Between a chit chat and a global dialogue

The ST has two interesting articles yesterday which I believe should qualify as something serious and worthy of reading than about some little girl’s diary or how I shampoo my dog. The first article was about a chit chat between two very senior gentlemen about to be hit by dementia or senility. Fortunately, at the ripe old age of the nineties, their minds are still lucid and functioning as fine as they could be. The other article was about a dialogue between middle age intellectuals with big titles but ended up more like a TV commercial repeating stereotype views and ideas that lack depth and insight to the evolving geopolitical scenario that is being played up in the Asia Pacific region.

In the chit chat, the issues were more about the dominance of civilisations and their roles towards humanity and the progress of human beans. It eventually narrowed down to the western missionary zeal to teach the world how to live and what is good and right. And there is the trigger happy righteousness to intervene into other nations to save the pathetic and the uncivilised. Genocide was briefly touched on with questions about the missed opportunities or the right or wrong to intercede in the events at Chechnya, Rwanda, Kampuchea and even Tiananmen Square.

The wise men simply grouped them together as matters of genocide. Were they? What is genocide? I think there is no need to define what is genocide as the answer is simply obvious. Tiananmen was a political uprising, a people’s grievance against a govt and its policies, nothing about genocide though it was put down forcefully with military force.

Chechnya is genocide, and so is Rwanda, and so is the holocaust of WW2. But conveniently no one would like to remember the greatest genocide of human history, the termination of the Red Indians. In all definition, the killing of 100m or there about of a civilisation of people by virtue of their race, for whatever reasons, political, economic or religion, must be genocide.
And should there be an intervention by any powers, it should be the savings of the Red Indians that were brutally and systematically put down. And there are still a few that are living and waiting to be saved but conveniently forgotten by the greatest human rights provocateur among nations. Or is it that the violators were the human rights provocateurs themselves? This is history or western history’s biggest hypocrisy.

In the dialogue, it was clear that the world exists only for the Americans and the Americans or the Empire decides what and who should be placed where and at which pigeon hole. Any country that dares to challenge this status quo, called the balance of power, in favour of the Empire is evil and must be put back into his respective hole, exceptions like Israel, Japan and the allies with the Empires blessing. The Americans spoke like there is only one world view, or one view that counts, and that is the Empire’s.

China’s rise as an economic and military power is seen as a challenged to the status quo and not permissible. It can only be allowed and accommodated if the Empire said so. And so are the other smaller countries. Those that tried would be brutally put down by military intervention in the name of human rights and regime change. Their enemy Number One is not China but the Muslim World that lives by a religious order that is in direct conflict and opposed everything the Empire stands by. But this has been well taken care of, and the Muslim World is torn and tattered and would be kept at least 50 years behind the rest of the world in all spheres of development.

Having taken care of this enemy, the Americans see it their right to shift all its military assets to the Asia Pacific to prevent the rise of China, as a ‘friendly measure’ to maintain peace and for the progress of the region. And all believes that this is true and a right thing to do.

According to the top proponent of the Empire, he said that ‘China was widely perceived in the US and the region as behaving in unusually assertive fashion.’ The Empire needs only think about what it perceives of others. Does the Empire ever think of what the rest of the world perceive of its behaviour, its aggressiveness, war mongering and assertiveness in intervention and regime change? No, doesn’t matter, immaterial? Yes, the Empire does not care two hoots what it does and how it is being perceived. That was exactly how the woman from the White House felt so shock when its ambassador was killed in Libya. How could that be? How could there be so much hatred against the Empire? Never mind, only a passing thought. The Empire will get down to business as usual, formenting dissent, inciting, conniving and starting wars.

Why the need for more wars? The Empire’s emissary admitted, ‘the US had done so far, moving its assets from other parts of the world to the Asia Pacific region, had reached the end of its usefulness and that there was a need to spend on new weapons.’ He added that the Empire ‘should maintain spending at 3 to 4 per cent of GDP’ on new weapons. This is perhaps the most clearly stated reason for the Empire’s action, to profit from more arms and weapons manufacturing.

Between the two pieces of works, I find the chit chat between two senior gentlemen having coffee and a puff, without the trappings of power and title more enlightening that the Global Dialogue that it was called. The stereotyping of views is so pedestrian and more like MacDonald’s hamburger commercial.


denk said...

tam a *genocide* wtf
they aint no *massacre of innocent students* never mind *genocide*

they never tell u the other side of the story
lots of unpublished pics, the msm only showed u the tank man pic yr after yr

who r these two wise man u talking about btw ?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, Helmut schmidt and LKY of course. Two old buddies reminiscing old times and sharing some views in an old boys gathering of two.

Veritas said...


I am like to add some feedback on the figure of 100 millions Red Indians. I think the figure is too skewed to the upside.

Gathering from various sources, I conclude that the most fertile, most populated and highest density area of America continent is not North America. They are in the south and central America whereby Incas and Aztec built their empire.

The horrible abuses in America were not committed by Anglo-American, but by the Spanish and portuguese. These two rascal and gangster nations, especially the Spanish, single handedly destroyed the Incas and the Aztec, and enslave the people. Their captains were Pizaro and Cortes.

The spanish elites take over a high population from Incas and Aztec empire organize them into necomienda, to enslave them. Then poor living conditions and old continent dieseases like Syphillis, influenza decimate in some places more than 90% of the population.

The problems of these scumbags is still lingering today. In Central and South America, the elites are still the whites spanish/crypto Jews who hell bend on exploiting the population. Despite abundance natural resources, these countries remain poor.

In North America, the English found few native to enslave. Hence, someone came up with a brilliant idea. White FT from England, would be shipped into the new colonies, in place of red Indians to be enslaved by the elites. And that is the reasons why N America is quite white.

If 100 millions of red Indians are decimated by USA, let say between 1700-1850,(these are the real colonization period), I estimate that at least 700,000 Red Indians would need to decimated yearly.

And also places with high population cannot exist without civilization or some form centralized empire. So far, none exist in North America.

The Virginia Company was a profit oriented company formed in England to do exactly the same thing the Spanish did in S America. Eventually, they gave up. They cannot find enough slave Red Indians. Henceforth, the political development of North and South America diverge. While S America's slavery institution still exist in various form today, the North America, who are more white later established a democracy, as the enlightenments ideas from Europe set in. The rest is history.

denk said...


funny they managed to missed out the real genocide
not to mention vietnam, cambodia etc

is this a clarion call for a jihand against china ?
[read the comments too]

Anonymous said...

I think much of your criticism of America is fair comment.
It's always good not to have a one sided view.

But I'm old enough to be haunted by the images of Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989.

When the Chinese students needed a rallying point and symbol.
What did they choose?
Their self-made American Statute of Liberty.
Not a statute of Emperor Pu Yi.
Not a statute of Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di.
Not Lee Kuan Yew, Sun Yat Sen or even Confucius.
Not one single Chinese icon.

It's time for the Chinese to admit to ourselves.
The Western cultures are perhaps more universal in appeal because they stand for universal human values of liberty and freedom of choice.
Rather than the Chinese culture of duties and obligations which have been used by dictators and emperors to enslave the Chinese people for centuries.

Embrace this, and the Chinese will free ourselves of the shackles of centuries of culture designed by emperors to keep us enslaved.

Just as the Germans have admitted their mistakes in World War Two and gone on to become leaders of Europe now.
While Japan, unwilling to admit their transgressions in World War Two, continue to be mired in disputes with China and Korea.

Veritas said...

The Spanish Conquest of S America go full speed ahead with shitbags liks Hernan Cortes and his cousin Francisco Pizarro, around the year 1520.

The English is 100 years late with "for-profit" Virginia company spearheading the effort around 1620. The early colonies were extremely vulnerable to be exterminated. Very often, a bad winter could kill the majority of inhabitants. There were records of cannibalism. In a skirmish between Amerindian, the colonies do not have much advantage, as a strong and veteran Amerindian archer would easily outgun a musketeer.

By around 1700, the colonies were firmly establish and only then, they began to expand.

Assuming each year 10,000 Amerindian died as a result of European colonization effort from 1620 to 1850, from intentional killings or unintentional consequence like disease and force labour. Then, the death toll due to combined Anglo and Latin European conquest would be around 2.3 millions.

The bad thing about European coloniztion occur mostly on the spanish colonies.

Anonymous said...

that little girl's diary you mentioned, red bean, i don't know why it's in the papers every week. i think she'll be tottering to senility soon like a certain close relative. and furthermore, she is damned ugly, sial, like a pontianak. matilah in drag would look far sweeter.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The numbers I quoted were not fabricated by me but from western scholars. One mentioned that the original Red Indian population was above $100m and by the 18th or 19th century only a couple of millions were left. There were many conservative estimates and still pointing to 40m or 50m mark. Remember that the Americas are continents and the Red Indians were found mainly in the southern half of the land but eventually forced to march to the reservations in the north.

The genocide was systematic, to get rid of the Red Indians. They were simply gunned down or deliberately infected with incurable diseases that wiped them out by tribes, no just be bullets.

They imported the white Europeans not for slavery. The slaves they needed came from Africa. Only the American records, if they have not destroyed them or doctored them would tell the truth. And the number is huge beyond imagination.

As for the Chinese society, there are many bad and wicked values for sure. The introduction of democracy and human rights, individual freedom, will eventually take root in China. This is quite inevitable.

Since the republic was founded in 1911, the Chinese also were liberated from the sons of heaven and know that the country belongs to the people, not some families or individuals.

Tian Anmen was never meant to be a genocide. It was not to terminate a people or a race. It was a political issue.

Anonymous said...

The Spanish killed in the name of God. So did the rest of the God followers.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese had been killing among themselves for thousands of years. What is unusual about it?

The Chinese need war with aliens to keep themselves united.
War with aliens will do the Chinese a lot of good.

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