The colonisation of Africa

When the Europeans landed in Africa, they brought their guns and started to rob, loot and kill. They did that to India and Asean countries as well. They enslaved a continent of Africans and hunted down the men and women like animals to be bought and sold as slaves. 20 million Africans were turned into slaves in the US for 200 years under the western colonial slavery practice. They provided free labour and amusement to make the US what it is today. The continent of Africa was owned by the Europeans, including its inhabitants which became subjects of their various empires and all the resources. Subject is a more polite word than slaves.

After robbing and raping the Africans dry, the Africans picked themselves up through nationalistic uprising and independence movements. Today the nations of Africa are independent nations governed by Africans and charting their own future and developments. They traded with countries of the world on equal basis, no more master and slave relationship. No more one sided agreements.

China has been in Africa for the last 60 years, trading on equal terms with them, from the time when China was still a very poor and weak nation to what it is today. The profit of China is being reinvested in the African countries through generous loans. Yesterday, China announced another loan package of US$20b which is twice the amount given in the last three years. 59 African nations are now in China in a trade conference. No slaves were taken. No African country was looted.

Despite the good relations between China and Africa, the western agents and some unthinking Sinkie thick heads have been spreading misinformation about China in Africa. They are spreading the mischievous message that China is recolonising Africa as if the Africans were as weak and daft as their forefathers under western rule. Such disinformation will continue subtlely to undermine the unwary and the unthinking that China is indeed colonizing Africa. They are planting ideas into the heads of daft Sinkies, telling them how and what to think. The western agents have an interest to sabo the Chinese economic activities everywhere. Why would daft Sinkies do the same job for the West? Every trade deal that the African countries signed with China is on a par basis, both parties studying their terms and agreeing to them, unlike in the past when the Europeans went there with a gun pointing at the heads of the African leaders.

What colonizing shit are these provocateurs talking about?


Anonymous said...

The European ex colonialists are slamming China for the US$20b no strings attached loan accusing China of not showing concern about human rights violation by the African countries. They forgot that the worst violators of African human rights were they themselves when they enslaved the whole of Africa. Crying crocodile tears?

And this is what the African leaders are saying, 'We are particularly pleased that in our relationship with China we are equals and that agreements entered into are for mutual gain, Mr Zuma said.'(South African President).

denk said...


the nobel peace laureate in the wh came to the job already a fully quafified agent provocateur

how obama helped to instigate a genocide in kenya....target china.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Their recent genocide is in Iraq and now starting a new one in Syria.