A matter of value, a matter of life

Many countries retire their senior citizens at 55 or 60 or maybe 65 for them to live their lives in a more casual pace. Even communist countries do that. With or without pension, govt handouts, etc, life goes on.

In Sinkieland, the oldies are encouraged to continue to work as a healthy way of living, with or without pension or govt handouts. The oldies keep on working to 70, 80 or maybe more. This is seen as liberation, freedom from financial dependency, and a lot of dignity. The type of jobs does not matter. Some could be directors or chairman of corporations and sipping tea in board meetings, and be chauffeured around. Some of the oldies could be cleaning tables or picking cardboards off the streets. Both are equally financially independent. Not a burden to the state or their family members. Both equally dignified in their way of life, working and working to pass time.

What a life. It is a matter of value and a matter of what is a good life worth living and working for. We know what is good for the oldies and we know what the oldies want to do with their lives, to work with dignity.


Anonymous said...

This is what we could not understand. Our oldies are required to continue working even after retirement. Where is the Swiss Standards that our former PM promised us years ago? Is this Swiss Standard only applicable to MIW?

Anonymous said...

"The type of jobs does not matter. Some could be directors or chairman of corporations and sipping tea in board meetings, and be chauffeured around."

Don't insult them.

Anonymous said...

Before voting Pro Alien Party.
Just stop and think.
Ask yourself.
How will voting Pro Alien Party benefit you?

More social spending means higher taxes?

This is the MIW gospel according to Millionaire Ng Eng Hen.
I don't believe him.
I want to double confirm.
I will vote Opposition instead.

Anonymous said...

Good vote opposition. Hallelujah. Merdeka!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Better get used to it.

"Retirement" is a thing of the past, or you can choose it if you have the economic means. The model essentially doesn't apply/ is untenable now.

There is a good chance that people retiring at 65 will life well into their 80's and many beyond.

Those born after the year 2000 or so might have a life expectancy of 100. Life expectancies in all developed cuntrees are increasing -- despite people being fatter, more diabetic, more cardiac disease etc.

Therefore even if you have $1 mill at 65, you'll be watching your pennies if you retire and the life expectancy is 80+. We are in a high inflation phase, and it's clear that the motherfuckers in the central banks will keep printing for at least another decade.

That $1 million is not going to go very far, plus to have to make allowances for medical bills/ lifestyle adjustments to suit your age.

I don't need an overpaid money-for-nothing leeching government bum to tell me I'll be working as long as I'm still conscious and breathing.

It is a strange attitude that redbean has to the idea of working when one is old. There is nothing "wrong" with it, and it at least shows that oldies too can be productive and create value.

Got new paradigm?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A lifestyle choice or no choice?

A govt's choice or an individual's choice?

Is there a choice, on the part of an individual or on the part of the govt?

How many agree that it is a good thing to want, or to have to work till one dies?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Choice is always individual. No one is responsible for you, except you.

Veritas said...


I am afraid after so many years of becoming NEO-Dalits, the worst has yet to come for us. Today Asia1 report below.

Dozens of back-office jobs at Credit Suisse' Singapore office are being relocated to India and Poland as part of the Swiss bank's cost-cutting efforts, the Financial Times (FT) reported on Monday.

Banks are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a low-cost back-office centre in Singapore despite the financial hub's low taxes and geographic centrality.

Just last month, Morgan Stanley cut around 80 back-office jobs in Singapore and relocated them to India and Hungary.

My greatest fear happened. PAP believes that it can create wealth by hiring FT Indians and allowed them to treat Singaporeans as Dalits. Unfortunately, we are going to suffer ultimately.

We knew Singaporeans as a team is 1000% more productive than FT Indians. Though it is plausible that individual alpha Indians are more clever than Singaporeans.

All Hindic society like Pak, Bangala, India, Nepal, Ceylon are shit. East Asian society like PRC, Viet, Taiwan, Korea, Jap, Macau or even Singapore are economics miracle.

And also since so many staff are Indians, relocate back should not be a problem. Why spend so much $$$ here when things could not be done. We knew that salary in Citibank IT is high. It is not local who shun the job. But it is racist Indians who shun locals. Everyone know Indian managers sucks big time. You go India you will know.

The worse effect of FT policy is often understated. It actually destroy our engineering competency as a society. Good students in SG now despise engineering due to suppress wage. Engineering graduates cannot find jobs because of rampant racism.

PAP's high land price policies has screwed engineering big time since late 90s. Now its FT policies is going nuke us back to stone age.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is a small scale of how the US hollow out its manufacturing base to China and outsourcing IT related services to India.

We are outsourcing our IT and other related services to India also, partly due to the high cost of operation. What is happening to the US economy is going to happen to us and our people will lose their jobs and competitivness eventually.

Anonymous said...

Bester not screw Indians hor....the biggest Indian holds the right to life and death ...hoooor

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong, Tony Tan and the PM himself are all 60 and beyond.
They are flying here, flying there just to make sure that Singaporeans get to live FIRST WORLD, SWISS STANDARD LIVES. They are so very hard working not just to make sure they live well, they wish You to live better. And for that, they slog so hard and so far.

What are You complaining about?

Anonymous said...

Ass opposition lah

Anonymous said...

Fart wind in the air said powers not recognized by the heavens...well...you decide...me...go watch...cartoons lol

Anonymous said...

Me say please go and enjoy the millions. Let others do the job. No one is asking them to work so hard. Many many thanks.

Or trying to justify the big salary, trying to look useful?

Anonymous said...

i was a local teacher. i had a very intelligent and helpful student from china several years ago. after the exams we had time to chat. i asked her what she liked about s'pore. she rattled off a list of stuff for quite some time. then i asked her what she did not like about singapore. she diplomatically said there was nothing she did not like. when i pressed, she said, 'hmmm... perhaps only one thing.' 'What's that?' 'Well, i don't understand how come there are so many very old people still working in Singapore, especially at fast food joints and foodcourts, clearing up the tables and also old people working as toilet cleaners. I was very shocked when i saw this in my first weeks in S'pore. In China the old don't work. They go for walks, exercise, dance, play chequers, chit chat with their friends in the park, play with their grandchild, play musical instruments, etc. In China, the children and the government will look after the old.' I felt very malu.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am not sure whether to be grateful to those yodas working their guts out, struggling everyday, for the good of Sinkieland. If I praise them, they will work harder and may work themselves to death. That would be very unkind.

I think it would be better to use the cane, and get them off the job to enjoy their millions and a good rest. This I think will be kinder.

But I may be wrong. They could be enjoying every bit of what they are doing and money is not important as they have so much money that they would never be able to use. Perhaps if that is what they enjoy doing, the govt could just let them do whatever they want, and tell him since they are entertaining themselves and having fun, there is no need to pay them for it except for the transport allowances.

Anonymous said...

Annon 8:18, that is exactly retirement should be like going for walks, exercise, dance, play chequers, chit chat with their friends in the park, play with their grandchild, play musical instruments, etc.

But our society created by the government is so screwed up that retirees have not enough money to last till death. Their children (getting lesser due to a stop at two policy) have heavy burden on them like paying loans on car, housing and education, have no way to help these old people much. Certainly they have no time to look after them since husband and wife must work.

Who created this monster? What do you think?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The oldies lost their golden years working to live. The young struggling to pay off their mortgages and no time for family and making children.

And the children lost their childhood in tuition classes from as early as 3 year olds.

This is progress and life of a first world country citizen?

Matilah_Singapura said...

My god redbean, you think its the end of the world?

At least these folks are moving ahead.

In China they might "look after" (haha) you when you are old, but they'll also tell you how to live your life when you are young. i.e. communism, total government control.

You also don't know if ALL (the old sweeping generalisation) the oldies are doing it for financial reasons. Sometimes people work because they find some VALUE in being able to CREATE VALUE for others.

You set a shitty example with your negativity lah. Sometimes I wonder if you're trying to sabo Singapore?

Got subterfuge?