When tolerance becomes unbearable

Are the people angry with the govt? The govt will conveniently say, ‘What do you think?’ And they will say no problem when they did not hear any complaints, deliberately, by choice or being shielded by their feedback organs from hearing the complaints.

The Sinkies have been very tolerant of the abuses against them, their CPF being treated like tax and taken from them without their consent, the ridiculous high prices of public housing, the outrageous COE prices that put many average Sinkies out of reach to own a car when a car is an essential item to make life easier to get by. The influx of millions of foreigners that was shafted down their throats as good for them when everyone knows who they are good to and who really benefitted from this excesses. The high cost of living, the penalties and discriminations of being citizens while foreigners are given all the advantages to live better, get better jobs than the locals. Some given citizenship and appointed to high positions just to show that they are Sinkies and not foreigners. Despite all the flaws in obviously stupid and nonsensical policies, the citizens swallowed them like bitter pills as long as they could bear with them.

The tolerance of the citizens is breaking. A point is reached like the straw that broke the camel’s back. Everything, every nonsense, every ridiculous policies and their flaws will no longer be tolerated. The people used to be very polite by acting dumb and ignorant and allowed jokers to blare how clever they were. Now the Sinkies are so angry that they are calling a spade a spade, a donkey a donkey. Flawed policies and idiots are being paraded boldly.

Take the example of a letter by Tan Kin Lian, I think this is the same Tan Kin Lian who stood as a presidential candidate, in Today’s Voices. He not only made suggestions about what needs to be done to make the COE more equitable and fairer to all citizens, he pointedly spoke about the flaws of lesser intelligent and responsible people making those policies and regulations. How this flawed system could go on for so long is a manifestation of how tolerant Sinkies are.

Many have written to the media with very good and practical recommendations but all ignored by the gods. The gods only think that they are capable of making good decisions and policies. Whatever written by the people in the media, or spoken up to be heard were ignored. Then they would come out and shout from the podium, please tell us, please give us feedback, please help us to solve the problems. All the comments and recommendations in the main media and social media were not comments, recommendations or feedback. It is as if the people have all been so quiet and did not tell the govt of their pains and complaints.

Feedback is only feedback when they asked for it, and must be channeled to the little hole they put up. Only then would they regard them as feedback. But what happens to this feedback, only god knows.

The issue of housing and car ownership are hurting the people very badly and personally. The people are saying enough is enough to the rubbish regulations and policies which they all know are stupid and flawed but were willing to bear with them as long as they are within a certain threshold of pain. Now the tolerable is no longer bearable and the anger is showing.

The normally quite, unassuming, unthinking and apparently daft Sinkies are standing up and saying, ‘We are not stupid’. The policies are daft, flawed and like what Tan Kin Lian said, ‘Let us have responsible people to make the judgement of appropriate COE prices, rather than leave this to market vagaries and speculations. He fell short of saying people who made the flawed policies are irresponsible.


Anonymous said...

The high COE is really a pain in the ass for many Sinkies. It is either the government is unable to control the situation or it deliberately allows COE to rise. After all this is the easy way to milk the rich and not so rich.

What they fail to see is that the high COE also affect businesses. Transport cost will have to move up e.g. school bus fare, taxi fare, household service fares etc. Such increase affect everyone whether rich or poor. For the rich, it does not bother them but for the poor, this is another dagger shafted into the stomach. How long can these poor last?

Come on Singapore, perhaps during this National Day celebration, the government should take a hard look at all their policies. Have the courage to make changes, just like our fore fathers did. Please focus on citizen well being rather than economic growth. I rather have less but see that everyone is happier, just like thekampong days.

Anonymous said...

Just go and buy second hand cars if you need it lah

Anonymous said...

When the prevailing COE for a small car is 60K, how much would a second hand car cost?

Anonymous said...

6 years old Kia Rio, 1.4cc, for only $24K...cheap or not?

Honda civics,Cat B cc,...around the same year...under $50k.

Cheap cheap cheap

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Cheap second hand cars will be history once the present batch bought with low COEs have their 10 yr lease expired. Then to renew their lives with a new COE that will cost 60K for a 10 year old scrap is not going to be a cheap option.

Car owners with a few years of life remaining on their existing cars will have a hard time trying to buy a new old or buy a new COE to extend the lives of their ageing cars.

Anonymous said...

Only in Singapore that people pay so much for a car. It is an envious of all other nations. I am sure they would love to apply same COE but afraid to just in case the people revolt and throw them out at the next elections. Only in Singapore, we swallow the bitter pills and do not even dare to make a noise.

The COE situation is so bad that MoT has decided to pull taxi out of the race. MoT said the increase in taxi cabs does not relate to increase in number of taxis available on the street. This is really daft. Everyone knows that many taxi drivers are not really interested in making money. Many make use of taxi rental to solve their car problem (or the lack of car problem). With COE as high as 90K, a typical 2 litre car (BMW) will cost at least 200k. With current interest rate of 2% this translates to $2,500 payment a month for 7 years. And you still have to cough out a deposit initially.

To solve this problem, many rent taxis from NTUC. You pay $120 per day for a Merc or $3,600 per month. This is slightly higher than when you buy a car yourself. But the good thing is you can pick up fares during your off-time, after sending kids to schools or wife to shop. Lets say you run 6 hours a day for fare, you can easily bring back $100. So you get to use the Mec free at the end. You think Minister of Tansport did not know about this?

Kin Lian Tan said...

Nowadays, my preferred mode of transport is the bus - not the car, not the MRT.
With a mobile app (Gothere.sg), I am able to find the best connection by bus. The connection is usually better with all buses only (i.e. no train).
If I travel with several people or have heavy things to carry, I call a taxi (and pay the booking fee - no choice).
I prefer not to drive, to avoid paying ERP, parking fee and to face the hassle of driving in congested roads or looking for a parking space (usually hard to fine).
When more people learn how to take the bus, maybe the COE prices will come down.

Kin Lian Tan said...

I have written two letters to Straits Times and Today on how to make more people use the bus, but they did not publish them.
you can read these suggestions in www.tankinlian.blogspot.com.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Kin Lian,

Those with options, and when public transport is convenient, would take public transport. My office is in town and I use the MRT. I only drive when the destination is out of the way.

Still many people did not have the option, the physically challenged, those with children and aged parents etc etc.

The fault lies in the huge population. And so many jokers are claiming that 8m or more is still ok. What kind of life and what kind of cost, plus social cost would the people have to bear with?

It is simply madness to go down that road of more population.

Anonymous said...

Can COEs go up to a million dollar ? Nope.

There is a trash hole. Higher COEs reflects people's wealth. The average persons wealth has a limit so COE will soon find a trash hole.

Even with current COE, used car will still be affordable to those who really need it.

I don't see a problem

Anonymous said...

thank you for article

Hit it on the nail

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:35, you own a car?

Anonymous said...

Misleading questioning Anon 11.40.
The question should have been .....can i still afford a car when I need one?


Nope, I don't own a car. Me owning a car has no relevance.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Redbean, you are talking rubbish again. Singapore has never rocked so hard. And it is rocking even harder.

Get with the program, man. Never before has so much opportunity been available to so many, with such low barriers to entry.

A few days ago, I was walking to Botanic Gardens station to catch the train to Holland V. I counted 3 Ferrari and 1 Lambo in the space of 6 minutes.

Let the good times roll, as long as they last.

How about a bit more positivity eh?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Its a case of rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. A guy who bought a house for $1m now can sell it at $30m, $3m can sell for $50m. What is one or two Ferraris or Lambos?

The HDB bugger bought at $50k now $500k. Damn shiok. But selling hi s$500k would mean he could not buy anything except down grading. And many of these buggers only can feel rich coz they need the flats over their head.

A big income gap is the recipe for a breakdown in the system.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Confirmation bias, redbean.

How do explain the fact that many local young entrepreneurs are becoming successful very quickly?

Perhaps it's time for those who are "uncompetitive" to lift their game?

Seriously redbean, there is NO EXCUSE. Blaming the government and playing The Victim is getting a tad tired.

So what if you have to eat humble pie for awhile? Most people I know including myself have had to do it.

Anyway, you can't blame the government because the people get the government they deserve!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are talking cock lah. How many is many? And how many are using their parents' money to start a biz and how many failed and lost a bundle?

The entry level to biz today is very high. For every entrepreneur that succeeded, a thousand would have failed.

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapura, using your logic, once a government is democratically elected, citizens can no longer question or critique politics during their tenure in government because, " citizens get the government they deserve. Thank god, even Singapore hasnt become that sort of banana republic yet. Also I think Chin Leng's use of the gini coefficient along with a host of other very alarming statistical data that is available is much more credible than your dodgy anecdotal account of " the many young local entrepreneurs" and the fact that you saw a bunch of expensive sports cars go by in quick succession one day. I'm sure anyone involved in public policy planning will tell you that counting the sports cars in a country is a poor indicator of the opportunities available to the general population or the economic health of a country. You speak of the "uncompetitive" but the fact is that the Singapore economy is actually very anti-competition and GLCs have very monopolistic and protectionist tendencies that crowd out other players.

agongkia said...

I wonder what is there to be angry about?Do you want your flat to be sold at a cheap price.Why you need a car?Get a S$2.2K bicycle and I heard its not only cheaperer but can travel fasterer and betterer.
Garmen never say one must buy a car .
The only thing that make me Tulan and unbearable is their incompetent servant that result in me becoming poor and have to work 20 hours a day.
But incompetent and Phua Kay servant is not Garmen fault.Citizen's own fault.Parent dun know how to teach their children properly and spent within their means and to be a impartial and be a good public servant.Why the need to own a car and say flat are unaffordable.
Why can't children stay with parent and need to buy new flat after marriage?Garmen got say must buy flat meh?

There are many other topics and polices that really affect the poor or make the poor poorer,pokkai and deserve attention but many cannot see and only harp on those item and things that we can live without.

National day coming leow.Lets work together,be a good citizen and help PM to make this a gracious and caring society.What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Many of the sports car owners could be foreigners laundering their dirty money here, like the Ferrari that killed a few people at Bugis junction.

Many of the high end properties are bought by foreigners using dirty money. There are exceptions like Jim Rogers and Saverin and a few others.

There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy ill gotten gains as well. Not by working but by connections.

Anonymous said...

Matilah you really no logic. Talk cock only with no evidence to back up what u said. Go lick balls lar

Anonymous said...

Red bean, I thought you retire already cause you post so many articles a day. U no need to work meh?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Health permits, I am thinking of keeping myself economically active till 80. Unfortunately the jokers have already destroyed the stock markets and I am wondering how long more before the market collapses. It may even happen in a few months time.

Anonymous said...

I kena retired at 50 now doing some overseas projects part time, no chance to get a local job at that age at senior level. Headhunters told me I too old compared with FT and cheaper too. Bo bian lor. Though I can retire but I look at my kids and if I don't help them a bit, they will be slave for the rest of their lives paying off hdb. They also told me they not getting married that worry me

agongkia said...

anon 4.08
50 still young.My neighbour 53 and he still insist on a senior position.
He later found a job as a sookoority or screwrity officer.His boss give him 3 stripes cos 1 stripe not enough for him to look senior.
Still not enough,he quietly go to lavender nearby and got himself 3 pips.Senior now.

Anonymous said...

The employment scene has been screwed up real bad. The ordinary people, including PMETs are discarded and no one cares. All they care about are the yodas. Keep paying them higher and higher income for doing sweet nothing.

Veritas said...

PAP is willing to dig out our ancestor graves in Bukit Brown, to build roads (may be eventually real estate) for foreigners.

Without the influx of FT, we wont have congested road, we will not need to exhume Bukit Brown. In SG, however much our ancestor did for us, however we reverend our ancestors, is no match the desire of PAP to lick up foreigners.

In addition, without foreigners, everyone can have landed property, everyone can own a car. PAP do not want that for citizen. Only foreigners can get the luxury.

Anonymous said...

With the rich landlords all sitting on their properties and needing the foreigners to prop up the prices, you think they would want to prick the bubble?

Veritas said...

The reason Singaporeans goes without landed property is the deliberate policy of PAP. Without FT, our population should be 3 million by now or roughly 500,000 families. Around 75 km2 of land area would be sufficient to give everyone a landed property. And all our land are confiscated by PAP using Land Acquisition Act, to be sold to foreigners later at a higher price.

In a though hypothesis where everyone has landed property, we will not have fertility problem, because population density is low and comfortable. Our children will grow up with dogs and kernels, playing sand and soil and planting vegetable when they are not in schools.

PAP hate that to happen. Instead, land was rob from us, to be arbitrate to foreigners at a much higher price. These monies then went into wager table of GIC and Temasek so that people like Ho Ching, Tony Tan, LKY get thrills or losing $$$.

Ryan Ong said...

Did you also know that MAS, when calculating core inflation, leaves out private transport and housing?

Even the effects of these ill-founded policies are concealed.

Anonymous said...

Those policy makers are not only mad but destructive. The screws in their heads are loose. What the hell do they think they are doing, selling the land to foreigners to fill up every inch of the island with more people? Is this really good for the people?

We need better quality of life, with more space for everyone, land for living and land for transportation, including the modern convenience of car ownership. Owning a decent property and car to drive around are great stuff for a good life.

The assholes are trying to squeeze everyone into little boxes except themselves and made some silly cronies to claim that it is good quality of life.

Daft sinkies would not even dispute these false premises and some doggies would go around attacking the Sinkies for disagreeing when these doggies mostly ended up in little boxes as well and unable to afford a car too.

Anonymous said...

As long as 60% of your friends & relatives vote for the Millionaires-In-White.

We will have to tolerate some more.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wow! I sense alot of dissatisfaction leading to The Blame Game Syndrome amongst the negative spirits here.

Maybe I live in a Singapore in a parallel universe. Or maybe I'm just a happier person.

The Gini coefficient was invented so that unemployable left-leaning economists can have dead end jobs in state funded ivory tower academia. No wage earner or business owner/manager ie those with REAL jobs/enterprises in the REAL economy gives a fart about Gini's or other bullshit arbitrary, made-up index or "measurements", unlike REAL measurements done by REAL science using precision instruments.

Anyway folks, Club Street awaits! Here I cum!

Anonymous said...

Ml I think u are fucker and think of sex all the time. U should go to the sex blog lar. Wtf wasting people time to read your shit comment.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ryan, welcome to the blog. Statistics have always been abused and misused by the sick minded for their selfish agenda. Anyone waving a piece of statistics must be watched carefully. It is a profession that is being dragged into the longkangs like law and psychiatry.

As for Matilah, his satisfaction is short term animal lust. I doubt he is capable of mature adult relationship between two persons without sex: )

Just leave him alone with his sexual gratification and exploits. He will make some very happy and some will make him very happy.

Anonymous said...

matilah reminds me of the family guy character quagmire.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Wow! Redbean and anon, is that your best shot? Ad hominems?


Anonymous said...

Any jerk who can feel satisfied and happy with few hours fun in budget hotel, is surely living wisely.
Wise man does not bother himself with mundane issue of the world. Worldly being is not enlighten.

Anonymous said...

Wow matilah, with regards your comments on the Gini Coefficient, what kind of Ayn Rand alternate dystopian universe do you reside in? You sound more right-leaning than a man who has just had his right leg blown off. Can you back any of what you said up with anything other than paper thin rhetoric? I'll repost your brilliant and insightful comments below so that we can dissect it.....

1."The Gini coefficient was invented so that unemployable left-leaning economists can have dead end jobs in state funded ivory tower academia."

2. No wage earner or business owner/manager ie those with REAL jobs/enterprises in the REAL economy gives a fart about Gini's or other bullshit arbitrary, made-up index or "measurements", unlike REAL measurements done by REAL science using precision instruments.

1. Are you saying that left-leaning economists in academia are somehow reliant on this one indicator, the gini for their livelihoods? Also wait a minute, only right-leaning economists are employable?

2. Glad you brought up business owners and managers, of course they dont give a hoot about the gini, it is in their interests to keep wages artificially low to maximise profit, but wait you go one step further....."No wage earner" apparently gives a shit about income disparity. I bet you base this on your meticulous study of cleaners, elderly coffee-shop assistants, security guards and taxi drivers. Oh the hours of interviews and graph plotting you must have spent arriving at this informed viewpoint. Must be so tiring for you to have completed this study straight after your compelling "count the sports cars" study which offered irrefutable evidence that Singapore's economy is healthy and sustainable. You truly have a brilliant economic mind, i stand in awe.

Wait theres more.... the GINI is somehow deficient because it is a "made-up" measurement. Um, correct me if i'm wrong but all economic measurements and indices are "man-made" heuristic tools for tracking certain trends, all with their own inherent strengths and weaknesses. Oh wait, forgive me , I forgot that GDP measurement was gifted to mankind by God himself.

The internet has ushered in a golden age for self-learning. Do us all a favour and get an education instead of spending time staring at photos of japanese women eating bananas. Here's a good link to start


Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 934

Thanks for nothing, posting a worthless link to a worthless lefty university my Aussie taxes pay for.

Do yourself a favour and read Ayn Rand and Hayek, and if you have the balls, try the free-market. ;-)

Every dollar earned by production and trade on the free market (not taken by govt hand out or other state legal theft aka "tax" /redistribution mechanism) is proof positive that you are really, actually DOING SOMETHING GOOD to help your fellow man.

Oh yes, I do agree, macro indicators are all "made up". Which is why when it comes to economics, I prefer the methodological individualism of the Austrian School.

I live in reality. This universe, the here and now. If you want to earn more, make what you do worth more. It's as simple as that.

When you can do that, you steadily move out of "loserville" and stat to create WEALTH.

Capitalism. Billions benefit from it. Give it a try sometime, you never know ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have read Ayn Rand, and I think her work is a hymn to unmitigated selfishness. Look at how she acted in her personal life, its no wonder really. Her disciple Alan Greenspan has left the US economy in a bloody mess by taking her stupid ideas to their furthest possible conclusion with his emphasis on deregulation.

You confuse the issue. I am not against working hard for your money, I am not advocating welfarism, I am not arguing for excessive taxation and I am not even against the Austrian School. I'm merely saying that markets need to be regulated with regards to setting wage levels in singapore . Name me one government in the world that advocates a completely unregulated market? There are none, so the question is how much regulation and intervention. Singapore is an unnatural environment where not only do the workers have to contend with no real unions but migration is also pretty much unchecked. In such a situation refusing to set a minimum wage undercuts the real value of labour. It is then the business owners who are unwilling to work hard enough for their work and are relying on pinching the work-value of others. If that isnt welfarism I dont know what is. Policy intervention is tantamount to welfare for employers who refuse to up their productivity, because they can't survive in a world in which wages are genuinely negotiated. Don't let me start about the monopolistic practices of GLCs in Singapore who are probably much further away from practicing free-market fairness than you can imagine. I hate it when people are economically exploited and others have the cheek to call that laziness. It's not as simple as "if you want to earn more, make what you do worth more."By that you simply mean work more and exclude the possibility of fighting for fairer wages. This is not possible for many people clocking over 12 hour days im afraid.

By the way, the minimum wage in australia is the reason that even after tax, your spending power and salary are at the level they are from the knock-up effect. It's very rich of you to criticise Singaporeans who want the same benefits that you bloody enjoy from day to day. I can't wait for the day your beloved beliefs about the sustainability of our current economic system come crashing down around you. ;]

Anonymous said...

"I am not against working hard for your money,", unquote.

The Working hard in the Above Quote might have different connotation with M_S's.

M_S working hard may mean clever play of the brain, a sophistry that few are endowed with. Matilah Singapura has the god-given ability to survive anywhere under any system under any condition.

Matilah_Singapura said...


1. Too bad if you think the world needs to conform to your standards before you can be "happy". Ain't gonna happen.

2. Government will always intervene somewhere

3. No, I don't survive on my own. Very few people can.

You always need the expertise and energy of other people. Remember, we OUTSOURCE nearly everything: our clothes, our food, our transport etc. Nearly all our "needs" are produced by others -- people we don't even know.

4. No I cannot survive under any "condition" or "system". If it gets too much, the smart thing to do is to LEAVE or escape.

5. Who the hell just wants to "survive"? Take about living instead: nice life, comfortable life, a life of meaning, a life of abundance, a life of solid relationships...not mere "survival". Fuck that.

6. There is no god, and he doesn't give anyone jack shit. You are what you make of yourself.

It is inexcusable to live 60, 70, 80 + years and not make something for you and your kin, blaming your wasted LOSER-life on "the government" or "the system" "the foreigners" or whatever.

Bullshit. Get off your fat lazy arse and get back in the game.

Anonymous said...

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