Yuriko Koike smearing China’s contribution to save Europe

While Europe is in the doldrum needing resuscitation, China and the BRIC nations are pumping US$55 billion into the Save Europe Fund with China’s share at US$43b. In a report in Today, this Yuriko is accusing China of extending a helping hand to promote its strategic interests, not a white knight. China’s buying land in Iceland is for China’s benefit and not for Iceland. China’s enormous embassy is to improve intelligence collection. China’s investment in the port and transport services in Greece is to China’s advantage.

So, what should China do while spending all the billions of hard earned money to invest in these countries that would not benefit China or must not benefit China? These monies did not fall from the sky. And these monies are different from the monies and national treasures that the Japanese robbed from China, Korea and Southeast Asian countries during the Japanese invasion in the Second World War.

Now what is Japan going to do with those ill gotten wealth to help the European countries that would not benefit Japan as well? What is Yuriko’s agenda for writing this scathing attack at China?


Anonymous said...

Must be wary of these evil Japanese breed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I have been watching her for a long time. She is an associate of the extreme right wing Tokyo mayor or governor Shintaro Abe.

This group is very unrepentant and still claims that they did not commit any atrocities in China and Southeast Asia. Shintaro is provoking China with his outrageous claims to Chinese territories like Diaoyutai.

And Yurioke is their international mouthpiece. I will keep reminding her and her gang of the evil and cruel Japanese they once were everytime she made such silly posts.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Aiyah relac lah redbean. She's a right-wing hawk. To expect her to say something "reasonable" is wishful thinking lah.

Right-wing hawks jump at shadows. It's easy to get them to react. They are naturally suspicious and think that every action has an underlying hidden agenda. Sometimes, they GUESS correctly. But often they are just wrong and make devastating errors -- e.g. "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq".

In this case, China is not doing "charity". It is in China's economic interest that these cuntries survive, because if they don't, China loses customers. everyone, everywhere on the planet sooner or later buys something that is made in China, or made from or by stuff made in China.

As an exporter China is #2. #1 is the EU. But China is only one cuntree, which makes it THE #1 exporter cuntry of the planet.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That's the problem with Ah Q. They are willing to take slaps and justify them away. But if these hawks are allowed to keep repeating their farce and main media gives them the space to repeat the slur, many unthinking type will have them minds undermined and implanted with such thoughts, just like they planted ideas about how bad and how poor the North Koreans are. On the other hand they keep provoking the North with war games at the doorsteps daily, and creating false flag incidents, even sacrificing the lives of South Korean sailors.

Their slurs must be counter and slammed until they know that either they stop or the rebuts will keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

Rightly said RB. They are just tagging the Chinese and North Koreans, and their enemies with the bad bad tag. If the tag is not removed, the Chinese and North Koreans will walk everywhere with the tag.

This is what they are trying to do.

Anonymous said...

Not many Chinese can understand the cruelties the Japanese had done to their forebears during WW Two.

Anonymous said...

Never trust the Japs. They may appear and act humble and apologetic in your face, but they screw you from the back.

The Americans were screwed after Pearl Harbour was attacked while they were still negotiating in Washington.

Mahathir was also screwed after the Japs failed to honour their pledge to transfer technology for his pet Proton project, after more than a decade of waiting. He later ditched them and went for the Koreans.

After seven decades of atrocities committed all over Asia, the Japs still deny they were responsible.

How can you trust them? I think the Chinese know better.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Someone must put together a peace conference. Male delegates from each of the 3 cuntrees will be allotted female companions (if they are gay same sex companions) from the other 2 cuntrees. Thus:

1. Chinese delegates: 2 companions each -- one from Korea, the other from Japan

2. Korean delegates: 2 companions each -- one from China, the other from Japan

3. Japan delegates: 2 companions each -- one from Korea, the other from China

Yuriko Koike gets 2 companions, from Japan and Korea. They will be 18 and athletic. And be bukkake ex-spurts.

The dirty banging must precede the peace talks.

...and then there will be peace.

I'm full of good ideas today!

Anonymous said...

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