Brain dead 死脑

A dead brain is a Chinese expression of the inability to think out of the box. One track mind, cannot think of anything else, or any new solution, a mental block. Are our top leaders having this problem that the only way forward for economic growth is by increasing the population? All our policies and policy statements are anchored around more people in the island. Funny they forgot to build more housing and increase the infrastructure in the island. Perhaps not. How can super talents failed to see this correlation, more people means more of everything, including problems. It is not only benefits.

Now why do we want so many people in such a small place that is having the highest density in the whole world, and all the signs of strains in the system are showing? Why do we need more people here to buy more flats, to buy more mobile phones, to buy more ipads, to build more shopping centres and more food courts?

Are these the reason for our existence as a country, to consume more goods and services so that we can put on paper, economic growth? So that our properties prices can go up higher, so that we can convert more land into buildings, so that we can tear down more old or not so old buildings to rebuild more buildings? Or so that we find ourselves unable to provide the basic essentials like water and electricity and giving us a good reason to go nuclear, and some jokers can then say, we must go nuclear as it is a necessity?

What the f is happening? We are at a phase of importing more people for the sake of importing more people because we must have more people for more growth. Can our policies be to promote economic growth without having to bring in more people, without having to waste our precious little land left to build more buildings to house more people? Can there be ways for economic growth minus the pressure on land and resources and the acute pressure for living space? Economic growth through more people that will eventually destroy the lives of the citizens is like digging a big hole to bury ourselves in it. Can we see that? How can, when the brain is dead.

We need growth policies that are sustainable and not for self destruction in the long run. And we need growth to provide a better quality of life for the people, not for useless economic activities like more consumers to buy more hand phones or computer gadgets or more people to patronize the food courts and shopping centres or to buy up more HDB flats and to use up all our available land.
I am sure they are not that daft. What is the truth? What is going on?


Anonymous said...

Yes, what the hell is going on? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??? i think a whole gang of people are really lining their pockets - politicians and their cronies and those who choose to serve them. they're really sucking us common people dry: financially, emotionally, mentally, physically. we're terribly tired at the end of each day. worry ourselves sick over work, over our future, over the future of our children. not a moment of mental rest even for a few hours over the weekend. and how to destress: everywhere i go i see crowds, even at the temples, even deep in the running jungle tracks of macritchie reservoir.

Matilah_Singapura said...

"Brain dead" can also be used to describe those with old-fashioned thinking, who cannot appreciate the long-term benefits of "open borders", "open economy" and free-wheeling competition.

Got intelligence?

Anonymous said...

"I am sure they are not that daft. What is the truth? What is going on?"

Dear rb
What is the truth?
Answer: Does it matter?

What is going on?
Answer: Does it matter?

The better question to ask is;
What can I do to control my own destiny here in Singapore?
Answer: Vote in more Opposition MPs to ask these questions in Parliament:
What is the truth?
What is going on?"

When there are enough Opposition MPs, they can start a Parliamentary Investigation into these questions.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ blind-fool anon 956:

>> What can I do to control my own destiny here in Singapore?

Answer: Vote in more Opposition MPs to ask these questions in Parliament:

What a twat you are. By doing so you still are not taking DIRECT CONTROL of your life. You are still relying on someone else to fix your shit.

No wonder the cuntree is doomed ;-)

Anonymous said...

The government is run by elites. As you know they (and their selectively bred cronies) have their own set of values and thinking very different from the rest us, the common people. They may attempt to talk like us and sound like us but are driven by different motivations and principles, ie to be the best (best paid, best accolades n recognition), never lose out and never admit wrongs (sign of weakness). Its in their blood. Yes their behaviour may be modified by losing votes, but their underlying competitive win at all costs nature can never be suppressed. Oh, and self denial is also a typical character trait. Many of our current social problems are the direct result of having these people in power for far too long and too much free rein at shaping the country's policies according to THEIR own interpretation. WE have elected them (at least 60% of us did), so we have to live with them. Unless we collectively choose not to and say enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

M_$ is a replica of LKY in the love for money.

Anonymous said...

One thing good about this ever increasing population. If you own several properties, there is no need to work anymore. Just watch them appreciate in value and see the losers working their guts out to earn that extra few hundred thousand or million dollars to pay you.

And after you, your children and grand children, also no need to work and just live on the income from the properties you hand over to them. Only those silly losers will be quarrelling about which is the best school to send their future national labourers to so that they can pay your children for the properties or rent from them.

Your children don't even need to work or go to school.

denk said...

*I am sure they are not that daft.
What is the truth? What is going on?*

clue no 1
amerikunt battleship coming to singapore

clue no 2
if i tell u singapore is clawling with cia, do u believe me ?

in other words
we r not our own masters anymore

Anonymous said...

Red bean, since pm said 6 million, we still have room for 700,000 people to come mah so what is the problem. Even above 6 million is possible but only have to think harder mah. Knn logic?

Anonymous said...

The same concept can be applied to the land owners. Now owning one storey. Tear down build 4 storeys. Tear down again build 10 storeys....Can keep growing and growing to 100 stories, oops, storeys.

Anonymous said...

Wat the hell is going on?

Sin is hell to most Sinkies.

So ?

Anonymous said...

"Got intelligence?
September 29, 2012 9:55 AM." By Matilah Singapura.

Intelligence for wat ?

To jeer at others?

Abang, kaya pun jadi tua, lepas
tu kena sakit dan mati juga. Pandai
apa guna ?

Gintai_昇泰 said...

We need to define foreigners here. Work permit holders vs new citizens. Generally we are not against work permit holders but feel strongly against new citizens. That's the difference.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

RB is trying to explain what is "otak mati!"

Anonymous said...

What is "brain dead"?

Brain dead is voting for the same old Millionaires-In-White.
And hoping that these Millionaires will understand and help the poor and disadvantage Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

dear redbean,
the whole point of having more people as you say, is to sell more iphones, ipads and such.

however, it has just been pointed out to us by the PM that the reason pple here are short of money is because we are buying the latest iphones and ipads as they come out.

so if we don't buy these gadgets in order to have more money to spend on essentials like food, then one must ask, why do we need more people?

if we don't have more people, will we need so much construction work done? so many train lines built? so many service people?

i may well be wrong of course, as i am not a scholar, tho to me my arguments are logical.

the scholars' arguments and reasoning make no sense to me. in fact, they are illogical.

but how, you may ask, can a scholar be wrong? be illogical? i can only conclude, shit happens, and boy oh boy is it happening a LOT!!

Anonymous said...

"By doing so you still are not taking DIRECT CONTROL of your life. You are still relying on someone else to fix your shit."
@ Pussy licking Matilah

Didn't you get the memo?
We live in a representative parliamentary democracy.
We elect representatives to get the job done for us.

This activity is different from licking pussy.
Which is something you would not elect a representative to do for you.

Anonymous said...

They are not brain dead. Singapore leaders are selective in deciding which part of their brain is dead.

They talk about increading the population but choose to forget that we are not comparable to countries like America and Australia for size.

This is also applicable to their choice of shoes. They like to wear big shoes, not knowing that they have really small feet.

Anonymous said...

Its the "HOW LIEN" syndrome that PAP govt is stucked with.
As the Chinese saying, "already riding on the Tiger's back, so can't get down"!
Now local born and breed Singaporeans are at PAP govt's mercy!

Anonymous said...

matilah, if you think you can take direct control over your life, you are deluded brother. you think you have control but you don't. thinking too much about pussy have made your brain go dead. your brain sudah mati.

Anonymous said...

"They like to wear big shoes, not knowing that they have really small feet."

More like "they like to dream big, not knowing they have small brains."

Anonymous said...

Small brains must he the result of 'inbreeding' caused by selecting the same kind of people, election after election, that cannot contribute anything else but the same kind of solutions to a variety of problems. The kind of solutions we like to call 'a template' solution. It never varies.

And it all boils down to money. I have the nagging feeling that all those 'fines' meted out to the public services providers recently is going to be paid by the public in the form of higher fares and charges.

Such solutions can be thought of by any grandmother with a little grey matter up there, no need to pay millions to top talents.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the TOP is embarrassed that they are taking so much money if they do not produce some result (the typical 'result-oriented' mentality - exam-result, coe-result, property-result, GDP-result), so they have to act like BIG BROTHER, taking in ALL people from the 2 growing countries so that the 2 countries can 'look up' to them and say 'You are something! A small country 'looking after' so many people.' Or, mayber I am wrong, with they calibre, they maybe embarrassed to govern ONLY a tiny 3million people, 40% (or should I say, 60%) who are daft? How can I, a non-scholar know HOW a scholar thinks?

Anonymous said...

You still don't get it?
Yes, partly for economic growth, but mainly political.
The PAP has been gradually losing support among Singaporean voters.
To bring in as many foreigners and convert them as citizens would definitely be good for the Party.
Which new citizen would vote against them when he/she has been treated so well by the Party? Scholarships, jobs, HDB flats and even tax monies to help them to assimilate.
In fact, there was a short analysis by a local paper on the Potong Pasir seat in the last GE.
It opined that new citizens had tilted the balance towards the PAP for them to take back the ward.

Anonymous said...

The new citizens aren't that stupid.
And because of the huge numbers.
They form little communities and share info. amongst themselves.

It won't be too long before they figure out that they have been conned.
Once they become citizens.
They get the same shit as the rest of us Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

It all started with greed and to feed the greedy elite, they started to make use of GDP to fatten their incomes by using GDP as the barometer to justify the million dollars remunerations and over twenty months bonuses etc. What happen to rising cost in housing, healthcare, transport and education, they choose not to see. Everything since then started to snowball, their incomes, cost of living and the scope and work of the people.

Their remuneration increased, cost of living keeps rising and the people have to go on working till they drop. Then the Rulers resorted to importation of aliens to increase consumption to keep the economy going. When all the little and limited resources and talented ideas are depleted, the society will and shall naturally collapse. And this will and shall happen.

BUT, the Rulers' and elites' wealth will have also snowball, allowing them to be welcomed foreign talents to other countries where they will live lives of plenty and opulence. What is going to happen to those stuck here will be You die your business to these Rulers and elites.

So, please do not be brain dead to the reality and consequence.

Anonymous said...

Matilah and LKY same same.
Values to them means how much wealth one has.
Nothing else is of any value to them.

agongkia said...

In Hokkien,SEENOW(Brain Dead)will always come along with the word TART SAI.
SEENOW.TARTSAI. Meaning Brain dead stuff with shit.
Long time no one scold me with that.Sometimes,I enjoy being called SeeNow Tartsai.Dun know why leh.

Anonymous said...

Matilah is a thorough bred pappy la.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wow, I didn't think myself worthy of so much attention.

Anyway, thanks. You've all shown what fuck-sticks you all are and thus deserve your shit-lot in life. Nice try to attempt to blame someone else, bit given your responses it is clear that you alone are to blame ;-)

Got sunny disposition?