China should take the US to ICJ for CBT

After the defeat of Japan in WW2, the leaders of the Allied Forces, Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill and Chiang Kai Shek, stripped Japan of all the territories it robbed from it neighbouring countries. The Ryukyu Islands and Diaoyu Islands were handed to the Americans to hold in trust for China. All the leaders in Cairo and Potsdam were in no doubt that the islands belonged to China. Chiang Kai Shek was caught in a civil war with Mao Tse Tung and had his hands full.

The Ryukyus and Diaoyu Islands were held under the trusteeship of the US in the Treaty of San Francisco in 1951. By then China became the People’s Republic under communist rule, followed by the Korean War and the Cold War.

The treacherous Americans then handed the administration of the Ryukyus and Diaoyu Islands to the Japanese unilaterally for its own political agenda an interest in 1971. It did not have the right to do so as the Islands were Chinese territories. While China and Japan are now at loggerheads fighting to claim the islands, both have forgotten the disgraceful act of the Americans in failing in its duty as trustees of the islands and for handing the islands to the Japanese, doing exactly opposite to what were agreed in the Cairo and Potsdam Declaration and the Treaty of San Francisco.

This is a breach of faith, a breach of trust. And the Americans conveniently forgot about their shameful act and acting as if nothing had happened and pretending to be the peace broker. China should take the Americans to the International Court of Justice for failing in its international duty as trustees of the islands. China should also raise this dubious act of the Americans in the UNGA and demand the Americans to recover the islands and return them to China as they were trusted to do so by the Allies.

The Americans and the western media would not want to mention about the shameful and evil acts of the Americans. Today, with internet, it is only fair to expose the misdeeds and treachery of the Americans to give the masses a more balance view of what this evil Empire did and stood for.

No doubt the Americans had also did some good. This is the pattern of historical empires. They would first rape, kill and loot and destroy their victims. Next will come a phase of generosity, to help their victims. See what is happening in Iraq and the Arab countries? After the murders and the bombing, came the aid, the saviours, the angels and the white gods. What about the crimes they committed against the innocent children, the womenfolks, the oldies and the rest of humanity?

America, like all empires, has entered the last evil phase, a phase when it will do anything to hold on to its power. This is the last phase and will lead to its own destruction and the rise of new powers to replace this evil Empire. No, the Americans cannot see that they are evil. Neither can their allies and the world until it is too late. The halo of goodness is still staining the conventional view that the Americans are angels of God.


Anonymous said...

China taking the US to ICJ is just like Chee taking the PAP to the Singapore court of justice.

You can predict the result with pin point accuracy.

As a matter of interest, when the US says you are not a terrorist, you are not a terrorist, even if you are. When the US says you are a terrorist, you are a terrorist, even if you are not.

There is no such thing as justice anymore.

Anonymous said...

Bringing this to ICJ is useless as the Americans are in control of all the world institutions. But it will help to air the immoral and evil acts of the Americans for the world to know and the American people to know of how wicked and shameful the Americans were.