Can a banana think?

Someone posed me this question, ‘Can a banana think?’ The answer is quite obvious. A banana does not even have a head. It does not think, nor is there a need to think. A banana does best is to act as a sponge, just absorb and reproduce, parroting. That is a very easy thing to do. And when they believe the media, especially the western media, is a source of authority on anything, especially warped political views with hidden agenda, while some do not see any need to hide their agenda, the banana just choose the convenient and easy path, just say what the media say. It is so easy, no need to think. Let others, the media or reporters, think for them.

The continuing barrage and attack against China for violation of human rights like it is in their genes never seem to slow down. And the banana is the most vocal about it, forgetting that they share the same gene with the Chinese. If anyone would to ask for proof, they would simply point to the Cultural Revolution and Tiananmen Square Incident. They somehow could not remember the genocide of 100 million Red Indians, millions of African slaves and the slaughtering of natives in the name of God across the world. But those were histories and even people with a normal brain would have difficulties remembering them, can’t really blame a banana can we?

But what about the slaughtering that is going on today in the Middle East, in Afghanistan and the infamous Gauntanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib? The innocent fathers and mothers, the children and babies, the oldies, and the murdering of two dictators and their families? Hey there was a big war against WMD that was proven to be false and so many died for it, and a country invaded.

The common catchphrases of the banana are, China is a human rights violator, China is a threat, to who?, North Korea is mad, abject poverty, oh recently I even read that Chinese or North Korean leaders would often seek to assert their control of the military by conducting wars against their neighbours. The Chinese leaders launched wars with India and Vietnam just to consolidate their positions in power. And Kim Jung Un is going to do so too. It was all their faults and their private agenda. There were no external provocations or threats. When the Americans and the West conduct war, it is to save mankind, for human rights.

Would any banana open their eyes to look at the human rights violation in the Middle East, the fermenting and support for dissidents to start civil wars and the countless unnecessary death of the innocents? Or would they want to know why East and Southeast Asia are facing more tensions and threats of war? Oops, I forgot again. Not only banana has no brain to talk about, they don’t have eyes to see too. But they could read whatever was printed in the western media as gospel truths and sing the same song, would be very safe and very right. The conventional western wisdom of the day can only be right. It is written in the media, the authoritative source of news and information.


Anonymous said...

Hi rb,

Google the cold war game USSR and USA ... it's a old very honest doc on the great game 2.0

will get the links later


Anonymous said...

Hi rb.
This is one of my favourite philosophical topic.
Will Chinese people ever allow Chinese culture to evolve?
Who defines which parts of the new change is acceptably Chinese?

A banana is yellow on the outside and white on the inside.

So what does it mean to be yellow on the inside?
China above all else?

Just like Nazi Germany?
Deutschland Uber Alles?
Germany above all else?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon, all cultures will evolve, things will change, some for the better, some for the worst. This banana stuff is the adoration of something and skin deep.

The old culture and failed culture will be despised and the new and successful culture will be emulated.

The rise and fall of cultures and civilisation is a work in progress, continuously spinning.

Anonymous said...

The Cold War Game: The USSR

The Cold War Game: The USA

Docs was made in 1988, but has anything changed?

Very freaky what is happening to USSR and South Americas/Africa .... is happening again

Will Asia be the next battle ground of the New Cold War?


Anonymous said...

The banana syndrome is a generation of people fed by western media and steeped in thinking like westerners, thinking that what is good for westerners and interests are also good for them, like they were westerners.

Some are and some are not and actually to their disadvantage or against their interests.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Bengster, for the links.

In a way, the bananas are a new generation of people that refused to recognise their roots or origins, some even despised their past and genealogy.

They would rather believe that they have no past, only the future and they are a new people, a new civilisation of sort, superior and intelligent and sophisticated, modern, cultured and have good taste.

Veritas said...

Maybe this is a bad way to boost my credentials. I loath my English lessons. I was a Hokkien speaker and barely knew Mandarin the day I entered Primary School. From day one, everything is being taught in English and I remember, kids like me who could not understand were treated as lazy, stupid, last but not least A BIG DISCIPLINARY problem by my teachers.

I survived, but many of my friends were condemn to "extended" or "monolingual". (PAP has fancy name at different time for its stream). Meanwhile, I remember those banana kids demeanour, and they seems to understand everything. Teacher treated them as talent. (FUCK PAP especiallly Goh Keng Swee cultural genocide policy).

Many of us, those Hokkien Ah Beng were despised by banana kids. People think we are bad students. I got caned speaking Hokkien in school. (Whats wrong speaking mother tongue). While traitor banana get all kinds of approval and score all marks in exams because they understand everything taught in English.

I mature late. By now, I could read French, Spanish, German and well as Japanese newspaper. It broaden my worldview. I play the piano. I read English classics like Shakespeare with probably a little difficulties. I read Marcus Aurelius. I read in originals works by voltaire. I read French poets like Baudelair. I play piano fairly.

In short, I am more into western culture than possibly 95% of these shallow banana. All these do not change a single inch my love for Hokkien, and also Cantonese that I learn on the streets. I could not understand why someone can despise their culture so much. Actually I understand, these bananas are extremely stupid and heartless people, and congenital traitors.

Bring me back Hokkien.


Anonymous said...

Different strokes for different folks.
If we learn to respect our differences.
And focus on the contributions different groups bring to the table.
We will all be better for it.

The Nazis and other groups like them.
Some of whom live here in Singapore.
Deprive us of the huge diversity of the human family.
They are the machine men, with machine hearts and machine minds.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to test everybody's patience.

Do you Chinese tradition enthusiasts consider the last Chinese dynasty, the Qings, to be Chinese at all?

Just curious to see if the Chinese can even agree on who are the Chinese.

Veritas said...

I do not care who rule China. As long as they adopt our culture, they are Chinese. This is one of the strong point of Chinese culture. We are not racist and minorities in China is better treated than Han Chinese. Chinese is the most non-racist people.

You think we are like Indians meh. The Dalits have lick ass and prostitute their daughters to Brahmins, and in the end, they are treated even worse than animals.

The Manchus are Chinese.

My tribe, Hokkien/Taiwanese/Minnan, was not "Chinese" biologically. The ancient name of Fujian province is 越 (Viet), and we are biologically closer to Viet and Malay. That does not stop me to consider myself as Chinese.

Veritas said...

Even among Han Chinese, there are at least 5 major mutually unintelligible dialects, or more appropriately language. The lexical and grammatical distance are even further than for example English and German.

Hokkien/Taiwanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Shanghainese/Wu are basically different language phonetically and uses large amount of different spectrum of Chinese characters.

These 5 main tribes are different people, different race who got together. Today, none of the major 5 Han tribe will admit they are "non-chinese". The culural glue is extremely strong in China where different tribe came to identify themselves as Han.

Compared that to Romans, now their descendent call themselves Italian, Spanish(Iberian province) and French(Gaul Province). They are the same people who breaks up and invent fancy name for themselves.

Chinese despite all its vices, has some strong point in our culture.

Veritas said...

The Han Chinese today is different from Han Chinese 2000 years ago during the Han dynasty. The Northern China mix with Caucasion, Turks, Tibetan and Mongol during the extremely painful war from 300AD to 600 AD.

In the end, the Tang emperors are "biologically Turkish" and early emperors speaks Turkish.

Meanwhile in the South, the Fujian Province is the ancestor homeland of proto-Malay. The Chinese downthere is biologically Malay including myself and all Taiwanese. Even today, Borneo Iban and Kadazan Malay can look 100% Chinese. Having Malay genes, the Hokkien/Taiwanese people is the 2nd highest IQ after Shanghainese/Wu, among Han. We produce more imperial scholars than cantonese, though cantonese catch up intellectual quite recently.

Meanwhile, the Cantonese genes flows into Vietnam.

I will comment when there is opportunity, why Hokkien/Taiwanese people has high IQ and why IQ in Malaysia and Indonesia is low.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If migration and movement of people were natural, the ethnic geography will be just a gradation of the people from a central core region and gets diluted as the people gets further away. A simple illustration is to look at Chengdu or Xian as the core of Han Chinese civilisation and say Johore as the centre of the Malay civilisation and central Europe as that of Europeans. Somewhere half way these civilisations will meet and the people in these grey area will look half sinic and half Malay like in Laos. Cambodia and Thailand. In the Xinjiang region, the Chinese look more like Eastern Europeans and vice versa but not so Chinese or European.

The Manchus, Uighers, Mongolians, Koreans, Khitans, Tibetans,etc are tribes at the borders of China in the East and North. Ethnicity they are not Han Chinese but by nationality they are Chinese.

The size of the Han Chinese and the depth of its culture and civilisation have a powerful impact on the minority tribes. In the case of the Mongols and the Manchus, after conquering China, they embraced many aspects of Chinese cultures. They were assimilated into the Chinese culture and became Chinese in a sense. Today, they are Chinese by nationality and culture but still retain their ethnic identities at the same time.

Veritas said...

A link from wiki shows that Malay came from Fujian

The Malay from Fujian proceed to conquer all islands from East Pacific to Western Indian Ocean, from Easter to Madagascar. Those who left behind become Taiwanese/Hokkien. Our tribe is 2nd highest IQ among Han Chinese.

Today, the aborignal in Taiwan look almost like Han and speaks Malay.

I am proud of my Malay genes. And I think those who despise Malay IQ are idiot.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, the part about Tang Emperors as Turkish is something new to me, and refreshing.

Veritas said...

Dear Mr Chua, the Tang emeperors are aristocrat from the Northern Wei dynasty. Western Wei is the Tuoba(拓跋)tribe of Xianbei people(鲜卑).

There is dispute of the race of compostion of these people. I support that they could be Turks. Reason Emperor Li Shimin 李世民 and his sons are fluent in Turkish. Even in history book the Li family of Tang dynasty has lots of links with Northern Nomands. "唐李源出六镇鲜卑"

You can google "李世民 突厥语".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Veritas.

Anonymous said...

veritas is a treasure trove of knowledge. hey, where's matilah? he's been rather quiet lately.

Anonymous said...

Got checkmate by his enemies.

Anonymous said...

i sure hope no billionaire arab got his henchmen to kidnap matilah and bring him to arabia. hope he comes back soon. i don't agree with most of the stuff matilah spews but i enjoy reading them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When he is spewing all his rubbish I always take it that he is high on drugs.

Anonymous said...

@ Veritas

The Babylonian Woe (1975)
By David Astle


I think you will enjoy this article... too esoteric for this young beng ...

i better buck up :)