that Ladak, Sikkim and Bhutan were tributaries of Lhasa.

And Lhasa is client state of Qing Dynasty.

People seeing the behavior of Dalai Lama has no idea how the former Qing Dynasty's control on Tibet. (Dalai Lama's attitude is inculcate by British and of the works of people like Francis Younghusband).

I would like to write on Qing's Tibet. That is a very long topic. And Qing's held on Tibet is far greater than Qing's grip on all the other client states.

(Note that, Qing emperor could dispose Korean King, and has large amount of influence in Korean court as shown by Yuan Shikai's expedition in Korea). Qing's control on Tibet is far greater. And all Lhasa client states behold to Qing.

Anonymous said...

All those Islands including Tongyang Jeepoon belongs to China.Even their so call nihongo have those Kanji originated from China.China should put Jeepoon under their control if they anyhow want to claim properties from their grand ah kong.

Veritas said...

Re September 28, 2012 11:10 AM

Hey, don be cynical. I am not a ultra-patriot Chinese. I make fair comment. For example, I uncomfortable about China's claim on all Spratly Islands.

I make fair comments. I am interested only in truth.

Veritas said...

I am sorry about information on JK Fairbank. He is an American from Harvard, Oxford. His most famous work is Cambridge History of China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Fairbank is quite a standard to read for history students.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If China is so certain they own the islands, then it is wasting time talking cock-nonsense. China should attack immediately, reclaim and occupy her lost sovereign territory, and chase the panty-sniffing Japs into the sea.

All this sabre-rattling is wasting time. Attack. Kill the enemy. Reclaim the property. Develop the property, and sell off the developments to local or foreign owners. Make money.

WTF is wrong with the Chinese? It's not like them to dilly-dally. Time is money. Wasting time is definitely wasting money.

Veritas said...

Chinese source about Ladak.


Today, the real cultural genocide of Tibetans are not in Tibet, but in India. I can give you evidence. Tibetans in India are labeled Lepchas, Ladaki, Monpa created by westerners with help of India, to make them lost affinity to China.

They are losing language and culture like no body. In Hindic countries like Nepal, Tibetans like Sherpa are even deem lower caste than those fucking Brahmins from Kathmandu.

ufo said...

Are these islands more important than world peace? I think should just assign these islands to the swiss - a neutral party and the birth place for geneva convention.

Mata Puteh said...

Going by your argument, Vietnam, Malaya including Singapore should be under the PRC as Admiral Cheng Ho travelled to these places during the Ming Dynsty and exerted considerable influence.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Mata Puteh, welcome to the blog.

And who gave you the idea these countries should come under PRC?

Anonymous said...

This mata sounds like a child. Unable to understand what is going on.

Veritas said...

Of course not. Singapore and Malaysia is not part of China. But for vietnam, its emperors are all cantonese but they always denied it.

Vietnam seceded from China as late as AD 938. The subsequent kings are actually biologically cantonese, but they pretend to be vietnamese. The vietnam elites after independent often curse china for "oppression", but Vietnamese scholars and intellects knew very well the truth.

The linguistic distance between Vietnamese and Mandarin is not too much further than Hokkien and Mandarin. Vietnamese use to be written in Chinese characters.

Vietnam and China relation are quite peculiar. It follows the following pattern. When China is strong, they can absorb vietnam. When China is weak, Vietnam will break off. Its a frontier state of Sinitic civilization.

But normally, Chinese has allow vietnam to go its own way, rather than absorbing it. Roosevelt once wanted to give Vietnam to Chiang Kai Shek after 2nd World War. Chiang refused. (I can show you evidence)

For the past 150 years, China is weak. But as China grow strong, there would be great centripetal force.

These are the order of East Asia. Compared to Vietnam, China's traditional influence on Korea is greater. Would talk about that when chances arises.

Veritas said...
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Anonymous said...

I understand there is a little bit of history of Chinese linkage on Thai monarchy as well.

Not just the monarch, but many Thai's in name are actually Chinese.

Thousands of years of Chinese migration cannot be without its inherent influence.

Veritas said...

Not many in Singapore or China actually knew that the most famous poems of vietnam glorifies a Chinese pirate. Truyện Kiều 傳翹 talk about a love story between Chinese pirate Từ Hải 徐海 and a Chinese prostitute (王翠翘).

The relationship between Viet and Cantonese is far deeper than even many Chinese has realised. (The Northern Chinese may have no idea the connections of Southern Chinese and frontier states).

Even though Viet elite tries to create a new Viet identity, 2000 years of blood linkage cannot be broken so easily.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is a status quo for many centuries in China's relationship with its southern and southwestern neigbours where China did not infringe on their sovereignties in the dynastic days till now.

China was the saviour of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand from Vietnamese conquest. The Vietnamese were in control of Laos and Kampuchea and only withdrew after the Sino Vietnam border war in 1979.

The dominoes could fall all the way to Southeast Asia if the Vietnamese were not stopped by the Chinese. No westerners like to discuss about the reason why the Vietnamese pulled out of Laos and Kampuchea unilaterally.

Anonymous said...

The last time, US claimed that Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Now, it is accusing Syria of possession of chemical weapon.

The US is truly creative, but, are its' leaders honest?

Anonymous said...

There is only one way the Arabs and Muslims can deal with Americans. They will
not have any deal with the Americans nor welcome their business and visit.

Veritas said...

The Muslim has blame the wrong people. They should not blame US, or Israel. They should blame Saudi. Saudi is the country who bankroll US and everyone keep quiet including all the Sunni Mullahs.

Few people know that the basis of USD as a world reserve currency is due to Saudi willing to take in fiat dollar. USD is not call "petroldollar" for nothing.

When Saudi take in USD, then USD is fungible for petrol. Everyone needs petrol and hence, everyone is willing to take USD.

The other pillar of USD is China, but China is not as stupid or selfish as those phoney Muslim of Al-Saud family. Will discuss it in details when opportunity arises.

Muslim should be taught the truth. Israel regardless of all her sin is not the culprit of unemployment and misery of Islamic world.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how would Veritas view or explanation on the Mother of contention between the Christian(US) Faith and the Islamic Faith of the Arabs which has been ongoing for thousands of years. Bear in mind that both Faiths have a common mission to convert the World to their Beliefs. Historically, they have both resorted to holy wars to achieve their goals and are dead set against each other. Holy war is not being mentioned in today's conflicts but, there is no cease in their missions.

Anonymous said...

My apology, explanation in the above comment should be explain.

Anon 1015 pm.

JayF said...

"There is a status quo for many centuries in China's relationship with its southern and southwestern neigbours where China did not infringe on their sovereignties in the dynastic days till now.

China was the saviour of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand from Vietnamese conquest. The Vietnamese were in control of Laos and Kampuchea and only withdrew after the Sino Vietnam border war in 1979.

The dominoes could fall all the way to Southeast Asia if the Vietnamese were not stopped by the Chinese. No westerners like to discuss about the reason why the Vietnamese pulled out of Laos and Kampuchea unilaterally."

Considering neighbouring states as vassals with the entire tributary system centred on the supremacy of the Chinese emperor as overlord of the states sure doesn't seem to be respecting sovereignity of the neighbouring countries.

Vassal states by definition are never sovereign or respected when compared to their feudal overlord. There were only two times in Chinese history when a Chinese regime recognised another foreign power as an equal. During the Song with the Liao, Jin and Mongols and later when the Western powers came a knocking and tore apart the tributary system.

"China was the saviour of Laos, Cambodia and Thailand from Vietnamese conquest. The Vietnamese were in control of Laos and Kampuchea and only withdrew after the Sino Vietnam border war in 1979."

Yes the Vietnamese eventually withdrew- in 1989 ten years after the border war in 1979 and when it was clear the Soviets were no longer able to sustain the sponsorship of Vietnam.

Laos ended up under communist rule and switched overlords from Vietnam to China. Hun Sen, Camobia's long running ruler was basically a Vietnamese puppet until the end of the Cold War.

The dominoes could fall all the way to Southeast Asia if the Vietnamese were not stopped by the Chinese. "

Considering that Vietnam was struggling to deal with the Khmer Rouge insurgency and that the Soviets would have turned to Afghanistan in 1979, Vietnam would later prove to be barely able to maintain their rule in Camobodia since the Soviets were not able to sustain both Afghanistan and sponsor any further Vietnamese adventurism.

"No westerners like to discuss about the reason why the Vietnamese pulled out of Laos and Kampuchea unilaterally."

Actually, plenty of SEA experts do write volumes of the aftermath of hte Vietnam War and Vietnamese expansionism. When the Viets left Cambodia in 89, it was clear the Soviets who bankrolled them could no longer afford to do so.

Veritas said...

I did some research on Sino-Viet war. It should not have happened. I could not really understand the rationale fully. I believe the till now, other than the top elites, very few may understand what is going on.

From the few info on my hand, I concluded that PRC especially as scumbag like Deng was extremely wicked and Satan incarnate, but also extremely smart. I often felt depress as how can Chinese sink to such a low moral level.

Will explain next time when RB raise an interesting blog.

Anonymous said...

Unless Veritas is an international espionage expert, there is no way he can understand territorial and ideological disputes that had happened in the past.
It is oni fair and expected that he will hav detractors and people who doubt the fact and accuracy of his knowledge of history.

Anonymous said...

China was the backer of the Pol Pot regime that almost got wipe out by the Viets. And to keep the Chinese from interfering in Kampuchea, the Viets thought they could put pressure on the Chinese by stirring up border skirmishes. They started to shell the Chinese border guards.

That gave the Chinese an excuse to launch a counter strike and chase them deep into Viet territories. The first major defeat of the Viet Army by a foreign force since beating the French and the Americans.

Why blame Deng when the Viets were the provocateurs just like the Sino Indian border war? Both countries held the PLA in contempt and thought they could lick the PLA but ended fleeing with tails in between their legs.

patriot said...

That part of history between China and Vietnam was probably overlooked or missed by some commenters.


Anonymous said...

It is understandable that many may not know the detail of history.

Chankoro said...

If all of you are so adamant about the rightheousness of contemporary Chinese imperialist ambitions (including its 'claim' to the Ryukyus, or its claim of support for the politically marginalised Ryukyu independence movement, which have no reason to support a bloodthirsty dictatorship whatsoever anyway), may I humbly suggest you guys move there and assimilate yourself with the ultra-nationalist thugs that populate a large chunk of the Chinese internet. Your shrill histrionics and unthinking rhetoric seems right at home with the likes of those aforementioned 'patriots'.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Chankoro, welcome to the blog.

May I asked what cock you are talking about, imperialist ambition? Reclaiming one's own territory is NOT imperialist ambition. China is only claiming Diaoyu and is silent on the Ryukyus. In fact China has allowed the island issue to remain dormant but it was the Japanese who provoked the Chinese with their scam of buying the islands.

It was the Imperialist ambition of Japan that invaded, raped, murdered, killed and looted China and other Asian countries. And they grabbed Chinese lands too. Why is it that the Japs are not criticised for wanting to claim back their islands taken by the ?Russians?

Are you that blind?

And what bloodthirsty dictatorship? You know what is a dictatorship? You know what is blood thirsty? Ask the Arabs, ask the Vietnamese, 4 million killed in the Vietnam War and the Arab and Afghan death tolls are mounting. How many killed by the Japanese imperialist ambition when they invaded all the Asian countries?

Think and get your facts right before parroting the Western lies.

Defeated Malay Loser said...

Dearest Japan,
Please be strong and fight Senkaku no matter what!!! Don't ever be like us Malay. Our ass got fucked by Chinese. Chinese are imperialistic people. Today we experience neo-imprialism by Chinese. All Malay people can do is to get Chinese dicks in our ass everyday for losing Singapore to the Chinese as they cummed victoriously making us look worst than rape victims of World War 2. Japanese people, you have what malay people don't have. You have unity, discipline and wisdom that we malays don't have. Your country is amazing. Back in World War 2, people thought Japan will never be a developed nation after Hiroshima and nagasaki extreme devastation. I as a Malay and non-Japanese salute Japan and would like to visit Yasukuni shrine to pay respect the heroes who should've kill all Chinese and let Malays rule Singapore just like in Indonesia today. Long live Japan! LONG LIVE SENKAKU!!! TENNO HEIKA BANZAI!!!!!!!! BANZAI!!!!!!!! BANZAI!!!!!!!! BANZAI!!!!!!!