China and Russia : The Growing Alliance that won't be intimidated by US Global Aspirations.

China and Russia: The Growing Alliance That Won't Be Intimidated by America's Global Aspirations

The U.S. government lurches from one war to another and nothing really changes. After a succession of totally misguided wars with relatively small nations, none of which it has "won", the U.S. has now decided that China, a giant among all other nations, is to be its next target. The question is; Have those currently in charge of this government taken leave of their senses since China is the one nation on the face of the earth that, because of its economic and military power, will not be intimidated by the U.S?

The U.S. has made it known that it is proceeding with a new strategy by which to establish control of the Asia-Pacific region, including the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. This is an area over which China has maintained a significant influence for many years; we might call it China's backyard. To think that China will allow the U.S. to move into this region and take control is delusional thinking. China will not accept such an encroachment into its territory without finding some way to oppose it and that could result in a very dangerous military confrontation.

At the same time that the U.S. is setting up this potential confrontation with China, it is also confronting Russia in several regions of the world. It continues to attempt to surround and suffocate Russia by erecting a missile defense system close to Russia's borders; it's known as the Strategic Defense Initiative, or "Star Wars", that President Reagan proposed in 1983. This system will never work because Russia has clearly warned that, if it ever nears completion, swift and powerful countermeasures will be taken to completely nullify its operational capabilities.

Anyone who thinks that Russia and China are powerless against the might of the U.S. military needs to think again. Both of these nations possess nuclear arsenals that could bring massive, unimaginable destruction to America should some ill-advised, out of control regional confrontation get completely out of hand. In reality, there are three superpowers in this world, not just one, and we better hope that it never, ever comes to such a horrific confrontation. But try to warn those bloodthirsty facilitators of war in our nation's capitol to back off and you will get absolutely nowhere.

While China and Russia can't currently be described as extremely close allies I see these two countries as allies of necessity. The more that they are threatened by U.S. militarism and expansion the more closely aligned they will become. In recent times the alliance between these two powers has been strengthening as both have significant interests in Iran, Syria and other parts of the Middle East, and they are not going to let America assume total power over this region.

Russia and China, obviously, still view the U.S. as a very formidable military power but one that is has already entered into an almost reversible state of decline. They see a nation that is literally spending itself into bankruptcy by using its dwindling wealth on perpetual war. They see a nation whose economy is tanking as the purchasing power of an increasingly unemployed workforce is being diluted. They are watching this rapid decline take place and they are well aware that all they have to do is to patiently wait and let America's military spending eventually force it into bankruptcy.

While China continues to rapidly grow its economy, America is doing exactly the opposite; it's selling out its manufacturing sector, piece by piece to China which, in turn, has been given free access to the world's largest consumer market. For every billion dollars that the corporations of America invest in Chinese labor for the manufacture and assembly of American consumer products, that's a billion that cannot be used to help revitalize the U.S. consumer-driven economy.

In this scenario it seems like the American government and the nation's business sector have completely opposite objectives. It makes no sense to be stirring up trouble and posing a threat to China, the nation that has become the prime manufacturer of U.S. consumer products. If this strategy of military aggressiveness leads to a situation that causes a massive disruption in the manufacture and distribution of products from China then the U.S. economy could take a crushing, devastating blow that would send this country into a recession of monumental proportions. That's because many thousands of America's former manufacturing facilities are non-existent and would be difficult to start up again.

China currently does not pose a direct military threat to America. It has not been engaged in wars and military confrontations across the regions of the world and it does not have a network of bases. Its actions show no indication that is has aspirations of becoming the next military empire. China is working with many nations to make agreements to acquire oil and other critical resources it needs to continue to maintain a strong economy; it invests billions in other nations to help them develop their resources; it has not used force to achieve its objectives.

China concentrates on its domestic needs and developing its manufacturing base and economy. And you know what? That's what America used to do decades ago, before it adopted its aggressive military agenda. That's not to say that China or Russia will never pose any threat to the U.S. Without a doubt, the U.S. must be very vigilant and maintain a strong military to deter any serious imminent threat; but it seems like this government has gone completely overboard in entering into the affairs of nations across the world, quite often with military force, when there is no rational, justifiable reason to do so.

China is using its rapidly increasing wealth, thanks to the generosity of U.S. corporations, not on a military empire but, rather, on building many new cities, airports, bullet trains and vastly improving its national infrastructure. As long as China shows no evidence of aggressive intentions, the U.S. government should not continue to antagonize and threaten it lest its government reaches a point where it will have had enough and it shifts its objectives toward a substantial buildup of its military and highly sophisticated weaponry. The last thing that we and the world need is another Cold War and arms race that benefits only the profit-crazed defense industry corporations.

So, in reality, what exactly is going on here? If China does not pose a distinct immediate threat to the security of America, then why has it become the next target for Washington's hegemony? If we dig a little deeper into the mindset of those who lead this nation we will find that the threat that China poses for the U.S. is that it, in the near future, will become the world's #1 economic power; and that fact does not sit well with this government. But this is a dilemma that the government itself has allowed to develop over the past several decades as it has, basically, looked the other way as Corporate America has sold this nation's manufacturing industry to China.

Beneath the surface there is something else, something very troubling that may be fueling this hubristic agenda. Perhaps we can explain it this way; it's becoming quite evident that many of those in this government who have, for the past several decades operated the levers of war are at least borderline, if not full-blown, paranoid schizophrenics; those whose symptoms include "extreme anxiety, exaggerated suspiciousness, aggressiveness, anger, argumentativeness, and hostility, which may lead to violence." This overly aggressive, often uncontrollable demeanor, characterized by a pronounced obsession with the proliferation of war can in no way be judged as normal human behavior.

While it's rarely if ever discussed in any of the media, Washington is largely controlled by bureaucrats who have, for many years, operated at the highest levels of this government and who are dedicated to the expansion of this nation's military outreach across the world. They are an integral part of the Military-Industrial Complex. Therefore, in reality, no matter who becomes president, the direction of this nation will remain in the hands of these embedded individuals who possess the reigning, absolute power.

We the people of this nation are living in what has to be termed one of the most radicalized, dangerous times in its history. Those at the highest levels of leadership of this country, from the government to the masters of Corporatism, with very few exceptions, seem to have lost the ability to judge right from wrong;   rational thinking, and judgments based on a sense of morality have no place in the decision-making of those who worship the gods of war and profit.

The people of America must not allow this government to continue to try to dominate the nations of the world; that has not worked and will not work except to lead this nation further down the road to a financial implosion. The people of America must think deeply to somehow, some way determine the ways by which to remove these disciples of war, that are so obsessed with military power, from this government. They must no longer be allowed to continue their agenda of hubris and empire building that threatens the future of our nation.

The hand of reason and logic has been replaced by the fist of military power and, unless that condition is reversed, it will be the eventual undoing of this nation; one that will have squandered it's potential for greatness.

Michael Payne is an independent progressive activist. His articles concentrate on social, economic and political matters as well as American foreign policy. He is a U.S. Army veteran and a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. His (more...)



Anonymous said...

"From Dictatorship to Democracy

Facing the hard truth

The conclusion is a hard one. .........................
most effectively and with the least cost then one has
four immediate task:

• One must strengthen the oppressed population themselves
in their determination, self-confidence, and resistance skills;

• One must strengthen the independent social groups and
institutions of the oppressed people;

• One must create a powerful internal resistance force; and

• One must develop a wise grand strategic plan for liberation
and implement it skillfully.

A liberation struggle is a time for self-reliance and internal
strengthening of the struggle group." unquote

search google, Gene Sharp, 'Clausewitz Of Nonviolent Warfare,' Amazed By Egypt's Youth The Two-Way NPR

Joshua Chiang

Anonymous said...

"The fundamental flaw in the idea of whistleblowing is the assumption that a single person, by speaking the truth, can bring a powerful organization to account. But organizational elites are unlikely to change unless there is a countervailing power.

"Another valuable source of support for whistleblowers is the media coverage or, more generally, publicity. ................ Therefore, the typical person hearing about the story through the media is likely to approach the matter with a relatively open mind - much more open, certainly, than bosses or watchdog agencies, which have a stake in what happens. If ....... have raised an important issue or has been unfairly treated, many people will be sympathetic or outraged. This is the reason why bureaucrats hate media coverage more than anything. They would much rather spend millions fighting a court case and settling out of court than suffer damaging publicity.
Sometimes the media turn against a whistleblower, joining organizational power-brokers in the attack. It's best to be prepared for this too.

Given the likelihood of reprisals, it is safest to leave the organization and find a new, sympathetic employer before making disclosures. .................

A final skill of crucial importance is understanding oneself: one's motivations, strengths, weaknesses and goals. For example, it is vital to be able to separate a personal desire for recognition or revenge from a more altruistic concern about dangers to the public because speaking out in the public interest is far more likely to win support. Knowing that one is, for example, good at collecting documents, but poor in summarizing the arguments, is important and can guide one's search for allies." unquote.

Whistleblowers risks and skills

Joshua Chiang

Veritas said...

China and Russians strange bedfellows la. All Chinese intelligentsia knows top 3 countries who sabotage China are

The lost due to Russian imperialism effort is the greatest, below are some of the list
2)Outer Amur
3)Outer Mongolia
5)Majority of Tajikistan and Kyrgistan were formerly China Pamirs

Even I get heart pain as oversea Chinese. There is just a conspiracy of Chinese not to mention it foreigners. I never came across any well educated Chinese who have forgotten this.

The USA has not harm China historically, although she tries to pick China as enemy. Capitalism states need a enemy according to theory, or else it will implode.

Today most best PRC universities are missionaries schools open shop by USA Christian. Tsinghua was open by US. USA help China to defeat Japan.

Till now, the quarrels between China and USA could be forgotten by elites of both countries. The ill-feelings towards Russia cannot be easily resolve.

China could forgive japan easily once japan go back to China's orbit as Japan has been doing for 2000 years. (Such is the normal east asian order, and I see signs that this is happening now. but I believe eventually another sino-japan small skirmish in Diaoyutai/senkaku may be fought before japan return back to china)

And Russian knew all these very well also.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The China- Russia relationship is definitely dynamic and cannot be easily defined. It is a complex, push-pull one. They have acted in concert. They've also acted against each other's interests.

Think of Singapore-Malaysia relationship. Something like that, but with nuclear weapons, huge military, and women who are the biggest combined in numbers to make up the world's sex industry.

If the US is playing silly buggers, there is every likelihood that China and Russia will align militarily. This is a no-brainer.

That being said, when is the action going to begin?

Come on fuckers, someone start shooting! Let the hostilities begin!

Anonymous said...

After Obama re-election,he would reach agreement with Putin on missile shield,China would be new Russia competitor as Putin shifts Russia oil dependence economy to manufacturing which requires the US and Europe market.Coming grand alliance between Russia and China is simply not practical due to China and Russia conflicting interest and worst of all,Chinese do not like or trust Russia more than dirty Uncle Sam,and vice versa.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It doesn't matter who wins or loses. Really, it doesn't.

There are people who are going to make a lot of money from whatever the outcome. If you want the truth, fuck the media opinion or ANALysis from ex-spurts.

War between super powers costs a lot of money to produce and maintain. Hostility is EXPENSIVE.

Therefore somebody is making a lot of fucking money.

Anyway, talk is cheap. Time for some combat ACTION!

Got Xbox?

The said...

/// So, in reality, what exactly is going on here? If China does not pose a distinct immediate threat to the security of America, then why has it become the next target for Washington's hegemony? If we dig a little deeper into the mindset of those who lead this nation we will find that the threat that China poses for the U.S. is that it, in the near future, will become the world's #1 economic power; and that fact does not sit well with this government. ///

redbean - you only got half the answer correctly.

Long term - yes, whack and smack down China before it can attain its economic potential and become the next super-power.

But short term, it has always been about pampering to the defence industry. The first Gulf War showed it clearly. Go to war on whatever pretext. Get to test all the new weapons and get rid of all the old weapons and ammunitions. And the best part is - the allies, or rather the Coalition of the Unwilling and Clueless, foot the bill. If I remember correctly, the US ended up making USD56 billion.

The making of warplanes, smart bombs, stealth bombers not getting enough demand and orders? Easy, start Gulf War II. Need to create more demand for US weapons of mass destruction? Whack Iran.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A country that needs an enemy to move on, a country that needs war to feed its people, what kind of country and people is that?

Finally a local paper fire a shot at the cheap hypocrisy of the Americans today. Page 2 of mypaper.