An economic and military East Asia Pact

China, the Koreas and Taiwan should sit together and work out an economic and military pact in the face of unceasing territorial aggression by an incalcitrant militant Japan. Japan is still arrogantly sticking to its militaristic past and wanting to hold on to the war loots it seized from its neighbouring countries. And they would not return them unless defeated in a war.

And the Japanese Foreign Minister, Koichiro Gemba, got the cheek to call on the Chinese and Koreans to remain calm in the wake of Japanese reasserting their control over the islands taken from the two countries from conquest, and to look at the bigger picture. What bigger picture? The bigger picture is that it is time for Japan to return the war loots if it ever thinks of having a cordial and lasting relationship with its neighbours. Do the Japanese really believe that the Chinese and Koreans would accept the loss of their territories and would take that lying down and the Japanese peeing on their faces? It is a national shame, national humiliation, every day the islands are in the control of the Japanese.

The Chinese, Koreans and Taiwanese should form an economic/military pact to deal with Japan directly. Not only the Japanese and Americans can sign military pact. Take on the Japanese economically and if necessary, militarily, if the Japanese persist in humiliating their neighbours by not returning the islands looted from them. No more trades with Japan for a start by the three countries and be prepared for war as the Japanese are infamous for sneak attacks, like Pearl Harbour.


Anonymous said...

''Whose son was it'' who died? asked the historian Zhang Lifan. ''It was a son no one dared to claim.''



"John McManus narrates a moving tribute to America and discusses the history of

what makes America great and how only we, as informed citizens, can keep the timeless concepts of Americanism alive. " unquote.
search google, Overview of America - YouTube

Joshua Chiang

Veritas said...

These will never materialize as SKorea and Taiwan are client states of USA. And behind Diaoyu/Senkaku island incident is USA who refuse to rein Japan.

Even if China is gaining economic prowess, it still have very big problems, especially moral deficit. The moral values of PRC are terrible even after much progress in material well being. The lack of moral values shows up in another form, PRC up till now has no intellectual great masters.

China from 1895-1949 experience a cultural boom,. even though people are kill and starve to death. That is because Chinese culture is not being destroyed.

To this date, it is SKorea, HK, Taiwan exporting culture to PRC, through pop music and drama.

Even though PRC cities like SH and SZ could be richer, many east asian still despise Chinese, not because they are poor, but because of lack of moral values.

And USA hegemony in pacific are well-earned. USA command respect in these region from the war against brutal Japanese. It then proceed to save SKorea and Taiwan from communist. Because of USA presence, East Asian Culture was better preserved in these place. If commie China took over long time ago, they would be destroyed.

Veritas said...

I can sense that when PRC come to SG, they are somehow despise by Singaporean Chinese. Curiously, we do not despise Malaysian Chinese, Thai Chinese, Indonesian Chinese, Vietnamese, Myanmmese, Honky, Thai... that could be much poorer than PRC.

Many Singaporeans even find Thai culture cool, despite we are much richer than Thailand. Singaporeans have no problem with Myanmese as we like the honest and gentle behavior.

But PRC are singled out on many occasions, despite many of them have considerable wealth. I think its time we do soul searching whether Singaporeans are racist or is there any other X-factor whey certain tribe are being singled out.

Anonymous said...

Where do S.Korea and Taiwan get their military hardware from to fight the Japanese?
If US is to provide S.Korea, China would be pissed as they might use them to confront it's client state, N. Korea
If US is to provide for Taiwan, China would even be more pissed as Taiwan is considered part of their country.
The only solution can only lies in trade. Japan has a trade surplus with all 3 countries. If all stop buying from Japan, with its already weak economy, those islands could be the bargaining chips for trade.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Answering Joshua, the white Americans would tell you how great America is and how touching their stories would be.
Ask the Red Indians and Negroes, and they will tell you another set of very touching and sad stories of what the white Americans did to them.

Veritas, the period you quoted of China was the most painful period of Chinese history. Nothing great or good bloomed except for the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and the rebirth of a bankrupt nation.

Till today, culture is one part that has been neglected. Many great engineers and scientists were found among the Chinese both in China and the USA. At least two prominent Chinese scientists were in the core team sending the probe to Mars. Arts were found in a few great painters Wu Guanzhong and many newer painters after the cultural revolution. Today arts is getting a revival because of affluence and capitalism.

As for relations with Japan, Koreas and Taiwan and also America, there is no permanent enemies but permanent national interests. There will also be short term interest and long term interest that may conincide or conflict at a point in time.

Friend today enemy tomorrow and vice versa.

Veritas said...

1895-1949 saw the best Chinese culture and scholars not seen since 1000 years ago. Then China has giant like 陈寅恪, 胡适, 王国维. Even Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese contributed much to Chinese cultural and science renaisance. Robert Kho-Seng Lim (林可胜) is the father of modern medicine in China. (LKL and PAP hate to educate Singaporeans about him)

Malaysian 辜鸿铭 is the pioneer of European studies in China.

But I agree that it is also a period of great military humiliation. The security problem of China was solve by Mao Tze Tong.

Despite of being the greatest scumbag in whole universe, Mao has solve China's 100 years of security problem. This is the greatest contribution of Mao to China.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There were other great names like Lu Zhun of Ah Q fame, Hsu Pei Hung, Li Ta Chao, Liang Chi Chao, Kang Yu Wei the Reformer....

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There were other great names like Lu Zhun of Ah Q fame, Hsu Pei Hung, Li Ta Chao, Liang Chi Chao, Kang Yu Wei the Reformer....Mao, despite his mistakes, united China and made the Chinese stood on their feet once again as a nation.

denk said...

good idea

Anonymous said...

We must all pray... b4 the US announced the return to the Pacific, there seem to be peace... The moment the announcement came...
1. the Japanese PM has to step down.
2. there is a sinking of a ship of the Korean navy.
3. there were shelling between the Koreans.
4. Vietnam and the Philippines start to claim islands in the South China Sea.
5. Japan just executed its claims on Diaoyu, by buying from the owner.
...... so and so forth...

Apparently the great game has just shifted to East Asia again... me thought that can past this life in peace... looks quite remote... seems like fire to start any time soon.... KNNBCCB!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Which country is so happy to invite this evil empire here?

Anonymous said...

The Middle East is burning and the countries in ruins, people being killed daily, bombs dropping everywhere, casualties everywhere. Must thank the Americans for the show.

Anonymous said...

The middle east show may be with us before long, just go back 30+ years to see what happened in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, both Laos and Cambodia suffered collateral damages of the Vietnam until they themselves had a regime change.... just continue to pray for peace and for Killary & company to stay away from us.

Veritas said...

Middle shit, I can say its 30% created by USA. But Vietnam and Cambodia fall to communist is mostly the fault of their fucking elites. The USA, went into Vietnam even though for its selfish intentions, the outcome would still be better for locals, if USA manage to win.

During the 1950s, even after the French lost the war of Diên Biên Phu, the situation in Vietnam is still way better than S Korea. S Vietnam could even have defeat North Vietnam militarily. But then, a major event occur in S Korea that put a corner stone to its prosperity and advancement today. It did not occur in Vietnam until its too little too late.

On early 1950s, President Rhee Syngman of S Korea started the land reform that confiscate land from parasitic landlord and give to farmer. (Imagine if PAP could confiscate all malls, real estate in Shenton and Orchard it divide it equally to every Singaporeans)

The landlords has earlier been weakened much by the Japs in S Korea though.

This effectively cut off the Commie guerilla movement and sources of new recruits.

In contrast, President Ngo Dinh Diem of Vietnam, even though is extremely smart and competent, choose to preserve the status quo, as he is a aristocrat.

The rest are history.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think deep rooted racial hatreds, ethnic-centred mistrust, historical enmity and time-proven hostility are excellent bases for the Orientals to start fighting each other yet again.

The Japs need an ass kicking for the shit they did in ww2. The Koreans need a whooping because they'll worship any idiot - - be is Sun Yung Moon or Kim Il Sung. The Chinese need to be bitch slapped for taking people's jobs, and the Taiwanese need torturing for slanging like fake Americans.

Singaporean nerds can design a first person shooter computer game where China, Japan, Koreas and Taiwan try and annihilate each other. Singaporean nerd gamers may not be able to get a fuck, but they can sure make money from this!

Veritas said...

Also I wish to take the opportunity to illuminate many good things from 1895-1949. Most Chinese are not aware that our grandfathers have more democracy than us. The 1919 May 4th movement is the only time in Chinese history that students'demand were acceded. (Try organizing May 4th now in SG or PRC)

During May 4th movement, students burn down the house of Ministers. Today, try burning house of Li Peng, or Hu Jintao.

On 1926, a clashes that led to death of 47 protesters, or the so call March 18 Massacre. The head of government Duan Qirui KNEE at the incident site, and sworn to become vegetarian henceforth.

In PRC, Deng Xiaoping till his death still has no remorse about 64 incident.

JayF said...

"Till today, culture is one part that has been neglected. Many great engineers and scientists were found among the Chinese both in China and the USA. At least two prominent Chinese scientists were in the core team sending the probe to Mars"

If the Chinese scientists were educated, trained and raised in the USA, weren't they be considered American scientists?

Exactly what has China got to do with their success?

"Veritas, the period you quoted of China was the most painful period of Chinese history. Nothing great or good bloomed except for the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty and the rebirth of a bankrupt nation."

Not as painful as the repeated incursions from nomads throughout imperial history or the utter chaos in the late Ming period. Only this time round, China finally lurched into the modern world when the West kicked opened the doors to the Celestial Empire and the Japanese removed them.

For China to undergo decades of bloodshed, famine and general turmoil is not new. For the nation to undergo an utter transformation is something that hasn't been done since the days of the Qin Dynasty.

Anonymous said...

Actually the first Japanese PM friendly to China was Yukio Hatoyama
(鳩山 由紀夫),PM of Japan between 16 September 2009 and 2 June 2010.He wanted to foem an alliance with China to fight against USA,unfortunately his offer was not appreciated.
It is not possible for Korea to form alliance with Japan for another 100 years,even they are now alliance under USA.It is in their history.

Anonymous said...


China,suffered nearly 200 years of foreign humiliation, invasion, civil war, revolution and unspeakable horrors,with Japan as a prime actor,it is not possible for China to form close relationship with Japan,it is Karma.

Anonymous said...

With the Japanese taking control over the disputed island, I am pleased that at least someone out there dare to stand tall against the Chinese.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah...pure gold! The people in their individual spirit of FREE ENTERPRISE are better at action than their sabre-rattling, cock-talking governments. Oh how it brings tears to my eyes...and gives me a boner at the same time. Pure joy...it's overwhelming!

Like I said, you have to feed off those deep-rooted racial hatreds and ancestral animus until it takes over your being...and then you EX PLODE INTO VIOLENT ACTION and BUKKAKE that arrogant Nip in the face.

Game on!

Maybe the idea will catch on in Taiwan and Korea, and the Japs over there will get their asses kicked too, and on the Japanese homeland the locals will retaliate and smash up Chinese, Taiwanese and Koreans...I must catch myself. In my enthusiasm, I've let my imagination to run amuck.

Very few of life's experiences can ever come close to enjoying a bunch of barbarous racists kill the fuck out of each other, and (hopefully) rape each others women and children, which of course will be uploaded to YouTube so that someone could "remix" the footage and perhaps add music to it. Like in this example. That's ENTERTAINMENT!

Got xenophobic nationalism?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The game is on. The Chinese have sent 6 surveillance ships into the area and patrolling side by side with the Japanese coast guard. The next move, who will blink or who will pull the trigger first.

The humiliation and losing of these islands to the Japanese in 1895 will be settled just like before, a war.

Who is the bully? The one that annexed another country's island or the owner of the island wanting to take it back?

patriot said...

The pack that is suggested here is oni for one with very wild imagination.
M_S understands the psyche of asians well.
The asians are full of envy with little or no appreciation of others effort and achievement. When they fail to attain, they seek to destroy or take over others possession.

It is not farfetched to say that peace in China may not last very long if the gap between the rich and the poor gets any wider.

Anyone thinks China can ever be superpower number

patriot said...

Anyone thinks China can ever be superpower number One ?

Anonymous said...

Who would ever think of China being number two today when the Chinese were the pariahs of the world. The Malaysians, Indonesians and even the pinoys also looked down on them. To top the icing, the Chinese are ashamed to be Chinese or anything Chinese and would rather change their names to Peter and Paul.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Patriot, China fought on the side of the US against the Japs in WW2. Now the Japs are American ally and China is America's enemy.

The political game can make countries change side quite easily. And Korea, China and Taiwan all have the same enemy, Japan.

Anonymous said...

China was Vietnam's closed ally and financier in the Vietnam War, fighting the Americans. After chasing the Americans out, the Vietnamese are inviting the Americans back to fight China.

patriot said...

Chin Leng Sir:

Your Point noted, thank You! There is nothing that me likes to add on.

I want to assert that any war that China is a party to, will do China plenty of good. I believe a large scale war will rejuvenate and consolidate the Chinese nationalistic fervour, patriotism so to say.

The Chinese Populace are now drunk with material pursuits and the wealth gap is widening at a steady pace. This cannot be good for a nation as huge as China. On top of that, Xinjiang, Tibet, Mongolia are large Chinese States that had sporadic outbreaks against the Chinese Central Authority. Any war that China fights will test the affinity of all these autonomous states.

"To top the icing, the Chinese are ashamed to be Chinese or anything Chinese and would rather change their names to Peter and Paul.
September 15, 2012 9:37 PM", unquote.
I take it that You meant that the Chinese had lost much of their Racial Identity. And that many even feel shameful and lowly because of their ownselves and fellow Chinese.

I concur with the Above quoted view. How do we conciliate with the fact that more and more Chinese are feeling sub class just because they cannot speak English?

Some even claimed the Chinese has no culture, what audacity! Over 7000 years of civilization and we have CHINESE claiming we have no culture! Imagine how shock I am to read and hear it. Is there any other civilization on Planet Earth that has as much literature, art, philosophy as China.

Just because a Chinese is not familiar or holds the cultural affinity to his/her origin, does that mean there is no indigenous and traditional Chinese Culture. Ignorance of anything does not mean its' non-existence. It is true that there is no practical use for the mother tongue of Chinese when one is born in a non Chinese speaking environment. But, that does not mean there is no Chinese Language.

The most laughable argument that I had ever heard is that without the English Language, scientific advancement will be hampered. The Chinese, Indian, Greek, Persian were the earliest pioneers in Sciences. I do not believe they master English for their scientific understandings.

Oh, it is getting a little to long. So, I shall just conclude that a large scale war will do the Chinese much good.


Anonymous said...

Chinese, Indian, Greeks, might add on Eygptian, Persian, Romans. But they hit a height and stagnated in the last few hundred years.

The last 600 years, science and technology were western and without tapping into the English language, progress is extremely slow for those who chose to close their doors.

What ever that is made today in China, 90% or more were developed by the West. China would need another 50 or 100 years to break new grounds in scientific invention. If China did not open up in the last 40 years, they would still be an agrarian society depending on handicraft and agriculture for a living. That was how advance Chinese science and technology was at its peak before it was eclipsed the West and became a sick nation.

patriot said...

The Japanese almost knocked out the US and the Europeans in manufacturing from the 70s to now. One reason for the economic doldrums of the scientifically advance countries is that the 'science' advantage is not as beneficial as made out to be.

China is economically very strong today is ALSO NOT because it has became scientifically advanced. IT IS BECAUSE, IT IS WELL GOVERNED AND THERE ARE LOTS OF HARDWORKING PEOPLE.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with sinkies? Just bcos many sinkie chinese prefer english over chinese language, it is right for them to proclaim that chinese is a difficult?
Plis tell it to the 1.3 million people of 53 ethnic in China. And do not forget the many millions outside o China learning and using it. A language use for thousands of years by more than one third of the worlds' population is treated by some learned sinkie chinese is just detestable.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for some mistakes in the comment above.

Do add language to proclaim that chinese is a difficult.....
1.3 millions shud read as 1,3 BILLION.

Sincere apology.

Anonymous said...

There is fu ren zi juan, there is also wu zhi zi jian.
Do be magnanimous to others.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Chinese will have no problem learning mandarin. It is their mother tongue, spoken at home, learning when young, a living language, the lingua franca.

For overseas Chinese when they don't speak the language at all, and hated being Chinese, and did not want to have anything to do with Chinese, it is hell doing something they disliked, despised and even hated.

Anonymous said...

China, Russia and Korea should divide up Japan into three parts, the north to the Russians, the Middle to Korea and the South to China. The three countries were defeated by the Japanese in the late 19 Century. This is the time for revenge, and take over Japan.