They can still kill you

While many who supported the abolishing of the death penalty are celebrating their victory that many in the gallows would be saved, there is this article in Singapore News Alternative screaming, ‘They can still kill you.’ For a moment I thought the criminals or murderers could still kill their victims. But no, I was mistaken. The author was saying that despite the changes in the death penalty laws, the murderers and criminals can still be hanged. It was a kind of being short changed, that the death penalty is still in force, not abolished.

So some criminals and murderers would still have to meet death for killings and murders. And this is sad and bad. And in the view of Matilah and his very intelligent friends, it is only right that criminals and murderers be given the opportunity to make a decent defense before they are hung. That is only fair.

The next Huang Na or female jogger being dragged into the bush, raped and killed would only see their murderers at most serve a life sentence as the intention was only to rape them and their deaths would be treated as incidental. No intention to commit murder.

The next question is whether the rapist murderers gave their victims a chance to defend themselves, a chance to plea for their lives before they were killed, with or without intention? Why should murderers or killers be given so many chances to save their own lives and their victims were not given the same chances in their hands before being killed? Did any one hear the cries and pleas of the next Huang Na or female joggle, please, please, don’t, please stop it, please don’t kill me, while the rapists/killers totally ignore them just for a little lust?

Did any of the drug peddlers give their drug addicts a chance to say no? Did the drug addicts, in a state of grave deprivation, go robbing and killing just to get the dole to buy more drugs, and in the process kill their victims. Did they give their victims a chance to live?

While society and do gooders are so kind to the killers/murderers, can they spare a thought for the victims of the killers/murderers who were innocent and have lives to live for but ended prematurely and cruelly in their hands?

Yes, they can still kill you, I mean the killers/murderers can still kill the innocent and helpless victims. Where were the kind and compassionate do gooders, when the victims were being killed in the most frightening and nightmarish way, when they were in fear, alone, helpless, begging and pleading for mercy, and for a chance to live? They have not done wrong or harm to the killers and murderers.

Thank God there are so many kind and compassionate people around to help and save the killers and murderers, to share their pains and griefs, to make this world a better world, for the killers and murderers. And perhaps some may walk out of prison, to live again, and to kill again.


Anonymous said...

"Thank God there are so many kind and compassionate people around to help and save the killers and murderers, to share their pains and griefs, to make this world a better world, for the killers and murderers. And perhaps some may walk out of prison, to live again, and to kill again. "

This is one classic example of screwed up Christian thinking or theology

They teach that if God has forgiven all sins, past,present and even future sins, we should be forgiving of others too because we are ALL sinners.

Naturally, you can't help but feel "compassionate" towards even killers and murderers when seen in that light - of just ANOTHER sinner

Anonymous said...

Nobody shed a tear for the victims of the brutal killers, or how their dependents and parents pain over their deaths.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The general public still would not want to acknowledge that robbing, cheating, conning, stealing, killing etc etc are the order of the day, done everyday by all the great and honourable people.

Anonymous said...

this is a pre-emptive moves for the fugitives, Burmese drug warlords who are on the way to Sinkiepore with lots of moolah.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Redbean has made his usual fatuous arguments and to top it off has taken his usual cheap shot at me.

Never have I ever condoned "leniency" or "compassion". In justice, there is no such thing as compassion.

In fact, redbean is quite aware of the fact that I'm a staunch supporter of gun ownership for self defense - - the something which is unlikely to ever happen in Singapore.

In a society ruled by law, citizens must abide by the decisions of the courts and the justice system. Like all systems, they are imperfect and judicial decisions won't ever get everyone in agreement. But the nation's legal system is LAWFUL as prescribed and defended by the constitution. The alternative is "trial by public opinion" or worse - - vigilante justice.

I also support the idea of a TOTALLY INDEPENDENT judiciary. Whatever the judiciary was in the past, my feeling is that it is now quite independent from legislative and executive meddling.

I don't agree with many Singapore laws - - the especially those which deal with censorship and freedoms of speech, expression and public assembly. So I live elsewhere where I have those freedoms constitutionally guaranteed. Everyone is free do do as I do and millions of people have.

However, only fools would blatantly break laws of the territory they're in. The chances of being caught may not be significant, but BAD LUCK and CARELESSNESS is part of human existence. Sooner or later people get caught, so why not you?

agongkia said...

Simple message to remind and allow the judges to use their brain in passing sentences to those drug traffickers on trial for committing the offences under special circumstances.The message does not mean that they have to be lenient to those who commit murders with intention.
This is fair.

Anonymous said...

When all due diligence are fully exercised, those that deserve to be hang, should be hang.

Anonymous said...

But is there justice and equality in singapore at all? Two traffic offenders but different punishment for the same offence. A rich man is found to possess drugs but he can claimed to be ignorant whereas a poor man would be assume to be a drug mule because he is poor. So who kena hang?

Anonymous said...

In Sin, there is only Law.

Justice, You got to find it yourself.