US and the West plan to attack Syria

USA accusation of Syria's chemical weapons is a clear signal that the desperate West and US intend to use it as a pretext and preamble to attack Syria and to carry out regime change. Obama is being used by warmongering white masters to sound the alarm.

Obama don't be too swell headed of being the first nigger to be president of the Evil Empire, USA.  You are being used by white men as a psychological factor to win allies in the Third World or developing countries to serve the interest and agenda of US and the West. You had received the Nobel War Price, so you feel obliged to do the bidding of the evil white men. We know as a black prfesident you have no real power, for you have toe serve your white masters in Congress, the Senate and your war criminal masters and overlords in CIA and the Pentagon. You have tried to outdo the previous white presidents in carrying out brutal wars of aggression against Third World countries You are being used by the Evil Empire, USA to sow discord , suspicion and dissension among Asian and African nations and in stirring up China's neighbours to go against China with a view to eventually holding hegemony over them so as to dominate and control them in all spheres of life via territorial, political, finance and economy. You are denigrating yourself in serving as an agent of white men to destabilise and destroy Third World countries and in carrying out regime change of countries which do not accept US dictates you have not only betrayed them but have also grossly and unjustly trampled on their self-respect and dignity.

You are a hypocrite and you have no right whatsoever to accuse Syria or other countries of having chemical weapons when your Evil Empire , US has the world's greatest stock pile not only of chemicals but also tens of thousands of nuclear weapons. In any case the world knows that your false accusation of Syria is only a pretext and a preamble to eventually attacking Syria and carrying out regime change. Heaven is watching and it will not allow that to happen.

As a black president you should take the opportunity to right all the wrongs done by white to black men over the last few hundred years whereby millions of black African slaves were thrown overboard into the Atlantic Ocean or died under the most miserable conditions in America under their cruel white masters. The souls of these dead black men are crying out loud for revenge.

Obama shame on you for supporting white men's agenda of destabilising and destroying the whole of the Middle East and North Africa with a view to dominate and control the vast  rich mineral and oil resources of the Arab world. The sins of the Arabs is that they are lazy, weak and disunited  and thus fall easy prey to white men's manipulation and evil design.

We know all the uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa are the results of the wanton West and US in using outside mercenaries and paid proUSA terrorists in creating trouble and starting proxy wars on behalf of US and the West.

Obama, you and your evil US will receive retribution for all the evils and sufferings you have done to poor Third World developing countries.


patriot said...


He was given the Nobel Peace Prize even before he had started much in office.

So, what is Nobel Peace Prize?

Anyway, Syria is not afraid of Obama and the American.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha Southernglory, you found your way.

Tom said...

You are missing the facts as usual. The Syrian government run by a dictator is brutally oppressing a rebellion that like in Egypt and Libya, a MAJORITY of people do not want!!! Not minority!!! They have resented the Assad family for generations now. There are indications that they may deadly chemical weapons on its populace. What decent country would GLADLY stand by and let this happen??

Don't twist the truth out of your irrationally passionate anti-American agenda. Because what is really sad here is that the Chinese government supports such a fiendish regime in the first place.

You have never said one rational thing. NOT ONE!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Really, I am missing the facts or you are selecting your facts and I am selecting mine?

The precedents set by the US is that they can go around dictating to other countries what kind of govt the US wanted. They were right in some places and wrong in many. The amount of pain and suffering under Saddam Hussein in nothing compared to what the Americans had done to Iraq, the destruction of its economy and the killing of its people.

Regime change by force is evil and not acceptable in the 21st century. Unfortunately the Americans are so used to killing that they called all the killings as collaterial damages.

They are going to start more brutal wars in Asia and Southeast Asia.