Agreeing with William Pesek

This western journalist has an article deemed worthy to be published in the Today paper yesterday, titled ‘Why outrage over islands full of goats is crazy’. He is of course referring to the tension between China and Japan. It is a little piece of wasteland, why quarrel over it and threatening to go to war? Simply foolish. At least the British were smarter to fight over the Falklands, somewhere in the Antartic, thousands of miles away from civilization. But Falkland is a bit bigger, with human beans instead of goats.

And he could envision a few Japanese being dragged into the streets in Shanghai, beaten and killed. The bigger picture could be lynching by mobs in white robes and silly conical hats, or simply gunned down like the Wild Wild West in the streets.

China and Japan should end this silly row now, he added. I fully agree with his perception of the pettiness in this quarrel. The British had long stopped quarrelling with the Americans over the North American continent. That is a very meaty piece of pie. And so have the Red Indians. They too have given up for good reasons, even for a piece of land the size of a continent. The aborigines in Australia too have given up fighting for their continent. And the Maoris too have given up fighting for New Zealand and happily sharing the islands with the Europeans. No need to fight over goat land right.

China must think big like the Europeans. If they want to fight a war, look for something big, like the Americas, or at least the Middle eastern countries, or north Africa where there are plenty of oil. That’s what the Europeans and the Americans are doing. And what is happening to Japan, trying to fight with China over a piece of rock when they were coveting for the whole of Asia at one time?

And Willaim Pesek suggested that the two countries should bring their dispute to the USA and let Obama be the broker, to divide it between them. By the way, who was the asshole who took the Chinese islands and handed it to the Japanese? And why is this asshole not coming out to explain why they did it in the first place? Remember, they wanted to return the islands to Chiang Kai Shek but that man had his hands full fighting China and told the Americans to hold it in trust till a later date.

Did the Americans, while fighting Communism, had anything to do with the handing over of the islands to Japan with the agreement that the US be allowed to build a military base on the islands? Would the Americans explain the legality of such an act, handling over another country’s territory that America was not the legal owner, to another country was not the legal owner?

And would Pesek be living happily with his neighbor for cutting away a corner of his garden for keeps sake?


Anonymous said...

Oil right, Sea Territorial Claims and maritime fishing and ship lane rights.

U should see beyond just goats. These Sino-Japs sure know what they are getting into instead of the petty elements U were trying to bring into this picture.

I hope U will do a follow up article in response to an open secret that everyone already know but not reflect in your article.


Anonymous said...

You asking redbean for follow up article or Pesek? You think redbean so dull and will be led by the nose by silly westerners? Read carefully what redbean is saying.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Aaaah, I have already forewarned readers that my articles are provocative.

In the Diaoyu Island, the culprit that caused today's problem is the American. They handed the islands to the Japanese for their own strategic interest and planted the seed of war.

This is the same thing that the Allied Forces did in Vietnam in 1945. The Japanese had locked up all the French colonialists in the jails. When they surrendered to the Allied Forces, the Vietminhs who were fighting with the Allied Forces were ready to take over their country.

What did the Allied Forces do? They released the French prisoners and handed Vietnam to them instead of Ho Chi Minh and the Vietminhs. This led to two Vietnamese victories against the Westerners at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 when the French were routed by the Vietminhs. Then the infamous Vietnam War when the Americans paid the ultimate price of losing at least 50k soldiers dead and hundreds of thousands wounded or on wheelchairs.

It is karmic retribution for betraying the Vietnamese. Now this is coming full circle in Diaoyu for betraying the Chinese who fought with the Americans against the Japanese but had their islands handed over to their common enemy in the war, Japan.

This is going to be bigger than Dien Bien Phu and the Vietnam War. The Chinese would do a Dien Bien Phu first on the Japs and then the ultimate battle with the Americans in WW3.

Anonymous said...

hello redbean,
your article is so subtle that sometimes i don't even know if you are satirical or plain naive.
First you suggested that it was silly to fightover the small island and you tend to support US view... then in your later paragraphs and particulary your comment, your depth of thought shows more sanity.
I think we both know it, that in fact diaoyu is not just a piece of rock, and neither can it be compare with Maori NZ nor redindian USA..(because, the chinese wont be allowed to set foot on "senkaku" by japanese if they could have it their way)

Make no mistake about it. Diaoyu was chinese land, like Taiwan which was occupied by japanese forces and has to be returned to china. BECAUSE IT IS STOLEN PROPERTY. Hongkong was stolen for 99 years, but the british honoured their words and returned HKG back to its original owners. I searched the net, watched you tube japanese video, and also the chinese view. My conclusion is that Diaoyu and Taiwan are so interelated geographically and historically, it is absurd that japan does not return diaoyu to its owners to this day. and the americans play holy holy pretend ignorant of the history of which they are the most devious and cunning.


JayF said...

This is going to be bigger than Dien Bien Phu and the Vietnam War. The Chinese would do a Dien Bien Phu first on the Japs and then the ultimate battle with the Americans in WW3."

Well someone seems eager for the history of the Chinese nation to come to an end. Are the Chinese indeed more hardy than cockroaches? I suppose a few hundred Minutemen and Peacekeepers will finally answer that question.

Anonymous said...

Wars are a drastic way, devised by mankind, that allows people to uh wipe out things and start again. They are also quite useful for reducing populations.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi rex, thanks for your understanding. Actually the view of goat's island was that of Pesek, not mine. I conveniently put the heading that 'I agree' to draw some attention to it.

And JayF, the Chinese civilisation has survived for 6000 to 7000 years, as old as Adam and Eve, not as old as cockroaches cockroaches, but old enough, and definitely older than your civilisation.

Yes, the Americans could wipe out the Chinese hundreds times over. They also know that the Chinese could return the favour and only need to wipe them out ONE time. And that is all that matters.

The Chinese PLA could not do a landing in North America. But neither would they allow the Americans to do a landing in Chinese soil. The whole of East China Sea will be OB to the Americans when hostility breaks out. That I assure you the Americans will abide as they know that the PLA today has the capability to sink anything floating or bring down anything flying, stealth or no stealth, in the region.

The military compatibility is starting to level out.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If I was assigned the task of PEACEMAKER, I would suggest Japan and China make nice with each other, and then turn the goat population of the islands into a joint-venture commercial enterprise.

There are million of Arabs who would pay money for such GOAT TOURISM ;-)

Matilah_Singapura said...

....but alas, I don't think I would be offered the job.

And so another good idea will die in te winds...and those goat fuckers of the Middle East will be deprived of sex.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese are protesting at the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo and calling the Chinese stupid to claim Senkaku today and not claim them before. They insisted that Senkaku belongs Japan historically.

So what can the stupid Chinese do about it? The world's second super power, and Taiwan, could not claim back Diaoyu Island and were called stupid by the Japanese again.

They better bury their heads in the ground like ostriches.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Japan is claiming Chinese surveillance ships entered its territorial waters in Diaoyu/Senkaku. Is China going to claim that the Japanese Coastguard is in Chinese territorial waters?