The thugs have another weapon

The thugs used to threaten people with lawsuits. They will engage the best lawyers to sue anyone who crossed their paths. This reminded me of a lawyer who spoke at a dinner telling the guests he was a gangster and threatened that anyone who crossed his path would be finished. I thought it was a dinner of a registered society but I kept feeling that I was in a triad meeting or a dinner for gangsters. Anyway, it just showed how powerful the legal fraternity can be in the wrong hands or in the hands of gangsters. 

Getting sued by the gangsters with the best lawyers is quite common even when one was right as the NKF case had proven. Those who have the financial muscles would use it to buy lawyers and used the courts as their executioner if the poor buggers could not buy a better lawyer to defend himself.

Now the new thing is to use a psychiatrist to put people in mental hospitals. This one is a bit trickier as the victim must be dumb or be tricked into seeing a psychiatrist in the first place. And once there, anything can happen if the psychiatrist is one without ethics or principles and would violate his code of practice for the money. Of course most of the psychiatrists are professional and respectable people and are safe to deal with. All it needs is a couple of rogues and an unwary patient could turn victim to the gangsters.

So be very frighten when your friends, good or very good friends, advise you to see a psychiatrist. This is a new tool that can be abused in the wrong hands. The gangsters have found another way to get at their enemies.


Anonymous said...

Ya just advice my relative to cancel his appointment in case it can be used by others against him in the future

Anonymous said...

The deafening sound of silence.
From the Ass'pore Medical Association.

The medical hub.
Doctor-Patient Confidentiality.

Don't know what to say.

Liberal education with Ass'pore characteristics.
Also don't know what to say.

agongkia said...

Please lah uncle .
Dun be so simple minded.Why you only mention psychiatrist.Many ways to deal with you if gangster really want.Can simply pay and get other profession like a lady dentist or doctor to say you molested her when you go for a check up or plant some drug in your vehicle and you are dead.
Dun doubt our psychiatrist.

I dun trust my doctor.I suspect that I need to see a psychiatrist and he refuse to recommend me saying I am ok.How to prove I am mentally unsound if one day I am charge for offending someone in the blog or by you.

Anonymous said...

The white is stained. It is no longer white.
No amount of bleach can make it white again.
No matter how you try to hide the stain it is still the same.
Time to discard the stained white and be happy again.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

agongkia, you are right there. You don't need a doctor but a psychiatrist. Think you may qualify for bipolar disorder: )

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's a scary, scary dot to be in on earth. let them be blessed with more mistakes. remember the song by sting and the police - every breath you take, every step you take, i'll be watching you.

Anonymous said...

read in temasekwordpress: a mediacorp producer just filed a police report against ravi for threatening her. sicneswary d/o subramaniam alleged that this happened on 13 July. She claimed that while interviewing ravi at his office, he became extremely agitated and aggressive and shouted at her, using vulgarities.
mr ravi is suddenly very naughty.
if this is true i think the interviewer must have provoked him to purposely get such a reaction from ravi so as to file a police report against him. everyone knows ravi can get emotional.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from mediacorp, a GLC ?

Look at how PAP is so desperate now with so many bootlickers trying their luck to put themselves into good books of PAP by invalidating Ravi in such timely manner.

How stupid can they be, as they only can increase angst and temperature towards PAP as anyone can see this is not coincidence but deliberate act.

Please , let give some critical question:
May we know why mediacorp want to pester Ravi ? Is it not harassment ? Why Ravi want anything to do with mediacorp ? What time did the female call Ravi ? Imagine you have some clowns pester you in the middle of the night for their own agenda, will you not scold them off ? You expect to treat them with coffee and free meals at 3am ? If so, you are candidate of IMH .

What did that female say to ravi that irriate him ? Did the female say "f#@$k you" that cause Ravi to be angry ?

If such a case can be brought, 60% of those who vote PAP may as well pester Ravi...

what do you think ?

Anonymous said...

Golden opportunity for those who wish to be rich or promoted - time to be false witness and hit Ravi below the belt. Then overnight, you'll become an elite with power and power position.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Alamak redbean. One must adapt to one's environment. If there are gangsters around, or any threat which is hard to overcome one-on-one, then you must adopt strategies to protect yourself.

Never antagonise a gangster unless you can take him and his gang head on.

No one remembers martyrs. They are gone like your cum soaked tissue from last night's internet porn par chiew cheng.

Anonymous said...

The thugs' best weapon is to use treacherous and evil strategy.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should be thankful, very thankful in fact to the Two Shenanigans.
Without them, their masters will never be exposed.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If you reflect on the NKF and CHC cases, the law is still there to protect the innocent, provided they can pay the legal fees.

Anonymous said...

Are modern thugs the kind of people we used to associate them with?

They are worse than that.

Gintai_昇泰 said...

The rich rule over the downtrodden and wretched souls! Sigh ...!